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In Topic: Fisher Paykel GWL10-US not draining and leaking.

23 April 2013 - 07:09 AM

Thanks everyone. I will network around and see if I can find someone who can come and diagnose my machine gratis or for trade to get a definitive diagnosis. (My dear partner lost his job on the same day). :confused:  


I already spent $300 on it 4 years ago replacing the outer tub and drive spline (which you all so kindly helped me diagnose).  Maybe I can sell it for parts or something. It also needs replacing of the tub suspension rods (have been manually adjusting the spin cycle to medium for a couple of years). It's in good condition otherwise...clean, well-taken care of. <sigh>


In the meantime, a kind friend brought me a 15 yo Sears, direct-drive, Kenmore for free! I'm grateful to be able to laundry at home again. It's amazing how things work out.


Blessings to you all. Alice  :kiss:

In Topic: Sharp Portable A/C Model CV-P13PX

28 July 2011 - 09:08 PM

Thanks so much for the above diagram, though it's a little challenging to "read" and identify parts.

Nevertheless, I was uncomfortable running the a/c exposed so I decided to put the plastic casing back on the unit. I placed some folded material (anti-slip rug padding) on top of the fan/and whatever else is in there housing so that the a/c case would put some pressure on it (not a lot of pressure just a little) when I screwed it back on.

So far this seems to have done the trick. The fan rattles no more at this point. It's running quieter than it ever has. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Strange, but true.

Thanks for all your help.

PS: For what it's worth, unless you have desperate and unusual circumstances, as I had...I would NEVER recommend this kind of a/c unit...it was expensive, it's bulky, it's not energy efficient, and is not as portable as the ads would have you believe. I recently bought a 5000 BTU window a/c (GE brand) for a smaller bedroom (about 2/3 the size of mine) and I was amazed at how quiet, fast-cooling, and efficient it is and it only cost $99.00. And I have been living with 100+ daily temps for almost five months now...:yucky:

In Topic: Frigidaire FDB2415LFS0 Worst D/W EVER!!!

26 July 2011 - 11:14 PM

It seems to be working as well as it's going to. If I don't use the lemi shine, dishes do not get clean... so it must be working.

I started out by putting it in the detergent cup (didn't clean any better than now). But a couple of times putting lemi shine in with the detergent resulted in a solidification of the entire contents of the detergent cup. I can only guess why.

Now I just sprinkle the lemi shine on the door before I close it. Not much of this makes sense, but at least now I have mostly clean dishes, without hard water stains/deposits.

Thanks for the reply.

In Topic: Frigidaire FDB2415LFS0 Worst D/W EVER!!!

26 July 2011 - 09:51 PM

Update: Hello everyone,

Just wanted to give an update to this post. It has been a workable solution and must be a temporary one....to put this much effort each time I run the dishwasher. (Putting in powder and simply turning the darn thing on does not work).

Keep in mind this is not my dishwasher, it is the apartment's and getting any help for major things like a/c is like pulling teeth...so for now, and since my last post the following has been working:

1. I use Cascade Complete powder only, and because we have very hard water I fill the cups up until I can barely close the hatch.
2. I use an approximate teaspoon of Lemi Shine powder every time...just toss it in.
3. I run the hot water from the faucet until it's practically steaming, a minute or so, before I turn on the machine...and keep it running for a few seconds more after I push the start button.

This gives me mostly clean dishes. If these steps aren't followed exactly, dishes come out unclean. My partner/room-mate can't for the life of him make this work... so I am the official "dishwasher starter."

Insane. But nevertheless works, for now. Dishwasher dishwashing has definitely lost it's simplicity.

In Topic: Frigidaire FDB2415LFS0 Worst D/W EVER!!!

02 March 2011 - 05:19 PM

Thanks kdog,

Just out of curiosity, do you think CLR cleaner would do the trick? Kind of tight on funds right now. :blush::confused:

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