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#260050 Kenmore dryer 796.80272900

Posted by herfdog on 05 July 2013 - 09:35 AM

Thanks for the tips and especially the temps, that confirmed my suspicion that the house vent was the problem. Cleaned the vent and now have a happy customer.


BTW that is one cool tool, you've strummed the strings of this appliantologist. I like the idea of turning suspicion into confirmation.   

#252014 Samsung dishwasher DMT300RFB heavy wash flashing

Posted by herfdog on 10 April 2013 - 03:33 PM

I'm seeing the same issue, there is no water in the pan underneath. What and where is the "shutter"?

Disregard--after removing water from tub I realized it had overflowed slightly causing second error--overflow.

#251988 4gsu101-4bss Viking drop in range

Posted by herfdog on 10 April 2013 - 09:44 AM

I'm pretty sure you can replace spark module with generic. If it has more points than the number of burners run the extras to ground. 





By the way, that should be VGSU101-4BSS. Here is the parts list:


 Item    Part Number  Part Description Sub Part #           Qty      Retail   1 PB070063   B.BASE O-RING (VGSU) NO.25-000-004-46 N/A N/A     6.00   2 PB050032   BURN. BASE VGSU(LF)REPL PG230023 N/A N/A     40.00   3 PD030037   RETAINER RING REPL PG200011 N/A N/A     16.00   4 PA080088   D-BURNER N/A N/A     121.00    PA080092   D-BURNER (GRAY) N/A N/A     121.00   5 PB070062   B.BASE O-RING (VGSU) NO.25-000-004-33 N/A N/A     5.00   6 PB050033   BUR.BASE(CF,R,LR)REPL PG230022 N/A N/A     42.00   7 PA080089   C-BURNER N/A N/A     66.00    PA080093   C-BURNER (GRAY) N/A N/A     83.00   8 PD030038   RETAINER RING REPL PG200010 N/A N/A     11.00   9 PA080090   B-BURNER N/A N/A     45.00    PA080094   B-BURNER (GREY) N/A N/A     70.00   10 PA060032   VGSU160 MT-BK GRATES REPL PA060020 N/A N/A     49.00    PA060033 PartNote.gif VGSU160 MT-GY GRATE REPL PA060021 N/A N/A     60.00   11 PB050034   BURNER BASE VGSU RR REPL PG230021 N/A N/A     32.00   12 PB010154   TOP BURNER KNOB-XBKX (VGSU) N/A N/A     13.00    PB010155   TOP BURNER KNOB-XWHX (VGSU) N/A N/A     17.00   No. PB010152   KNOB BEZEL-CHROME (30 B-IN OVEN) N/A N/A     7.00    PB010153   KNOB BEZEL-XBRX (30 B-IN OVEN) N/A N/A     9.00   13 PE040067   CTRL PAN-SS/BK-LOGO (VGSU101) N/A N/A     160.00    PE040068   CTRL PAN-SS/WH-LOGO (VGSU101) N/A N/A     117.00   14 PB050035 PartNote.gif BURNER BASE VGSU RF REPL PG230020 N/A N/A     33.00   15 PB070061   B.BASE O-RING (VGSU) NO.25-000-004-28 N/A N/A     4.00   16 PA080091   A-BURNER N/A N/A     69.00    PA080095   A-BURNER (GRAY) N/A N/A     69.00   17 A2003054   SPARK MODULE COVER (VGSU101) N/A N/A     5.00   18 PD030039   RETAINER RING REPL PG200009 N/A N/A     9.00   19 PB070060   B.BASE O-RING (VGSU) NO.25-000-004-27 N/A N/A     4.00   20 PA010061   TB.VALVE(VGSU)REPL PG230002 N/A N/A     109.00   21 PA050051   MANIFOLD (VGSU101)- 01-036-329 N/A N/A     73.00   