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Member Since 22 Sep 2009
Offline Last Active Jun 27 2014 09:52 AM

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Maytag LDG4914AAE gas dryer will not heat

25 June 2014 - 02:02 PM

You folks were a great help the last time I had to fix my dryer so this is the place to ask my question.  I would greatly appreciate any help diagnosing this.


I have a Maytag LDG4914AAE gas dryer that will not heat.  The burner doesn't light up at all.  The drum turns but I hear no gas valve clicks, etc., at all.


Here's what I've found:


The igniter reads 76 ohms.


The flame sensor shows NO continuity.


The high limit thermostat has continuity.


The thermal fuse is good - has continuity.


The cycling thermostat (I assume that's what it is based on the parts drawing on this website but I'm not absolutely sure because it looks a little different in the parts drawing has five contacts.  I'm seeing continuity on the top terminal (long dimension) which has a red wire and the bottom terminal (purple)  and I'm also showing continuity on the same top terminal (red) and the terminal on the left (purple).  No other terminal combinations have continuity.



Here's a picture: 




Thanks in advance.


Can you identify this L.G. refrigerator part?

28 April 2013 - 08:03 PM

We just bought a new LG LTC24380ST single door refrigerator with an ice maker.  It was delivered yesterday.  When I pulled the refrigerator out to hook up the water supply to the ice maker tonight, I  found this part on the floor.  I suppose it's possible that it came off our old refrigerator but that is extremely doubtful because the part is pristine and looks like it has never been used. Also, I had pulled out our old refrigerator to clean the floor before delivery of the new one and there was nothing on the floor then.  The little black pulley on the part winds up and, when released, it spins back while a little white nylon cam or post on the opposite side rotates in a planetary fashion.  I  would greatly appreciate it if someone can tell me what this is.  Unlike in the past, the owner's manual does not have parts diagrams.  I don't know if the ice maker is working yet because I just turned it on.  However, I  didn't touch anything or open any panels when I hooked up the water supply. 









Weird problem with Maytag gas dryer.

24 September 2009 - 11:08 AM

My Maytag LDG4914AAE gas dryer ran all day last weekend until I realized it was running and shut it off.  The timer didn't advance and the clothes were still damp. Yes, I know, familiar story.  But it gets weirder.  With the front panel off, I tested it. The ignitor went on for each burn cycle just fine and the burner would go on for three or four burn cyles but then no more.  Then the ignitor continued to go on properly but the gas didn't.   The timer did not advance.  If I tried to start the machine again, the ignitor worked fine but  the gas wouldn't come on at all unless I waited... oh... maybe 10 or 15 minutes.  Then the burner would light up four three or four more cycles and stop.  

Someone suggested that I replace the gas valve coils which I just did.  Now the ignitor won't even go on!  I didn't touch anything else on the unit. I only removed the front panel and the only thing I touched were the two screws that hold the coil bracket in place.   I then put the old coils back in and the ignitor still won't go on. (???) The only thing that touched the dryer since yesteray was my wife who I asked to vacuum out some crap in the floor of the dryer but she did it gently and all connections are still tight.

Before anyone asks (and to save time), the first thing I checked before taking off the front panel was the venting and, in fact, I removed it completely even though it was clean.  Although I haven't had much need to work on dryers, I have worked on just about everything else in my 60 years - at one time even professionally and I still do almost all my own work on everything from cars to you-name-it.... with the exception of complex electonic stuff which is mostly just thrown out anyway in this age of disposable stuff.

The coils are in correctly and, in fact, they only go in one way.  As I'm sure you all know, the connectors only go on one way and the wiring harness is formed in such a way and so stiff that they couldn't be switched.  The pegs on the tops of the coils fit into the holes of the mounting plate properly.   A two-minute job and nothing else to touch! 

Anyway, this is a mystery to me.  Yesterday the ignitor worked fine but the gas would only kick on for three or four cycles. Now with the new OR old coils, even the ignitor doesn't work.   I'm wondering if the problem may not have been the coils at all but something else which finally failed completely.

My Hari Kari knife is clean and ready so I would appreciate it if someone might save my wife having to clean up all the blood by  posting a suggestion about this weird problem.  

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