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Topics I've Started

Kenmore Washer 110.47532600

09 September 2014 - 07:26 PM

Looking for assistance from the Whirlpool experts.


One of my customers has a Whirlpool-built Kenmore front load washer


Model: 110.47532600


Serial: HLT2221669


Original symptom: NO POWER


Replaced the Main Board (CCU)---W10525354


Washer now "wakes-up" and will *mostly* respond to input---but something is definitely not right.


The HEAVY DUTY / NORMAL-CASUAL / EXPRESS WASH / DELICATE cycles will *only* display 37 minutes


The RINSE and DRAIN SPIN cycle displays 31 minutes


The WHITEST-WHITES and the CLEAN WASHER selections will not display any number value---only this: " - - "


The PREWASH cycle modifier selector/indicator light---will not illuminate (not responding)


I have enabled the TEST MODE--- and all cycle indicator lights---and test functions were perfect.


The only time that I've encountered a similar set of symptoms---was on an LG dryer---in which the replacement Main Board software was not compatible with the original Display Board.


Any thoughts on this one?

GE Wall Oven

25 April 2014 - 04:03 PM

I have a customer with a GE Wall Oven


Model: JRP20SK1SS

Serial: GS60538Q


It's got me stumped.


The symptom is that the oven undercooks.


Even a frozen pizza will not be cooked in the allotted time required (after the oven has been Preheated)


I checked the PreHeat temperature rise with a digital temperature tester and it passed that test


Replaced the Oven Sensor---no success.


Both elements function perfectly (alternating between bake and broil during PreHeat)


I'm thinking a faulty Electronic Oven Control


What do the GE gurus think ?



JennAir Range

21 February 2014 - 12:04 AM

War Story of the Day...


A customer called with a complaint that *one* of the surface burners was not igniting (no spark)


JennAir Range/Gas


Model: JDR8895AAW

Serial: 14031292JA


Part Needed: Burner Switch Assy (5 switches in a harness) part # 12002792


Simple enough.


Cannot get the screws out of the burners (corroded)


Drilled all screws out---and now top cover can be removed.


Next problem...


Cannot replace the burner switch assy---unless two of the burner valves are removed (needed clearance to slide off 2 of the switches


Next difficulty...


Plugs for the switch harness can only be accessed from the back


Need to pull out the range (cabinetry on both sides)


Got that done---now onto the burner orifice assy...


Screws are *severely* corroded and will not "come-out"---even when MAPP gas is used until they're glowing embers...


Next on the list---gotta order 5 burner orifice assys and return in March (customer will be out of town).


Challenging to say the least...

GE Wall Oven

18 February 2014 - 05:57 PM

I've got a customer with an older GE wall that needs an Oven Thermostat.


The part is NLA (WB21X5209)


Anyone know of a universal Robertshaw (or similar) Oven Thermostat kit?

LG Refrigerator ER/IF

27 December 2013 - 10:47 PM

For anyone servicing the following LG refrigerator models---with an "ER/IF" error---with a Serial Number of 311KRxxx (November 2013) or older...


Replace the GrilleFan Assy (Part number: AEB73785610

Part number: AEB73785610

This GrilleFan replaces the following


The new GrilleFan Assy has a Heater mounted around the Ice Room Fan Motor---to eliminate frost/ice accumulation---which prevents "Ice Room" fan motor operation.

No instructions are provided with the GrilleFan kit.

On the *left side* of the freezer compartment---pull off/disconnect the yellow plug (defrost heater) and connect it into the new GF Assy heater harness.
Plug the new GF Assy heater harness---into the slot where the yellow (defrost heater) plug originally was connected to.

Install new GrilleFan Assy.
Re-install Freezer Door and food basket/drawers.

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