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Topics I've Started

Kitchenaid gas range KGST307HBS4 How do you remove oven door?

25 July 2014 - 10:10 AM

I checked out a Kitchenaid Superba gas range the other day where the inner door glass broke. I ordered up the new glass, but realized I don't know how to remove the door on this one! I took a couple pics to show what style hinges this oven has, which I'll post below. Can anyone tell me how to remove this door so that I can replace the glass on it? Again, the model # is KGST307HBS4.


Frigidaire refrig FPHI1887KF1 weird thing on defrost timer

16 July 2014 - 07:01 PM

I checked out a Frigidaire refrig today that needed a new defrost timer and defrost thermostat. No big deal, routine job, but when I took the control panel out of the refrig section to change out the defrost timer I found a big piece of some sort of foil with wiring run all around/over it. 

The customer had bought the refrig with the specific intention of keeping it in his garage, and apparently this was a modification that was installed to 'trick' the cold control into running the refrig properly even when it gets cold in the winter. The wiring (I believe it is a mullion heater?) was exposed in some areas, and was broken to the point a single strand of wire was holding it together in an area too...so I figure it should be replaced. The wiring led out to 2 piggy-back connectors that plug into the cold control, and the wires going to the cold control plug into the male terminals of the piggyback. I removed it for now, knowing he won't need it to work the refrig during the summer months, but I want to get a replacement installed for him before the winter. Any ideas where I can acquire such a thing? Part numbers? Can't seem to find anything about this.

Again, model # is FPHI1887KF1. Pics attached below. 


Thanks for any/all help! 


GE gas range JGSP28SEK4SS bake ignitor screws hard to remove

15 July 2014 - 06:14 PM

This is more of a general inquiry, but I wanted to make sure to post with a model # for reference. I had to change a bake ignitor on one of these ranges today and had a hell of a time getting the old screws out. I run into this on other models as well. It seems that the GE XL44 ranges with a round ignitor and machine screws are generally easy to remove, as are the Frigidaire models with the rectangular ignitor and machine screws. But this one, among many others, are almost always cross-threading when I go to remove them. I figure it's from expansion/contraction. Anyway, can anyone share with me the tricks or tools that make these easier to remove? I managed to get the screws out of the one I was working on today, but not without spending a solid 10+ minutes working the screws with my big wire cutters. 

I look forward to seeing what my fellow Appliantologists do in these situations! I usually fight and cuss until they're out, but there has to be a better way!



GE refrig TPS24BPCGBS leaking water in freezer section

14 July 2014 - 04:26 PM

I checked out a GE side-by-side refrig today where the customer is getting a water leak in their freezer. The defrost drain appears to have been the culprit, but I couldn't verify it since they had defrosted the unit over the weekend before I got there. I tried snaking the drain out with 1/4" tubing, but could only get it to go down so far. I pumped water down it with a rubber syringe, and I could hear the air blowing out the end of the drain tube. I've run into these in the past, and I usually have to clear the ice out of the defrost drain 'trough' and flush hot water down the drain/snake it/etc. I've noticed on this model that the drain tube itself is not accessible from behind the refrig or from inside the freezer. Is there anything else that can be done to fix this problem? I told them to call us back if the problem persists, so I thought I'd check in here to see if anyone has any other tips or advice for dealing with this problem on this particular model. Again, the model # is TPS24BPCGBS.



Amana refrig ABB2222FEW can't find replacement solenoid for ice maker

10 July 2014 - 12:01 PM

I checked out an Amana refrig today that needs a new solenoid for it's ice maker. I checked Sears site for the part, and they are only listing Part number: 4318047

Part number: 4318047

as the replacement solenoid, but it doesn't fit the same way the original one did. I'd have to leave off the metal panel on the left-rear of the refrig to allow space for the new solenoid to fit. Can anyone find me the part number for the correct replacement? Or should I install the one linked thru sears (which I do have in stock) and leave the metal panel off? The panel I'm referring to is not the one that covers the compressor and condenser fan--it's about 4 inches wide and the solenoid mounts right to it.


Here's a couple pics for reference:

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