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Member Since 01 Jul 2010
Offline Last Active Dec 09 2014 10:52 PM

Topics I've Started

Maytag Neptune Washer Motor Problem

03 January 2014 - 09:58 PM

Konnichiwa, honorable masters! Many moons have passed since I last taken in the wisdom of the appliance bushido.

I do not have a problem with an appliance today, well, I do but I have it handled. The occurrence made me think of my venerable teachers!

My 14 year old Maytag Neptune washer has finally caught wind, perhaps through ancient wind communique from the others, that it is indeed a Neptune and as such is not expected to work at all, and duly fell into compliance. Now you might think this student got lucky and was washing on borrowed time(you'd be right), and should just act like normal people and buy a new washer. But before taking the naginata to it I thought it might be cheaper to call the repair guy. It has indeed had a couple of small failures, most being covered by warranty and the well used extended warranty and even a class action suit. The most recent, not counting today's, was a problem that I forget now, which the repair guy could not duplicate but whom I happily paid $75 for the trouble and the expertise, and the problem never came up again. That's the worst up to today. Today we heard what sounded like a male human of short stature asking to be let out of the washer in some Slavic language. It was trying to turn the drum and having a bit of success, but not enough to be encouraged to continue, and stopping. I observed with the back removed. Not knowing if the belt was slipping I removed said belt and ran it beltless, and that motor made the same sound, while attached to nothing. Plus it was a very hot motor. It turns out to be very easy to remove. I hope to go to the appliance place and get one of those motors, and a new belt to play it safe. Tomorrow I can visit the local master and see if it will be many fortnights before I can behold the new motor. laundry will be carried to Khan, I mean inlaws meantime.

Without this forum, I would probably have bought a new washer, or maybe pay the repair guy. If all goes to plan, I will be saving considerably. So...

Arigatou gozaimashita and dewa mata ne.

GE Profile DW drain clog warning PDWF600R

10 November 2010 - 05:03 PM

I came home from work and DW(dear wife) said the other DW has a problem. Even though she saw the bottom of the tub full of water she ran it anyway and it spilled water all over the floor. I immediately surmised the drain must be clogged at some point. I eventually, after checking the removeable cup thingy in the bottom, found the clog where the drain hose slips onto the fitting on the drain pipe under the sink. There's a sudden reduction in diameter there, in a step, not a ramp, as there is a flat surface at the end of the fitting about 1/8" thick presented to the waste at 90 degrees. That can't help. So what was the source of the clog? Rice. Rice and one small piece of the hard part of some green roughage, just enough to get snagged and begin a snowballing effect. The machine supposedly has a hard food disposer but the rice grains appeared whole. I've never seen this clog occur before. I wonder if it's some quirk of this unit. We just got it a few months ago. I cleard the clog and all is now fine, but I would like to look into improving the flow at that fitting, somehow. Just sharing my OP EX.

big casserol dishes

19 September 2010 - 01:48 PM

It seems dishwashers genrally don't clean the large white baking dishes that have baked on chicken or what have you. Maybe no household unit can be designed to physically scrub as we can with our muscles with pressure and certain types of cleaning pads, when the most they can be equipped with is a way to squirt soapy hot water at them. Am I right or is there some way I can get my new GE Profile to do it? In every other manner, it outperformes the previous unit we had, which was a Maytag, by miles.

Dishwasher detergent question

19 August 2010 - 06:17 PM

Our new GE Profile dishwasher with an SS interior and smart dispense says never to use enzyme and chlorine detergents at the same time because it causes congealing and clogging?? Is that right? I'm going by memory. And we had been using Cascade powder to plenty satisfaction but then they took out the phosphates and that didn't work out so well. White film on all the dishes. SO I thought why not try the smart dispense. I bought Electosol Finish liquid, lemon flavour. I assume it still has the phosphates because it doesn't say phosphate free and the other flavour they had in the store did say it. The next day arriving home from work I found out a couple of loads had been done with it. I told her I didn't want to start using it just yet because I had not set the water hardness setting and I also had the low detergent light disabled. But since it had been done I let it go. But she misinterpreted me and thought I was telling her that the smart dispense function was disabled and she had hence been washing with no detergent at all, so she did a couple of loads unbeknownst to me with cascade powder in the cup, before I found out and set things straight. The only issue is those couple of loads used both detergents together and I have no way to tell if one is enzyme and one is chlorine. So my question is: Is Cascade powder chlorine or enzyme and is Finish chlorine or enzyme?

Oh and what to do if this unwanted mixture does take place in the dishwasher?

Maytag DW whole or parts, Free

18 July 2010 - 07:19 AM

deal expired.

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