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In Topic: Suz-Zero Under Counter Ice Maker Model 315P

26 May 2011 - 09:30 AM

Red Rock, it's been almost a year since our last thread conversation. Since then I've not worked on our ice maker. During the winter it works (holds ice in bin) fine. It's just during the summer months
when heat builds up that the bin won't hold the ice without it melting too quick.

A week ago I pulled the machine out from under the cabinet and is now sitting out in the room. Seems to be working a little better...by that I mean the cubes are not melting quite as fast. It stills dump
about every 20 minutes as I've mentioned in previous threads.

I am now referring back to a previous post of yours in this thread and I am probably going to give this a try: rewiring the fan motor to run anytime the compressor is running. From what I understand you saying,
the fan motor shuts off to allow heat build up in order for cubes to "release" and drop. If I'm understanding this correctly, would not reducing the heat affect the "releaseability" of the cubes? Just wondering.

Also, can you think of any way we might could "assist" in the insulation of the box? I can't understand why a name brand like "SUB-ZERO" seems to be inferior in service design :/ Why is it having a hard time
maintaining/keeping its cubes?

Thank you for opening this thread back up again. I'm ready to try the next stages of diagnostics/repairs.


Dothan, AL

In Topic: Suz-Zero Under Counter Ice Maker Model 315P

22 June 2010 - 11:25 AM

awww, now we're getting somewhere. yea, an accessible cabinet (i.e. island cabinet) would be a easy fix but this is a little more difficult in that sense.

I'll give the above a try and see how that works out for me. It'll probably take me a few days to get around to it but I'll let you know what the outcome is.


In Topic: Suz-Zero Under Counter Ice Maker Model 315P

22 June 2010 - 04:45 AM

hmmmm, they should have something in their installation instructions about that.

For people like me who already have it installed and have granite on top.....I don't see where there is a whole lot I can do about it right now :/   But, I did wonder about the heat in the back.  I noticed the pull out drawers (right next to it) were warm when I pulled them out.  But I don't now how to fix that now.

Any ideas?......


In Topic: Suz-Zero Under Counter Ice Maker Model 315P

21 June 2010 - 10:35 AM

That's what I was wondering.  It is pretty tight....probably less than 1/2" clearance all the way around.  But then again, it's an under the counter.  As a cabinetmaker, I believe one of the features of an unit like this is that by being and "under the counter" and "panel ready" it BLENDS with the other cabinets.....  i.e. it disguises itself as another cabinet.  It can't look like "another cabinet" if there are huge gaps around it.  So, it seems to me that if Sub-Zero wanted it to blend with neighboring cabinets they would have designed it to get all the ventilation it needed through the grill in the bottom of the machine.  And indeed they state that the only gap needed on the side (per installation manual) is 1/8" for screw heads.  It specifies it uses a fan to take in room air in the front of the ice maker through the right side of the kick plate and discharges out the left side of the kick plate.

So, I guess (at least according to the installation instructions) it's suppose to get all the ventilation it needs through the front of the ice maker at the floor.

It seems to me there is basically only one reason the ice is melting too fast (but possibly several remedies).....the bin is not cool enough.  I know its not a freezer, or even refrigerated, but simply a "insulated cooler" but it seems the only reason it would be melting so quickly is because of the inside temperature.  If so, it seems we need to deduce "what" is affecting the inside temperature. 

As far as the "draining' goes, yes, the manual states that "poor draining will cause a high rate of ice melt".  BAM!, it seems like that would be the number one culprit.  What is "poor draining"?  There's never any water "pooled" in the back of the bin.  It's always lower than the holes in the drain.  The pump runs on regular intervals. So, this is not the issue.  What is there left? :/

As mentioned, it's dropping cubes right on the money [time wise].

Thanks again,

Frustrated and wanting to kick this thing in it's "ice",


In Topic: Suz-Zero Under Counter Ice Maker Model 315P

19 June 2010 - 03:53 AM

Did all you said and, strangely, it seems to be keeping even less now.

Why won't this bin keep its cubes.  If it makes [e.g.] 20/hr it seems to be loosing 10/hr.  This shouldn't be happening.......it's VERY frustrating.


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