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Topics I've Started

SHE6AP02UC/05 Bosch infuriating E:24 drain error

05 November 2013 - 01:19 AM

Hey everyone -


I have a Bosch dishwasher showing the nice E:24 error (drain clogged).. been beating my head over this the past day or two.  It always throws it right after it does it's little self checks and tries to drain anything that might still be in the unit (in other words, after only a few minutes.)


* First, I took the drain out of the bottom of the sump and removed that white tab thing and made sure nothing was in the impeller, and that it could spin correctly.  Then (in front, after removing kickplate), I also took the hose out (after removing the clamp from on top of it) and looked at the other side of the impeller.  Looked good.


* Threw a couple quarts of water in before trying a new cycle; I hear it draining the water perfectly into the sink drain.


* Checked the sink drain it's connected to; it's working OK


* Held the > and DELAY, powered the unit on, pressed < once (P1 - test mode), and ran it a couple of times.  Always ends up with a 0 (no errors).  Unit fills, drains, everything - just fine.


I'm at a loss.  Thoughts?  This is driving me mad :)

GE TFX22ZPBEWW Ice dispenser auger not going

25 February 2013 - 06:45 PM

Hey everyone -


If anyone has a tech manual for this model, please let me know... as far as test points for voltage on the harnesses, etc, in the door.


Ice motor quit working; when we press it in "whole ice dispense mode", I hear the solenoid at the back click, the door solenoid opens, but the auger motor does not turn.  Replaced auger motor (old one looked like crap with rust and was hard to turn), new motor does not turn either when a call for ice happens.  


In crush mode, nada, no sound at all; no solenoid at the back.  (I'm guessing the solenoid is the thing that triggers crush vs. whole, and it's not engaged in crushed mode.)


Replaced the motherboard in the door probably a year or two ago.  Took it out and it looks good (no burnt components, etc.)


I'm willing to get down and dirty component level and multimeter-level if I have to.... so throw whatever you need at me if you know how to troubleshoot this a little more....  The wiring harness in front has red, orange, black, purple, pink, grey.




TFX22ZPBEWW dumping water on floor - where's the drain pan?

17 August 2012 - 10:33 PM

Don't see a drain pan on this sucker, but it's drained water on the floor the past few nights. Took it out, vacuumed under it (popped the front bottom part out to vacuum), took the back section off by the compressor and vacuumed all the dust out back there, etc.

Looked high and low for something to remove, and don't see it on the diagram. So, where it is draining to? Also, what's the best way to unclog the drain line? (I'm guessing this is causing the issue).

Thanks :)

GE TFX22ZPBEWW - Trouble manually engaging defrost

19 January 2012 - 08:43 PM

Hey guys -

Had a defective defrost heater...

Bad heater (nothing on my meter on any of the resistance ranges)

Before thawing

After thawing

Anyway.. I put the new one in today (it's the dual tube model, http://www.repaircli...1X10101/1399613 ) and hooked it up. Get some resistance on the meter, so good sign. It's installed.

I'm trying to advance the defrost timer (which I see under the controls in the fridge, near the light bulb). It makes incremental small clicking noises until the compressor/fans shut off. I then watched and hit the heater several times with a temperature probe (infrared) and did not see it go on. After about 10 minutes (to give the compressor time to cool down), I clicked it two more clicks, in which case everything came back on. It appears that the compressor/fans only shut off at the 3:45PM (or 9:15) across position and the click shortly afterward. In all other positions, everything appears to be working (fans, compressor, etc.)

So, what position do I need to click this in so that the defrost heater comes on?


WJRR4170E1WW Not agitating

22 October 2011 - 07:27 PM

I did a bit of Googling and looked around before posting this; just wanted to get a second opinion.

Heard a whining noise when the agitate cycle started on this.. not sure what was going on, so Googled and saw three things:

1) motor
2) transmission
3) the bell shaped thing that coupled the transmission with the agitator assembly

So, filled it up on a small load and let it start agitating. Hurried up and pulled the lid (my magnets must not be strong enough to fool the reed switch), and saw the agitator assembly spinning a little. Pulled the agitator off and did the same - saw that the bell shaped plastic assembly was moving back and forth.

The bell shaped plastic assembly freely moves left and right - I'm gathering it's supposed to be firm and not really spin too freely.

So, does everyone else think it's probably just the bell assembly as well being stripped off of the metal transmission post? Here's what I found (I've seen numerous part numbers for this, so not sure if it matters which ones I get...):




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