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Member Since 07 Sep 2009
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Topics I've Started

Refrig Door on Kenmore Model 106.74252400 not not sealing.

30 June 2015 - 01:31 PM

Hello All:

The door on the refrig is not closing square to the refrigerator.  The distance at top of door is about 1 inch, and at bottom of door is about 1-1/4 inch.  Needless to say the seal at bottom of refrig is not sealing.


The top freezer door is okay.


Is there an adjustment I can make to the door hinges?  Does the service manual for this beast document the process?





Whirlpool Cabrio Model WED6400SW1 Drum Not Revolving

07 December 2014 - 03:05 PM


We have an issue with our electric dryer. The power button activates the control panel, however when we press the Start button, the drum does not rotate.  There are no sounds emanating from the cabinet (other than a click occurring a few seconds after pressing the Start button.)


The input line voltage is 243 VAC. 


I have the diagnostics and troubleshooting display fault codes table but do not have the sequence to activate the diagnostic test mode.


Any help will be appreciated.  We now have three more people living with us, and dryer is a critical appliance.




LG 321F0178 S/N 301PNYU8E074 How to winterize for Storage

01 November 2014 - 07:19 AM

Hope I found the model number, was not clear on this unit...


Our daughter has moved back North, and their washer is in a storage unit.  I did not see heat in it. 


They have the bolts in the drum for transportation.  What else needs to be done to winterize it?  Must be some water in the pump, lines, etc.



How to Balance Cooling in a Two Story Home

04 May 2014 - 08:32 PM

My wife and I am spending time with our daughter and son-in-law while they prepare to have thier first child. 

The home is located in the southeastern US.  The home is about 8 -10 years old, and HVAC is a heat pump(?) with the heat exchanger located in attic.  Compressor was just replaced in autumn. My son-in-law changes the filters about every couple of  months.


From morning to mid-afternoon, the thermostat temperature would be at setpoint.  By early evening, the displayed temperature would be up to two degrees higher than setpoint.  System is on, and a very small trickle water does flow from the drain line outside while the unit is on. 


We find the ground floor is much cooler than the upstairs.  I understand that cooler air sinks and warmer air rises.  But, the upstairs is really warm.  We tried closing the ground level vents.  I expected a noticable increase in the volume of air blowing out of the upstairs registers, but did not feel an increase.  Not very scientific, but I don't have acess to a manometer, and not sure that is the best method to assess system performance.  Then, I was concerned that I could cause the system to malfunction by not allowing the air to flow through the heat exchanger, so I opened some back up.


To keep my future granddaughter comfy, what is the best method or process to adjust the cooling in two story house?  Or, is there a bigger issue we are missing?



Mircowave losing some of it's punch?

26 December 2012 - 11:47 AM

We have a Goldstar model MV1608WW OTR microwave that is taking longer (unscientific assessment) to heat and/or reheat food.  We are not married to the unit, since we paid less than a $100 for the unit a few years ago (manu 8/2004.)


Today, we followed the "How to test your Microwave topic" found in the hallowed halls of this website.  My wife followed the procedure, with the help of some of my test equipment:

1.  One liter of water in a Pyrex brand measuring cup.

2.  Placed water and cup on counter over night.

3.  Water temperature was measured, 61 degrees Fahrenheit my old Fluke 787  with temperature probe.

4.  Place cup with water on turntable, and set time to 2:03 at highest power setting.

5.  Removed cup and water from microwave and measured water temperature with same test equipment: 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Does this information give anyone enough information to assess this unit's performance?


I don't believe in junking something if it can be repaired, but it may be cost effective to replace.  THe Samurai's recommended Brands List doesn't call out microwave units in particular.  Are there brands to consider and others to run away from?


Thanks to all who post....Merry Christmas.

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