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Member Since 13 Sep 2009
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Iced over evaporator - Sub Zero 511

08 September 2014 - 12:42 PM

The 1989 Sub Zero 511 is soldiering on after a new evaporator in 2012 and a condenser fan in 2013...  The next challenge...


I was hearing a loud rattle from the freezer - sounded like the fan blade was loose....   When I crawled in the freezer and took the cover off, the freezer evaporator is iced up to the point where the freezer fan is hitting the ice.


Freezer compressor was running - very warm to the touch.  


I left it off overnight, let everything thaw, (threw all of the food away...) and restarted the freeezer on Saturday AM.  So far, so good, but I am not so foolish as to think there is not an issue somewhere.


So - what do I have here?  A defrost issue?  Sealed system issue?  Cold control?  Defrost timer/heater?


Thanks, all - this appliance is becoming like family - I hope it goes off to college soon.



Sub Zero 511 - Warm Fresh Food Compartment

15 January 2013 - 09:11 PM

I came home from 4 days in Tampa to find my fresh food compartment almost as warm as Tampa.  :-( 


Over the summer, I had the fresh food evaporator replaced, and the R12 replaced with some other refreigerant (R414a or something..)  This worked very well for a time...  it was an expensive repair, but I assumed I could squeeze a few more years out of the fridge


For the past few weeks, the fridge seemed to be noisier than before, and the kitchen seemed a bit hotter, as a result of the fridge, but I am not home too much, so I figured I was imagining - perhaps not.


So - the freezer is ice cold stll.  The lights work, both compressors are pretty warm to the touch, and the fan runs when I close the door switch manually.   The condenser fan at the top is not turning, but I am not sure if it is supposed to be.


Serial # is M806968


Manufacture date is October 1989


Am I at the end of the line with my beloved 511?  (Not to mention being $2,100 lighter for the repair over the summer...)

Kenmore 17259 Portable Dishwasher

29 May 2011 - 03:37 PM

Quick question on a 6 year old Kenmore 17259 portable dishwasher.

The bottom spray arm no longer spins = I checked to see if it was clogged and it is not, and the unit is definitely getting water because the upper arm is working.

Sub Zero 511

15 February 2010 - 11:48 AM

Gurus:  Question that is not related to a repair issue.  I have a Sub Zero 511 manufactured in 1989 - fridge and freezer still running fine, and y'all helped me fix the ice maker a few months back and I put a defrost time in it back in 2005. 

It has been fixed quite a few other times over the years, and I feel like I am coming to a crossroads - wanted the opinions of the experts:

1.  It is reasonable to think it will last much longer?  Seems like 20 years is a long time...

2.  If not, I am limited to what I can put in the spot in the kitchen - dumb move on my part, when I renovated the kitchen, I built it around the old Sub Zero.  The kitchen isn't big anyway, so not like I had many options.

3.  My thoughts on replacement (want your opinion as to which of the choices below are reliable or worth the money)

*  Another Sub Zero - INSANELY expensive, but the path of least resistance from a 'fit' perspective.  They are telling me like $7k for a new 611 - more money than my first car cost.

*  Liebherr C1661 - Less money, but still over $4k.  Fits without modification, but it seems a bit off the beaten path in terms of service and parts

* Northland - Seems like you can get any size you want, but as much money as the Sub Zero, so why bother...

* Summit - A "no name" brand that is made here in the metro NY area - sorta fits, and it does not look that bad.  A heckofalot cheaper, and shoot, it is just a cold box to keep Diet Coke in.   Will it last, and can it be serviced?

Sorry for the long note - just wanted some expert opinions from the field.  Thanks.



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