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In Topic: Testing ideas for AC that cools intermittently

03 July 2015 - 11:14 AM

Does the inside fan shut off  if you are still above setpoint ? or does it keep running but no cool air is coming out?   


Digital thermostats can malfunction in unusual ways causing the problems you are seeing. To test, you can remove the thermostat and connect the R Y and G  wires all together. This will bring on fan and cooling,  effectively bypassing  the thermostat.   the inside fan will run along with the outside unit 100 % of the time . it will not shut off.   If you notice it starting  not blowing cold air after a while , you have eliminated the thermostat as a possible cause. 


Alternatively you can go and buy a new thermostat and install it . set it at 65 and see if it keeps cooling without stopping.  


If it is not the thermostat , that leaves a strong possibly of a problem at the condenser outside , like a failing fan motor, capacitor(s), or dirty condenser coil to name a few.  

In Topic: I think A/C Capacitor is bad but want to make sure

08 October 2014 - 05:35 PM

Late to the party on this .... But most capacitors these days are a lot like light bulbs. They will go bad in "X" number of run hours.most of the time less than X . 

If you look up the old GE data on their capacitors, they are rated at 10,000 hours or more.( down here may that  be 8 years or so) 


   The cheaper aftermarket  ones may fail almost instantly from time to time.  


I've never really understood why no supplier carries  GE capacitors( besides oem replacements) . Ge caps last the longest .   


About AMRAD capacitors........ That is the only brand I will carry now on the truck (because they don't break) and I try to get others to follow suit, however, understand that there is, or (was) a Chinese version of that brand.  make sure to look for the american flag on the box!!  AMRAD had many failed caps with the asian  made  units in southern US climates. The Johnstone location in New Orleans where I get them from "tries" not to carry the non us version .....but that don't always happen  .

In Topic: GE profile PSC25PSSCSS

07 September 2014 - 01:52 PM

Follow up.... The fresh food evaporator thermistor was off by 20 degrees to low.  I'll pick up a new one tomorrow. 


Side bonus to pulling out the ff coil to get to the sensor. I had been having water collect at the bottom of the ff section ,  I found the drip tray under the evaporator was rusted and had pinholes in it. after wire brushing it , it turned into about 10  holes in the pan  ranging in size from pinhole to 1/16 inch holes.   


 I sprayed the rusted parts with rust converter and coated the whole bottom of the pan with marine epoxy. Not gonna rust out again.  :>

In Topic: GE profile PSC25PSSCSS

06 September 2014 - 10:33 PM

I'll  unload the freezer section and shut it down to test all sensors tomorrow. 


I would like some one to explain the lag in display readings if possible.  


My job as senior tech in the hvac biz , has me on occasion telling my techs to " Ignore what you think you see happening. ..... the circuit board is lying to you !!!!  this is what is actually  happening........"


What I am looking for is not a " dude check your sensors" answer . I know that i may have a bad sensor in the mix. I will address that. I have the service manual and it will be fixed.  


I am tapping into the sage fridge wizards who  know the inner workings  of this beast that don't get printed in the manual.  



What I want to know  IS the temperature display showing me  the wrong things by design ? i know people would freak if they could see the real variances in temps in real time in the fridge. 


If no sage wizzards happen to zip by .... the box will be fixed .



In Topic: GE profile PSC25PSSCSS

06 September 2014 - 05:33 PM

ok , new data.....   i attached a remote probe thermometer to the sensor wire. lowered the box setpoint to 34 degrees just for giggles.....


after an hour the remote is reading 34 degrees . the in fridge display is still showing 44 . power cycle fridge display now reads 36. remote thermometer reads 35 . 


So i'm gonna say  not a bad sensor.   any suggestions?

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