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Topics I've Started

Kenmore washer 110.20922990 trips breaker at spin

27 January 2015 - 06:51 PM

My Kenmore Elite 90 series washer (110.20922990) has started tripping the GFCI outlet that it is plugged into. I've recently read that it might not be best to plug a washer into a GFCI outlet, but it is in a bathroom next to a sink so I think that was the reason for it. It's been like that since we moved into this house almost 8 years ago and we've never had a problem with it until now. Last week when it quit working, the washer agitated fine, but when it switched to spin mode (pre-rinse) it tripped the GFCI outlet and stopped. Resetting the outlet doesn't work, it just trips again as soon as we try to start the washer.


I've heard it could be related to the timer, transmission, motor, capacitor and who knows what else. Is there a way to isolate the cause of the breaker tripping? I've replaced the timer within the last couple of years, the transmission last fall, feed dogs and coupler recently replaced, fwiw.


We're reaching laundry crisis status so I await any words of wisdom you might be able to share with me.





Kenmore 11092596100 stops with a jerk while agitating or spinning

02 May 2014 - 03:45 PM

Emboldened by my recent washer success (thanks to all your help) I would like to send another washer issue your way (If this is too soon, please let me know and I'll post somewhere else, but hey, what can I say, you guys are the best).


My friend's washer has not been working for awhile and I told her I'd have a look so I went to her house last week to have a look. A week ago today she told me that her husband had developed a brain stem bleed that morning and was in ICU (he has since been moved to a regular room but has a long way to go). In light of this, I want to do everything I can to lighten her load (so to speak) and cut down the time she has to be away from hubby or kids at the laundromat (also the money which they will need for other things right now). Any help would be a huge blessing!


Symptoms are that it agitates and spins (sometimes; other times it just buzzes and doesn't do anything) and sometimes during agitation or a spin, it'll just stop rather abruptly (probably a brake issue) and just make a hum/buzz noise. One time it tried to start again, but stopped almost immediately. Other times I've been able to get it to start again, but usually it just buzzes.


Here's what I've done so far:

  • I replaced agitator dogs as they were worn to nubs.
  • I checked the pump and found a couple of underwires (from a previous owner) stuck in the pump; I took those out, nothing else was stuck in pump, washer pumped fine after I did that.
  • The drive couplers are ok for now, I see them needing to be replaced down the road at some point.
  • I tested the capacitor, but don't know how to interpret the results so took a video of the process (the numbers started higher, then counted down to infinity; when I switched sides, it when from a negative number to infinity, not sure what that means)
  • Drive block is visibly ok, but didn't take the tub out to be 100% sure. The ears of basket drive are visible and drive block is not stripped.
  • I verified that all connections (to motor, speed selector, lid switch) were snugly connected.
  • I ran the machine with the pump disconnected from the motor and it spun fine.

Here are the vids that I took of testing and her machine acting up:


https://www.youtube....h?v=4cRPVJiSmjU (Wash cycle stops midway)
https://www.youtube....h?v=IWsDc_1XkUk (Spin cycle stops abruptly, tries to restart)
https://www.youtube....h?v=r9GW-euFzz0 (Spin cycle stops abruptly, go to 0:23 for stop)
https://www.youtube....h?v=-Yagdnor0SQ (Testing capacitor)
https://drive.google....it?usp=sharing (This is a picture of the inside of the motor switch)










Trying to replace gearcase shaft seal Kenmore washer 11020922990

24 April 2014 - 10:04 PM

This is a gearcase for a Kenmore mod# 11020922990 washer.

I'm trying to replace the shaft seal in the top cover of the gearcase (part # 3349985), but am having a terrific time getting the old seal out. The old seal had a tear in it, hence the oil that was leaking out into my clutch causing my washer not to spin properly.

Anyway, I pulled out as much as I could, but it almost seems that it's glued in as the sides of the seal are not coming away from the metal. What would be the best way to get rid of the old gasket rubber before trying to put the new one in? I saw the advice from post #9 here (http://appliantology...r-transmission/), I will try to do that if I can find the plastic "tail piece." The old seal in that post looks intact, like it came out nicely. Mine wasn't like that at all.

Also, the oil in the transmission was dark and silty and had lots of dust and what seem to be metal shavings in it so I plan to take everything out so I can clean it out before reassembling and re-adding oil.

This was a new transmission last summer/fall; should the seal and oil have degraded so quickly in that short a period of time?

Thank you,


Kenmore Elite Model 110.20922990 Washer won't spin

10 April 2014 - 03:02 PM

I have a Kenmore Elite 90 Series washer (model 110.20922990) that has ceased to spin out after washes and rinses. I can get it to spin if I hold down the lid switch with one hand and turn the basket with my other hand, but otherwise it just sits there making a spinning noise, but not spinning. My son and I took it apart and I put in a new clutch and when I tested it with no water, it started spinning right away, but with a load in and just drained, but still wet, it doesn't seem to have the energy to start spinning on its own. Drive coupler is fine, we recently replaced the tranny so pretty sure it's not that unless it's defective. Any ideas? 




Kenmore Elite 90 Washer won't agitate, makes knocking noises

27 December 2013 - 03:21 PM



Here is a video of what it is doing. The serial # is 110.20922990


I've just replaced the timer and not long before that the transmission. After replacing the timer (everything put back together as it's supposed to be), only the heavy duty cycle works (no regular, delicate, handwash...). Other than that, the timer seemed to work correctly, advancing to the next stage on time... that is, until the night before last when I noticed a loud banging noise from the washer (which I had started maybe 20 minutes or so earlier). I checked it and it wasn't agitating and the timer was stuck on 6 minutes (hadn't advanced past that). I advanced it to the rinse cycle and it kept acting the same way. I did manage to get it to drain the water out (spin cycle). 


I checked the connections to the timer and everything was connected correctly and well-seated. Then I thought maybe the agitating issue might have been related to the drive coupler so I checked that, but it was fine with the exception of the plastic piece that fits onto the motor was very loose, has about 1/4" give in either direction. The metal post that sticks out of the motor looks a bit worn, not sure if that's the cause.


When I was taking the motor out I also noticed that there was a small connector coming from the motor that wasn't hooked up to the other part of the connector so I made sure that was connected when I put everything back together. But... it's still not working. So if it's not the drive couplers, maybe the clutch? or faulty transmission? And how does the timer fit in with everything that's going on? When I was checking the timer I found that a repair person who checked it in the past must have cut the lid switch connector so the wires were all connected up with screw-type wire connectors (in case that is helpful information). 


We were just getting caught up with laundry after our kids were sick and we really need our washer to work. I will appreciate any help you might be able to provide. 






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