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Frigidaire refrigerator FKCH17F7HWD not cold

05 April 2015 - 03:53 PM

I checked out a Frigidaire stand-alone refrig/freezer recently and found it had a defrost problem. There was a solid ice formation around the perimeter of the evaporator coils.

This is a model that has a toggle switch inside to change between refrigerator or freezer mode--essentially making the unit one large freezer or one large refrigerator. I ran into a snag while working on it: removing the evaporator cover, I accidentally pulled a couple wires off of the refrig/freezer toggle switch. I consulted the schematic on the back of the unit to make sure I plugged the wires back in correctly, and I'm pretty sure I have them reconnected properly (I will be double-checking that tomorrow).

After putting it back together, I recommended they defrost the refrig for 48 hours (it was heavily iced up) to ensure all the ice is gone, and they did. Now that it's been defrosted, the complaint is that it isn't cooling at all. The intention was/is to go back and diagnose it with the ice out of the way of the wiring to heater and to get access to defrost thermostat.

Any ideas what to check, or perhaps more importantly: is there a service manual available for this model? Again, model number is FKCH17F7HWD.

Edit: I made a proper service manual request here, if anybody can link me to one: http://appliantology...manual-request/


Kenmore refrigerator 106.8536780 garage kit available?

18 February 2015 - 02:22 PM

I have a customer with a side-by-side refrig in their garage that has stopped keeping cold as the temps have gotten quite low up here in the northeast. I know of the Frigidaire refrigerator garage kit, but unfortunately this appears to be a Whirlpool model. Is there a garage kit available for this model, or perhaps another means of fixing this issue?

Again, the model # is 106.8536780.



LG washer WM3470HVA loud vibration/banging in spin cycle

15 January 2015 - 04:10 PM

I checked out an LG front load washer this afternoon where the complaint is that it makes a loud banging sound during the spin cycle.This machine is only 2-3 years old. Testing the machine without clothes it was fairly quiet (a little vibration noise, but not too loud)...tried it with 4 towels, there was a little more noise, but nothing serious. Added a couple pairs of pants, a couple shirts, and a couple smaller items, along with the 4 towels and finally heard the noise they were describing. The tub seems to move forward and backward when the noise is worst, and the banging sound appears to be coming from the door. It only really made the loud noise as the speed was beginning to ramp up to the final high-speed spin, but went away as it got going faster. The customer said that the loud banging was for longer periods of time. I checked all 3 shocks, they all appear to be in place and as far as I can tell they seem to be in good shape. I took the back cover off and pushed the tub up and down several times and let it go. It promptly settled back into it's resting position (2-3 bounces before it was completely stabilized). The upper tub springs both look good and are connected properly. I did notice at just about any point when the machine is spinning that there is a vibration from the door--pushing on the door lessened the sound considerably. I opened the door and tried moving the tub up/down/left/right, and as far as I can tell the rear bearing seems ok. Any suggestions what I should try to fix this? Also, I did not use a level to determine if the machine is perfectly level, but it looks level, and is firmly planted to the ground. I will bring a level over and re-check if necessary.

Another question: Looking into replacement shock absorbers, Appliance Part Pros is showing this part for this model: Part number: ap4437743

Part number: ap4437743


However, the shock absorbers I saw in the machine are this type: Part number: ap5201523

Part number: ap5201523


Can either be used? Just want to make sure I get the correct ones if I'm going to replace them.

Thanks for any help! Again, the model # is WM3470HVA. 



Frigidaire front load washer GLTF2940FS2 E00 error code, won't spin

23 December 2014 - 04:31 PM

I'm working on a Frigidaire front-load washer where it will not spin. It pumps out the water, but will not spin--it just tumbles in one direction, stops, then tumbles the other direction and stops, over and over, all through the Drain/Spin cycle. Ran diagnostics, everything seems to be functioning properly in diagnostic mode. Even the high spin works, which I believe allows me to rule out the PTC door latch (which I replaced on this machine about a month ago, after getting a no-spin condition and an error code pointing to a bad PTC door latch), and I believe that could also potentially rule out the MCU...

Anyway, I accessed the stored error codes from diagnostics and have an E00 code. There's no entry on the tech sheet for this particular code, but from my googling I found a couple posts stating the main control board is the likely culprit. Does that sound right? I wanted to check in with you guys before I arrange to remove the dryer from the top of the washer. Anything else I should check?

For reference, here's the board I'm talking about: Part number: ap4358809

Part number: ap4358809

Again, model # is GLTF2940FS2


Frigidaire dishwasher FGHD2465NF1A flashing error code

05 November 2014 - 03:14 PM

I checked out a Frigidaire dishwasher today where it starts flashing all of these lights in the display: 'washing', 'drying', 'Er', 'clean', and 'S'. Here's how it behaves: from the display being blank and going to start a wash cycle, I can push Normal (for instance), push Start, close the door...the dishwasher begins filling with water. After 45 seconds to a minute, it stops filling, and immediately starts running the drain pump while flashing all the above messages on the little display on the front of the dishwasher. The error keeps flashing on the display, along with the LED next to the Rinse Only button among the controls on top of the door for a minute or 2 then goes blank. I'm attaching a pic of what the display is showing... Any ideas what this could be? I checked the tech sheet but couldn't find info specific to this error.

Attached File  IMG_20141105_132301.jpg   58.28KB   0 downloads

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