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Member Since 19 Oct 2009
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In Topic: Food grade high temperature tubing for hot water dispenser

08 June 2012 - 09:28 PM

A few months ago I asked if anyone knew where to get food grade high temperature tubing to replace the leaking tube on the hot water dispenser on my sink. No answers. Anyway, here is a source; http://www.mcmaster....-tubing/=hw8sjz

This is good stuff; they have both non-reenforced and a reenforced versions. Not cheap, but it seems to be better than what came with the unit.

In Topic: Need manual reset thermal switch for my Miele G892 SC dishwasher

16 January 2012 - 04:32 PM

Dear RegUS_PatOff and Samurai Appliance Repair Man,

Regarding the thermal protection switch, it turns out that much to my surprise, Miele will sell it to me. The nice lady at 800-999-1360 even looked up the part on her parts diagram to figure out what I need. Although at $31.50, it is about twice what you guys charge for a comparable Bosch part, so you might want to consider getting into the Miele business.

Regarding the service manual stash, I already became one of those things in 2009 and received a link to the stash but I couldn't find it. But after searching 25,000 deep in my e-mail history I did find it and it still works and so that is great. You have a great manual for the Miele G1000-2000 series but not for my G892. I'll put in a request as soon as I figure out how to do that again.

Meanwhile, I still need some beverage grade high temperature flexible tubing to fix my hot water dispenser. (The brand is Quick&Hot.) The current tubing measures ~0.313 ID and the nipple it goes over measures 0.375 OD. It is difficult to find this on your repairclinic.com because everything is listed by part number and you don't have any listings for the Quick&Hot brand. From the picture, your Item #907919 might work. Is it for the hot side or the cold water inlet? Is it rated beverage grade for high temperature water?

I also took a test on your previous site a year or so ago which was supposed to promote me out of the "grasshopper" grade. I had to have aced it, but never never heard anything more and I'm still shown as a grasshopper. Did something get lost somewhere?

Best regards,

In Topic: Noritz Model GT-201AW-FF water heater (for Japanese bath)

18 November 2011 - 01:59 AM

For the Noritz GT-201AW-FF Japanese bath tub and water heater. Here are some pictures:

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/Noritz_GT-201AW-FF_Pictures/P1000493.JPG shows the disassembled unit on the bench for electrical testing. The circuit board slightly to the left of the center of the picture is what I have to replace.

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/Noritz_GT-201AW-FF_Pictures/P1000501.JPG shows the unit assembled and installed in the crawl space under my house. Note the 120 to 100 volt transformer just visible at the top right of the picture.

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/Noritz_GT-201AW-FF_Pictures/P1000506.JPG shows the unit with the front cover in place.

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/_hdh_dwgs/Drawing_File/0203-AC14-E.dwg is a detailed circuit/block diagram of the system. This drawing is in AutoCAD14.
ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/_hdh_dwgs/Drawing_File/0204-AC14-C.dwg is a schematic for the fan motor controller board.

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/_hdh_dwgs/Drawing_File/0214-ME02-C.xls are all Excel files which record measurements made on the system.

I think what I really need is someone who has access to Noritz parts. I don't see Noritz even listed on the fixitnow parts finder.

Henry Heetderks

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