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#323669 Refrig Door on Kenmore Model 106.74252400 not not sealing.

Posted by jmatthew on 03 July 2015 - 08:25 AM

So true!  and more information on the misaligned door tale.


While preparing to align door, had to shuffle some food items and such.  That is when I found a can of beverage holding one of the several sliding shelves from returning to back of refrigerator.  I am man enough to admit I should have looked for this right away.  This time of year, fridge is full of produce from garden.


Now, door is spaced from cabinet better, but bottom 7 inches of door seal that is on the opening side to corner is pulled away from cabinet.  At least I one less problem

#323482 Refrig Door on Kenmore Model 106.74252400 not not sealing.

Posted by jmatthew on 30 June 2015 - 11:16 PM

I was browsing the forums and came across this quote: ".. You are a tech? Then Read the Damn Manual!"  uttered by one of the masters of this site.  Duh, why didn't I?  So, I did.  Could not find owners' manual in the manuals stash so went to Sears.com.  Used the model number to filter to my refrigerator, and its owners manual.  


My thinking was, if I had to change the door swing, surely I would have to make sure the doors would align with main cabinet?   And buried in the owners manual, on page 11 was this topic:



If the space between your doors looks uneven, you can adjust it using the instructions below:

  1. Pry off the top hinge cover.
  2. Loosen the top hinge screws using a 5/16" socket or wrench.
  3. Have someone hold the door in place or put a spacer between the doors while you tighten the top hinge screws.
  4. Replace the top hinge cover.

Okay, will give it a try when I have some assistance.

#294091 How to Balance Cooling in a Two Story Home

Posted by jmatthew on 19 May 2014 - 08:15 PM

Hello All!

I want to update all on the status of the HVAC system repairs.


Although I was there during the work, the tech was communicating with my son-in-law, and I did not 'dog' him with questions.  I offered him whatever assistance he felt I could give, and then let them go to work.  He did ask me to help him with a ladder to access the attic, so I did contribute. :wink:


First, the work started at approximately 0800 and continued until 1530 later in the day.  The tech started in the attic, then went out to the compressor.  Several trips between the attic and compressor.  He shut down the system for an hour while away at lunch.  Came back and fired it up, and checked temperatures at registers.  Still not cooling to meet whatever spec. he was trying to achieve.  He called another tech and the two of them brought in a tool that was in a case about 24 inches square and 4 inches thick.  The system was shut down a final time, During that time I heard hissing or rushing of fluid in lines.  After about 30 minutes, it was again turned on, and cool air started flowing.


All they told me, prior to leaving the home, was there was a 'major restriction' in the system. 


Once they finished the work, I believe all the ducts seemed to blow more air.  And, the system could keep the home temperature at set point.  The tubing that would exit the compressor and then enter the home, before repairs were encrusted with ice, and after were bare.


Again, I appreciate all the information that was passed along concerning this issue.



#293006 How to Balance Cooling in a Two Story Home

Posted by jmatthew on 07 May 2014 - 10:02 PM

....a shameless plug for this forum and the website:  when Yamabushi states, "There are alot of other folks on here that can provide valuable advice also.   You definitely came to the right forum to find help.This site is a shining example of the good the internet can do and this site in particular.  Thanks to Samurai and his team.


Spent quality time with my grand daughter after work.  She is gorgeous!


Now, thank you to :yes: BryanS and beam current. :yes:   I am grateful for your willingness to share your expertise and experience.


When my AC system was tested and found low on refrigerant, I do remember the technician recommending a stop leak additive, or a refrigerant that had this additive in it already.  I believe the technician stated, if the leak is small, this will fix it.  Again, my records are home, but it cost me more to have this added.  The charge was checked the next year and found to be at spec,


For my daughter and son-in-law, I was told the 'plan' is to do a check, and most likely recharge the system.  I hope to have him review your answers before the technician arrives.  I have learned much from your comments.


I will keep all updated.

#292882 How to Balance Cooling in a Two Story Home

Posted by jmatthew on 06 May 2014 - 08:02 PM


  1. Honeywell digital thermostat (came with system I believe)
  2. The home had one outside unit when home was purchased.
  3. This is the Charleston, SC area, so they get a lot of hot days I expect - more than Wisconsin, where I live.  They said it 'worked' before, but reason for the change was the system was not heating as it should.  They were told systems usually lasted about 6-10 years.  I questioned that, but no experience with these integrated heating and cooling systems.


Make and model number?

Nordyne "Air Temp"

Model: VT4BE-042K (3.5 TON)

"Compressor changed last autumn". How long was it used after change-out last autumn?

Installed after cooling season and just before heating season.  House was cold a few nights before it installation was completed.


Was service done by a reputable technician or company who will warranty their work? Possible leak issue over the winter.

Installer plans on coming back later this week.  However, the installer was a coworker of son-in-law.  He works for a HVAC contractor part time.


How much insulation is in the attic? How large is the home in sq. ft.? Flex duct or sheet metal rigid duct?

I will have to look in attic, don't know.

2,024 sq. ft.

Again, will have to eyeball the attic, but I believe my son-in-law stated flexible duct.

I would recommend a check up of the entire system.

Especially in the air handler in the attic to get thier eyeballs on the blower motor with an amp meter and blower wheel and evap coil cleanliness.

The air leaving the registers is very weak.  In the morning, the temp is at stpt.  by afternoon, it is 6 degrees from stpt.  System is in operation nearly non-stop.  Just isn't right.


And especially need to check refrigerant level, as BryanS recommended also. :thumbsup:

From the generous sharing of technical knowledge by BryanS and you, I would agree.  Old story: Had an issue with my new home that was completed after cooling season.  Next summer, the AC  did not keep up.  Called contractor, and he found the system low had to add refrigerant.  He was a reputable sub for my home builder.

This does not sound like an air balancing issue. The system worked when it was new if it was properly matched to the home's size. My guess would be that it was.

I was not around when they purchased the home.  They did state it was inspected and told it was in working order, and I have not heard it did not keep up with the cooling in the past. 


Okay, thanks.  We will keep all of you updated on progress and the ending of this problem.

#245071 Mircowave losing some of it's punch?

Posted by jmatthew on 29 December 2012 - 11:20 AM

Thank to all who posted.  General comments & information:


The microwave does work, so we (my wife) are going by past experience when judging the heating time.  I prefer to be more accurate than a parts-swapping monkey with anything I crack the case open to work on.  If it continues to take longer to heat food, we will have to make a dceision on whether to spend about 65% of the orginal purchase price on a repair.

  • I have used RepairClinic.com for parts in the past - it has always been a good experience.
  • As soon as I have some help removing the microwave from the wall, I'll check out the cooling fan - good tip. 
  • The USA is still where the vision is.... I agree is it unfortunate that USA companies do not hold the entire process on our soil.  But, if the average 'person-on-the-street' only purchases products based upon lowest price OR cannot afford to spend what little money they have on American-made products that may cost more - little will change.  It starts with us.


FInally here is our results using the same method Sensei used:



Goldstar (LG)

Total Time

liter tap water=61.6F

2:00 minutes=97F

4:00 minutes=131F

6:00 minutes=153.5F


I wish all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.



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