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Member Since 22 Jul 2009
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Topics I've Started

Kenmore Elite Refridgerator 106.52603100

30 July 2011 - 03:46 PM

Freezer side gasket shot, have new one from Repair Clinic. Instructions were to be included (so they say) but not there. Old one does not want to come off. No screws to remove. It appears some adhesive was used to put this thing on? It also appears that the "tab" on the new one will fit into some type of channel between inner and outer doors but the inner door will need to be loosened up, I see no way to do it.

So do I use brute force and pull/pry this sucker off? I am concerned about not getting the new one on, then what? Or that I'll screw the whole door up.

I am a little embarressed, there are you tube videos of a woman in a tight black dress and high heels changing one in 40 seconds. I don't think she was working on this model.

Thanks for any hints!

Kenmore Elite Dishwasher - not ulta quiet anymore

18 December 2010 - 02:24 PM

Model 665.16283400 Serial FR3601377 6 years old

Noise comes and goes, always there on start-up. All 3 sprayers rotate although I've not figured out out to make the thing run for a couple seconds with door open so I can see that they are spraying water. Something is spraying as when you open it quickly lots of water falling from top.

It's not a rumble, no vibration felt, or a screech. No leakage. Works normal in all other ways, wife says cleaning has declined but, I don't agree. I do wonder if it's water not properly going into the middle spray arm - it nests into this outlet when you push the rack back. That is why I'd like to see it a few seconds, I can deal with the water.

The turbo zone is not on, when it is on it does not make this sound.

Kenmore Elite 110 22954 100 Manual if available

12 September 2009 - 01:43 PM


Spin & Agitate issues Kenmore Elite 110 22954 100

05 September 2009 - 12:12 PM

Serial is CM 1113216.  Quite a while ago I noticed the agitation is less vigorous than it used to be.  Then, it sometimes will not spin, but drain and just sit and kind of hum.  There will be a smell of maybe something electrical, but possibly plastic or rubber getting hot.  Other times it will spin fine.  And sometimes it spins but apparently not at top speed as clothes are wetter than before.  If it does not spin, you can move the basket just a tad by hand (it turns but not freely), reset it to spin cycle, and it spins.  The spin/no spin does not seem related to the size of the load. And it's occurring more frequently, now to the point it cannot stay in use.

The agitator post turns freely by hand in both directions, and does not engage the bottom fins. 

I have secured an old but solid Kenmore 80 series (110 92282 100 - anyone got a clue on the age of this?) and I note that the agitator post does not spin freely counter-clockwise, but engages the bottom section and turns them too.  And, the basket cannot be turned by hand at all. 

Finally, if you wash anything with sand or grit, that sand/grit does not flush out for some time - you can run a rinse cycle with the machine empty, and then not see any sand/grit.  But, the next load will have sand/grit on the clothes, and it takes several loads before this stops.  I expect a simply disassembly and cleaning of something would solve that.

Do I have 3 problems (at least) here?   Any hint on what to look at first?  It's gotta spin.   

I've not taken it apart, but tipped it over, and nothing obvious - no sign of leaking oil/grease/water.  Actually very clean under there.

And water temp control is bad (rinse is always cold no matter how set) but that is really easy and cheap (even I can do that w/o asking for help). 

Toss it or work on it? 


Frigidaire fridge FRT21IL5DQ8 cold freezer (-2) warm fridge (65)

22 July 2009 - 05:34 AM

Top freezer, 4 years old.  Bought on craigslist and seller insists it was fine.  Mint condition, like he didn't even use it.  Transported on left side (when standing in front), not plugged in for 36 hours, maybe a mistake?  Cleaned coils with coil brush and vac (they were not bad at all).  Freezer and fridge controls both midpoint (recommended).  Compressor cycles on and off.  Freezer holds steady zero to -2.  Fridge 65.  Do not feel air coming into fridge.  Little bit of water on rear of top shelf under that gizmo that the temp control is part of - runs front to back at very top of fridge section.  Increasing fridge setting does not help, freezer went to +8, then settled back at about zero.   After start-up fridge hit 45 that I saw and seemed to slowly degrade (did not watch it closely).

Given the state of the freezer and that compressor cycles, I gotta think compressor and refrigerant are ok.  So what do I disassemble and what do I check?  Also, do I have to worry about any capacitor getting me when fooling with wires?



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