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Member Since 10 Oct 2009
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Topics I've Started

Tili TM11VR portable AC - not turning off

15 July 2013 - 03:15 AM

My Mom's Tili AC unit (TM111VR) is not turning off --- I turn off the power but the fan continues to run (and the compressor) when the display is off.  I have to unplug the unit for it to stop.


I opened it up and checked the board for fishy caps etc -- all looked good.  The relay on the board looked good as well.  Inside the unit there are two black run type (I think) capacitors - both 4 connector CBB61 -- different ratings --- from reading it would appear that maybe these are somehow faulty.  So I'm thinking I need to source them -- but I'm unsure of exactly what the fault is or could be, and how to eliminate the relay on the board from the issue to these specifically.


From my reading it would appear that these run type capacitors act almost like relays -- that they can fail in such a way as to be always on or always off.  Here's some photos:



Relay on the control board



The run Capacitor on the circulation fan



run capacitor on the compressor and evaporator fan


Anyone ever deal with this kind of thing?  Many Thanks



Dishwasher: I fixed my Maytag! (MDB7100AWW)

18 October 2009 - 06:48 PM


Found these forums about 2 weeks ago when my dishwasher went on the fritz.  Lots of info here - hidden gems rewarded by searches and patience - many thanks for all the unnamed contributions.  Registered... read... came back and paid my $5.. more reading....

Anyway -- dishwasher died... filled and stopped.  No motor - no drain - just arrested at end of fill.   Auto diagnostic showed low/no power to the motor.  Manual diagnostic confirmed.  Triple checked with my voltage detector and my Fluke multi... confirmed... assumed bad relay or board.  Also noted my model was under product recall.  Board looked okay.  Noted staining at resistors (previously referenced in another thread so I relaxed)... all else looked okay.  Had no idea how to diagnose a fried relay so was waiting for the service manual (requested in another thread)... stumbled across another thread that showed a picture of a board with a fried relay connection under board (fried solder point) and noted the OP just re-soldered the point and all was well.  On closer inspection I too saw a fried solder point under my board.  Could this be it?

Got my kit -- soldered the point --- voila!  All works fine.  Holy crap!  Just saved about a thousand bucks and my marriage (2 weeks without DW was rough to say the least).

Here's a photo of my board before the fix.
Posted Image
I was surprised that the relay was good.  Like the OP in the thread where I saw a similar photo my question was/is:  what causes this?  I'm assuming the relay overheated and over time the solder went bad.

This tells me (I think) that either the relay is perhaps not functioning to spec or that we have a design flaw related to the board with the relay producing too much heat -- or do these things just wear out over time? ... or suggestions?

I'm still not out of the woods yet -- going to get the part related to the recall sorted - continue monitoring the situation... just testing now and getting through a backlog of dishes under close supervision.

A note regarding the product recall.  About 3 or 4 years ago this thing caught on fire and we paid our local Maytag repair folks to come out and fix it - which they did.  And guess what --- this fire is exactly what the recall is warning about so we had a fire - wow - never experienced the reality of a product failure relating to a recall.  Scary stuff.  So it looks like I'm going to get a 2nd fix (this time on Maytag).

I still would love a manual -- I have only a 60% confidence in this at the moment (little field experience with board fixes) and I'd love to test the relays themselves but I just don't know how or what to look for specifically.

Anyway thanks all.


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