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Member Since 12 Jun 2010
Offline Last Active Mar 02 2015 11:18 AM

Topics I've Started

Maytag centenial DDrive - model MVWC300VW0 stops mid cycle

05 December 2014 - 10:31 AM

okay I have a repackaged whirlpool direct drive unit labeled a maytag centenial MVWC300VW0. The customer complaint is the unit stops mid cycle. The lid switch is fine I checked that first. I even temporarily bypassed it for testing purposses. The unit would not start agitation or spin. It filled just fine. I turned the temp selector switch W10202616 and the water seemed to adjust in temp as I moved the dial so i don't think thats the issue. I moved the dial to several locations for the spin and none of them kicked on the motor. I did the same thing for agitate and it wouldn't start either I blew into the pressure switch to bypass uncessarily filling the unit with water. So then I traced electrical supply down to the motor and the second I touch the motor connecter it started working. So I thought maybe it was just the motor connector being loose because is was slighlty loose. after that everything worked fine start stop of agitate and spin worked perfectly. So I left the customer with a fully tested and working machine only to get recalled within 24 hours. She ran one succesful load and then the second load failed. I'm checking with you fellow masters to see what route I could take to resolve this. I think it could be a timer issue or a motor issue. I'm leaning more toward timer because the motor never seemed hot or humming upon startup.







Refrigerant Recovery Machine. Which one?

30 September 2014 - 08:55 AM

I'm looking to invest in a good refrigerant recovery machine. It looks like the yellow jacket xl and xlt are legit but then I hear a lot of people saying the appion g5 twin is the only way to go. Opinions from guys who do sealed system work is welcome.






18 June 2014 - 10:20 AM

This unit like most of the B20CS units had one of only two issues I typically run into which is the evap fan was dead. So I replaced the evap fan motor. I checked the heater ran a forced defrost because ofcourse if the fan is not working it will turn the coils into a block of frost. The heater worked fine the sensors checked good. A week later my evap fan motor is out, the condeser fan motor and the fresh food fan motor. Not only is that weird but I noticed the unit had the heater on and the compressor on at the same time. I have never seen a refrigerator have both the compressor and the heater on at the same time. After checking out put voltage on the control unit it was very clear non of the fans were being supplied with power. but what striked me as weird is why the unit was cooling and defrosting at the same time. I'm left with one conclusion BAD CONTROL BOARD. Has anyone run into this before? I also reset this thing when I initially ran the defrost cycle so its not like I left it in diagnostic mode.

Electrolux Duel Fuel Range - EW30GF65GSB - F10 error

19 December 2013 - 01:16 AM

I was called out to this job by a customer who has stated they have had an on going issue with an intermittent F10 error coming from this oven. I checked it out and tested the oven and was not able to reproduce the problem. The customer states that the error message will come on after the unit is off for a while and the control display locks up and won't let you set anything unless the unit is reset by shutting the breaker and cutting it back on. She naturally called back because I wasn't able to reproduce the issue and the oven worked fine when I was onsite for the first visit so it was not repaired on the first trip.


The second visit I came with a temp sensor and a main control since the resolution guide in the service manual says to change those components when the F10 error occurs ( fly away temps). Since the oven cycled properly during tests I figured to change the temp sensor and control unit because the logic would say that there is something not right about those two components in the circuit if they are failing when the oven is off. The customer also stated that oven isn't randomly self starting when the unit is displaying the error message so that must mean that the relay board is good.


However after having changed these two components the issue still reoccured but this time she says the F10 error message in the display doesn't stay on and the controls are not locked but the oven beeps unless it's reset.


The resolution guide says to change out the relay board if the oven self starts or is heating when it's supposed to be off. I'm not sure there is something wrong with this relay board and don't want to change more expensive parts if it's not going to ultimately solve the problem. There is a second temp sensor in the little oven on the bottom and I haven't checked that but was thinking maybe something is going on with that temp sensor.


Any help would be much appreciated. I tried uploading the service guide but due to size limitations on the forum post I won't be able to.




16 May 2013 - 12:36 AM

This unit is from 2006 and has the inverter on the compressor. I checked to see if 120v was present at the inverter and there was. The compressor sort of jiggles a little as though it is starting and then nothing. The customer noted that the unit was cooling and freezing fine and that the unit just died overnight. I'm thinking the inverter is shot because I also noted no voltage on the comunication line back to main board. All the fans inside the unit seem fine and the condenser fan runs although its a bit noisey at startup but then runs quietly. Any thoughts on my direction with this?





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