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Member Since 22 Jul 2009
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Topics I've Started

Best (brand) range hood WT32I422SB (or possibly 5B) issue

10 February 2015 - 01:32 PM

This is a 42 inch with a single blower, 4 speeds, 3 lights,  I believe all WT32I series are much the same.  The problem is something that has been widely reported and complained about, it's their 'feature' called Heat Sentry.  Basically if some sensor detects (or thinks it detects) excessive heat, it takes over blower control and runs the unit on speed 3 (even if you had it on highest speed 4).  An indicator light flashes to inform you as to what is happening.  The problem is, this takeover occurs at all sorts of times, including many where it's very clear there is no excessive heat present, nor has there been.  It's quite loud at speeds 3 and 4, and it will run about 20 minutes.  Only way to get if off is to head to the breaker box and cycle power.  I note that when I do this - and the box is very close, and I can cycle in 15 seconds after it starts up - it does not kick back on on it's own.  So there must not be excessive heat.  Indeed, generally the entire hood is cool to barely warm to the touch, except around the lights (halogen, and quite hot).  Last night we ran a burner on high for a bit, another on simmer, turned them off, set the blower to speed one, and sat down to eat.  10 minutes later the thing just kicks on by itself.  Cycle power and it stays off (ie, no excessive heat).  Similar things happen over and over.  At other time we run multiple burners for extended times with blower on 2, and this takeover never occurs.


At this point, I need to do one of 2 things:  I need to disable this 'feature', or, just rip it out and replace it.  It was not cheap and is less than 3 years old, it exhausts quite well on speed 2, which is also a tolerable noise level.  It's less than 3 years old.      


Can anyone tell me how I might defeat this thing.  I also note that, to my knowledge, no other manufacturer incorporates any such 'feature' into their products.  Also I read that they sell these in Canada as well, but this 'feature' is not included, as it violates some code.  


Thanks for reading! 

Kenmore Elite Refridgerator 106.52603100

30 July 2011 - 03:46 PM

Freezer side gasket shot, have new one from Repair Clinic. Instructions were to be included (so they say) but not there. Old one does not want to come off. No screws to remove. It appears some adhesive was used to put this thing on? It also appears that the "tab" on the new one will fit into some type of channel between inner and outer doors but the inner door will need to be loosened up, I see no way to do it.

So do I use brute force and pull/pry this sucker off? I am concerned about not getting the new one on, then what? Or that I'll screw the whole door up.

I am a little embarressed, there are you tube videos of a woman in a tight black dress and high heels changing one in 40 seconds. I don't think she was working on this model.

Thanks for any hints!

Kenmore Elite Dishwasher - not ulta quiet anymore

18 December 2010 - 02:24 PM

Model 665.16283400 Serial FR3601377 6 years old

Noise comes and goes, always there on start-up. All 3 sprayers rotate although I've not figured out out to make the thing run for a couple seconds with door open so I can see that they are spraying water. Something is spraying as when you open it quickly lots of water falling from top.

It's not a rumble, no vibration felt, or a screech. No leakage. Works normal in all other ways, wife says cleaning has declined but, I don't agree. I do wonder if it's water not properly going into the middle spray arm - it nests into this outlet when you push the rack back. That is why I'd like to see it a few seconds, I can deal with the water.

The turbo zone is not on, when it is on it does not make this sound.

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