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Member Since 17 Aug 2009
Offline Last Active May 19 2015 10:47 PM

Topics I've Started

Samsung RS263TDRS side by side

15 April 2015 - 01:51 PM

So I have read the rapid resolution and watched the Samurai's video, plus read Durhams write up on Samsung refrigerators.  All very helpful, but I'm still having some trouble with the refrigerator I'm looking at.  I've requested the detailed service manual.  In the mean time.  The original complaint was a warm fresh food section.  There was ice on the floor of the freezer, I've since learned what I need to do to fix the frozen defrost drain issue and fan.  Today I went back to try and check some things, I verified the door switch on the freezer door is working and the magnetic switch for both doors is working.  I checked voltages to the fan motors and between Grey and Blue (GND- CFan) I got 8.16VDC, Grey and Yellow(GND - Ffan) I got 8.54 VDC, and between Grey and Orange (GND- Rfam) I got 0 VDC. The lights that are on in the picture of the control were not steady but blinking and I was unable to get the control to do anything.  Without a manual I don't know if this is a failure code or what else I need to look at.


At this point I think I'm dealing with two different issues, one being the defrost drain freezing and the other being a faulting control board not sending power to the fresh food fan. Any other input for this model would be appreciated.  It's in a second home and not used all the time.  The customer had unplugged the unit a couple times for several hours before calling me.  Thanks in advance.

Whirlpool WTW4950XW0

23 March 2015 - 10:00 PM

The customer stated that the washer would not complete a cycle when used on Bulky items.  The lid lock light will blink and she has to try other cycles to get it to drain and finish the cycle.   
   I placed the unit into diagnostics mode and went to the fault code display mode.  The unit didn't have any stored fault codes.  I then ran the automatic test mode, with no problems.  I cycled the lid lock switch in the manual diagnostic mode, and checked the connections at the board as well as the resistance checks per the tech sheet.  All checked ok.  I ran the unit through a quick cycle, verified the lid is locked and the unit completed the cycle.  I then tried the Bulky items cycle and it ran for a while before the lid lock light started blinking again.  I checked the lid switch resistance, connections a couple times in between cycles as well as verifying the lid switch is moving.  Everything is pointing towards the main control as the problem, per the tech sheet.  
        I've had several of these VMW's in the past couple months and each one has been a problem with the board.  At $300.00 a board I haven't had any customers want to fix the unit.   Am I missing something here or is Whirlpool just wanting people to buy other brands of washers?   

Speed Queen/ Alliance model SWT110WM

10 June 2014 - 10:08 AM

I have a speed queen, model swt110wm, it also says Alliance on the tag.  It's making a super loud noise in the spin cycle.  I haven't worked much on this type of unit, or the similar maytag units.  I'm suspecting it's the bearings but I don't know how many there are, what special tools I will need, and anything else that might help me.  I took a video, but when I tried it at home there's no sound so it wasn't worth posting.  Thanks for the help.

Maytag refrigerator MFI2568AES

01 June 2014 - 08:08 PM

This is the refrigerator with the ice maker in the fresh food section.  Had a complaint that the ice wouldn't dispense.  I thawed out the ice bucket, removed and cleared out the ice. Didn't find anything obvious that would indicate a problem.  The customer had just moved back up for the summer and had the doors open to the refrigerator cleaning it.  Figured that was the problem.....until they call back about a week later saying it was froze up again. 

      This is the first of this type of refrigerator I've seen.  I've downloaded the service manual and have some idea of what to look for.  I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue with the ice thawing and then refreezing?  If so, any suggestions on what to look at first?  The dispenser door is closing and sealing ok, and the temp seems ok in the fresh food section.  Thanks for any help.

Electrolux SxS refrigerator model# EW26SS65GS0

12 May 2014 - 04:28 PM

 I went out in January on this refrigerator.  The display shows the "high temp" alarm, and a couple of the bars that make up the display for the fresh food and freezer temperatures.  After replacing the main board everything seemed ok.  The customer hasn't lost any food, nothing has thawed or spoiled.  Apparently the fix only lasted a few hours.  I went back out today to see what was going on.  The unit wouldn't allow me to run a service diagnostic test.  The display works and lets you adjust temps and such, but when it cycles off the "high temp" and bars on the temp stay on.   I know the board may have went out again, but is there anything else that may be contributing or causing this?  The dispenser lever broke also, so they aren't sure they want to spend money on the Dispenser module and any additional issues. 

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