22 PB070059   FIXING CLIP(VGSU)REPL PG200001 N/A N/A     2.00   23 PD010029   BOLT M5X10 PAN PH M.S. (VGSU101) N/A N/A     2.00   24 PD020006   NO.6-32 X 1/4 PH.PAN HD. T(F) N/A N/A     4.00   25 PA010062   TB.VALVE(VGSU)REPL PG230003 PA010063   N/A     97.00   26 PA010063 PartNote.gif TB.VALVE(VGSU)REPL PG230004 N/A N/A     97.00   27 PG230031   ORIFICE HOOD-NO.55/132NAT -R) N/A N/A     8.00    PG230036   ORIFICE HOOD-NO.65/90LP (R-R) N/A N/A     7.00   28 PA010060   TB.VALVE(VGSU)REPL PG230001 N/A N/A     96.00   29 PG230032   ORIFICE HOOD-NO.58/107 NAT-F) N/A N/A     8.00    PG230036   ORIFICE HOOD-NO.65/90LP (R-R) N/A N/A     7.00   30 PB070058   COOKTOP GASKET-(VGSU101) N/A N/A     2.00   31 PB070034   INSULATION-TRS-10 1 X 20 X 3` N/A N/A     4.00   32 PA020041   TYTRONICS 0+4 SPARK MODULE N/A N/A     76.00   33 PA050033   PIPE NIPPLE - 1/2 X 3 N/A N/A     3.00   34 PD030029   SELF RETAINING NUT (1/4-20) N/A N/A     2.00   35 A2003053   RET.BRKT VGSU101 REPL PG210006 N/A N/A     5.00   36 PD010027   EYE BOLT-VGSU101/161 N/A N/A     3.00   37 PA070004   PRESSURE REG.(NAT.) RV47L-77-5.0 N/A N/A     17.00    PA070005   PRESSURE REG.(LP) RV47L-77-10.0 N/A N/A     17.00   38 A2003051   HEAT SHIELD-VGSU101 N/A N/A     27.00   39 A3003050   BURNER BOX BTM-VGSU101 (WELDED) N/A N/A     81.00   40 PG230030   ORIFICE HOOD-NO.53/150NATC-F,C-R,L-R) N/A N/A     8.00    PG230034   ORIFICE HOOD-NO.60/102LP(C-F,C-R,L-R) N/A N/A     6.00   41 PB020073   TUBING (VGSU161) REPL PG230010 N/A N/A     10.00   42 PB020074   BUR.MANIFOLD TUBING REPL PG230011 N/A N/A     10.00   43 A2003052   TUBING BRKT. REPL PG210003 N/A N/A     3.00   44 PG230029   ORIFICE HOOD-NO.52/160NATL-F) N/A N/A     7.00   45 PB050040   AIR MIXER (VGSU)REPL PG230028 N/A N/A     6.00   46 PB040119   ORIFICE ADAP.(VGSU) NO.GD-1150001-DOU N/A N/A     15.00   47 PB050031   BURNER VENTURI(90DEG) 01-036-297-02 N/A N/A     29.00   48 PB050030   BURNER VENTURI(90DEG) 01-036-298-02 N/A N/A     39.00   49 PB050029 PartNote.gif BURNER VENT.90DEG REPL PG230025 N/A N/A     39.00   50 PB050028   BUR VENT.90DEG REPL PG230024 N/A N/A     51.00   51 B2102871   COOKTOP SURFACE 30 N/A N/A     95.00    E9102871BK   COOKTOP SURFACE XBKX 30 N/A N/A     92.00    E9102871WH PartNote.gif COOKTOP SURFACE XWHX 30


#226104 GE double oven JTPE59A1BB

Posted by herfdog on 05 March 2012 - 10:38 AM

a description of the problems would help

Sorry about that, I assumed resetting the HTC meant that there was a possible problem with the cooling fan or its thermostat, I eliminated the fan as a problem so I was wondering about the thermostat or if the control board may directly operate the fan when the oven is turned on as is the case with many other brands. I didn't have a schematic at the time but thanks to Grand Master Funk I now have one. If you have any additional advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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