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In Topic: Electrolux ENL62701X not cooling

Today, 05:46 AM

Great job on your post! And great job figuring out the problem.... but did you go to that repair without documentation... suppose the tech sheet wasn't on board? Did you ask the customer about any errors during your initial phone interview so you could create a plan of action?

Now if you had done proper recon, obtained documentation, you may have found not only good info but even a plan of action:


From Electrolux.... check lines.. replace INTERFACE first, then mainboard.

So I reiterate, great post...questionable planning.

In Topic: GE model GSC23LSRDSS not making ice.

Today, 05:08 AM

If you turn the water off, make sure to turn off the icemaker as well. Not only will it prevent icemaker burn out (on models without built in protection) but when the icemaker harvests, then calls for water, some water, due to residual pressure, may enter the water fill tube.

There may not be sufficient water to enter the icemaker but enough water to begin its journey down the icemaker fill tube and freeze before its journey to the icemaker is complete. This may happen for one or two cycles eventually leading to a blockage. Very similar to what a leaky water valve would do.

In Topic: GE IM6 ice maker over filling

Today, 04:28 AM

two points to remember...

1) you cannot always see a water valve leak, unless you have a waterproof, freeze proof, water activated motion detecting mini camera perched in the freezer for 48 hours or so.... or sometimes disconnecting the icemaker from its electrical connection and see if the tube builds up ice over a period of time.

2) these icemakers rest at a 9oclock position unlike the replacement icemaker. One way to remember this is to remember the icemaker without the electric on off button is manually drag harvested differently. The one with the buttonnis harvested by pressing the paddle in three times where the ones with the slide mechanical control is harvested like the old ge icemakers ie grabbing the harvesters and slowly but forcefully pull them to you. You cannot do this effectively if the park position is at 2:30..this these have a 9 oclock park position.

In Topic: Fresh food section too cold

Yesterday, 07:06 PM

Did you search the forums?
. ... there is at least one topic related to your issue although there wasn't a final report... looks like damper motor replaced solved the problem ad nothing else did... see http://appliantology...food/?hl=jfc20*

If you suspect damper, Isuggest replacing the thermistor as well.

In Topic: Fresh food section too cold

Yesterday, 06:53 PM

Model number is JFC2089HTB. I posted the number under the topic title. Next time I will be sure to include it in the comment text.

Post the make and model in the title to get more and targeted responses. Some browser versions do not show the tags

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