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Member Since 24 Mar 2010
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Topics I've Started

GE Select SSL27RGRCBS Defrost Problem

20 June 2013 - 08:31 AM

Hello all,


I have a GE Select SSL27RGRCBS with a Defrost Problem.  It started out somewhaat intermittantly, but has gotten more regular in the past week or two.  I have searched the forum for other similar posts and answers and have a few questions.


I put the fridge into test mode by pressing the increase and decrease buttons on both the ff and freezer and am able to "manually" defrost.  I also ran the "control and system sensor self test" which shows P for 1-4 and 0 for 5 which to my understanding is that the freezer thermistor is bad (1 and 2 are ff thermistors, 3 is the turbo-cool thermistor, 4 is the evap thermistor, and 5 is the freezer thermistor).  Would the freezer thermistor control the defrost?


I also pulled the the motherboard out and visually inspected for a burnt spot by the fuse at the suggestion of a local appliance recycling center and there is no burnt spots visible.  While I had the motherboard accessible, I ohmed out the 4 pins for the thermistors and got the same readings (don't remember #'s)  on the 2 ff thermistors and the same readings on the evap and freezer thermistors.  Just after I found the identical readings on the thermistors, I put the fridge back in test mode and checked the sensors again with the same results as before (Bad Freezer thermistor). What else should I look for to solve my defrost problem?


Thanks for any assistance with this challenge.



Thank You,


FLoaties in washing machine after agitator starts

24 March 2010 - 05:00 AM

This is a general question about a top load washing machine.  I do not have the make and model available to me right now.

I have searched the posts and have not found anything similar to my problem.  Hopefully someone can give some insight.

Here goes:

When I fill the washing machine, the water fills crystal clear.  Great!!:)  However, when the agitator starts, lots of floaties (I believe they have been refered to as gookus in some of the other posts) appear:(.  They look like dirty pieces of skin (you know like when you were a kid and got a sumburn and then would pull the burned skin off in sheets after a couple of days) floating around in the water.  I am assuming that this ia build-up from between the inner and outer tubs that has accumulated over time.

After the water drains, some of the gookus is left in the tub.  We wiped that out and re-filled the washer and the same thing happened again several times.  We filled the tub, dumped in some white vinegar, let that agitate and set for a while, then ran it through a couple cycles to rinse everything out, wiping the left over gookus out of the tub each time it emptied.  After all that, we are still getting gookus when the agitator starts:X.

How do I get rid of the gookus? 

Any help would be appreciated.

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