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Member Since 27 Jul 2010
Offline Last Active Jun 25 2015 12:43 PM

Topics I've Started

WOLF RANGE # ase-6-88-gl11-d Ovens pilot wont light

18 March 2015 - 12:53 AM

Okay... okay...


A 15 year old Wolf Range #(ase-6-88-gl11-d), walks into a bar and asks the bartender... " Hey... you got a light???"...... GET IT??? " got a Light???" :banana: :bunny:


okay... maybe that wasnt sooo funny, but neither was me tryna figure out why this Oven would 'sumtime' light... and then Not Light at All... ARRGGGHHhh!!!


The original complaint was that the oven wasnt lighting... After lighting the pilot manually and turning oven on...I tried adjusting the T stat and was able to get it to lite a few times on its own and the pilot stayed on... but then after it was turned off and cooled down.... silence... Nothing... even after adjusting the Tstat again.


I dont know much about Anything.. but I know i know NOTHING about THIS!!!!


(h e l p   m e e e e......) :peepwallA: .

Problems with Whirlpool Fridge #gb2fhdxws04

18 March 2015 - 12:23 AM

Hello Forum...


This request for help is coming AFTER I have read the information already submitted regarding the issue of the evaporator freezing over... (Whirlpool Bottom mount refrigerator #gb2fhdxws04). I THINK...(dont know) i may have a different issue but cant seem to find enough information to guide me to THE FIX...


Initially, (40days ago), I get the call that the fridge is warming up. I found the Evaporator is frozen over so I de-ice it and see that the drain is blocked, to find out that the "duck bill" is muddied up. I remove it and "All's Good"... the water flows.....


I thought, that by removing the "duck bill" ( I call it a 'Nipple' cuz it reminds me of a baby bottle nipple) :gulp: , but anyWhoo..., I removed it thinking that THAT would be THAT... No More Icing... but... I was wrong... about 30 days later i get another call for the same unit... same problem..... ( Wuuuuutttt??????.....) :kopkrab: . (of course i de-iced it again, but i think that I know... its gonna happen again), so I Gotta fix this!!!


Sooooo... wut'd I miss???


I saw and read (after the fact)... the downloads about the "duck Bill" and the Whirlpool recall on this... but now im wonder'n if by my taking the "bill" OFF... and Not replacing iT or using the replacement Kit... did i create a secondary issue or is there a...... 'secondary issue???????? (does that make sense???) :unsure: I could use your help on this... ( and quik, before it freezes over again...). :thanks:


4EVER... Jazz

GE Spacemaker #WSM2780DBWWW dryer keeps running on Auto dry

13 March 2015 - 04:01 PM

I need some advice on a GE Spacemaker dryer WSM2780DBWWW that keeps running and wont stop after the clothes are completely dry. And, when on the Timed cycle it can take (2) 70 min. cycles to dry 3 towels.


I already checked the timer by swapping it out with a new one, but the same issue is occuring.


Please help Forum... THX.

Whirlpool Duet Steam Waher #WFW95HEXL2 wont fill or run

11 February 2015 - 01:32 AM

Okaaaay Forum... Rrrr Uuuu R E A D Y?????? :yes:


So I go on a call where the customer's complaint is that his Whirlpool Duet STEAM Washer ( WFW95HEXL2) is not starting the cycle and that the door wont unlock. Now, when I get there... I unplug it, Check and confirm 120v line voltage, then RE-plug it... and the 'door locked' light comes back on. Unplug it again and manually unlock the door. With that done... I plug it back up,( no "door locked" light now) so I go into service mode  and pull an F1/ E2 error code saying there is a communication problem at the CCU. I then run a 'DOOR LOCK' continuity test (according to the Tech book) and find NO continuity at CCU for the door lock. O.K.... easy enough Needs a new door lock, but when running a CCu BOARD test... its doing some funny stuff to with the DC voltage readings (according to the tech book) so determined that the CCU board has failed as well. (According to the Tech Book). (Owner couldn't confirm, but says he has power outages  thru the year and it had just stormed out here in "Sunny California" around the time the unit failed).


So i bring a new Door lock and CCU ( feeling pretty confident...) , put Both parts in, put her back together and commence to start her up.... Power ON... Set program... Push Start.... NOTHING... a click here a click there... No Water, No Agitation... just a flashing 'door locked' light. 3 minutes go by... and Nothing. 5 minutes go by, then it Finally Faults. F6/E1... According to the Tech Book... the CCu and MCU are Not Communicating. ( Wut the ??????) And the DOOR..... Never unlocks on its own. I am Stumped!!! Does he Really need a MCU too???. And Why wont this darn DOOR unlock...... now??????


 I unplugged... Released the Door... Re-Plugged, then went back into diagnostic mode, Then, the "Express diag test". It went thru the first 4 steps: 'C00; C01: C02; C03, then stopped. 2 mins... 3 mins... Enuff. I unplugged, Released the door, Checked ALL the connections I had made, then RE-checked them again... Re-plugged, then went Back to "Express Test"... Couldnt get past the first step "C00"...... W O W!!!


 I have Heard of a similar issue with this Unit, where parts were being changed out but nothing worked... and now... Here I am.


There is not much Info out there on these and i Havent given in to Whirlpools $500.00 fee yet. But Today... I was wishin I had.


Can U... No... WILL YOU help me forum??? THX. ( I really aint got the 500 clams to give)... :boohoo:





kenmore elite french door #596.77592801 Not cooling

06 January 2015 - 03:05 AM

Hello Forum. I ran into a Kenmore Elite #596.77592801/ (Amana) yesterday. Not cooling was /is the issue. I reset the board by unplugging for 3 minutes. shook the start relay for failure. no noise. looked at the wire contacts. They were good. Re-plugged the unit... in about 20 secs. heard and felt the compressor kick on... nice vibration and sound... for about 10 secs... then it went LOW...... and vibration of compressor was weak... Could it BE the Start relay??? The Compressor???

I looked for the tech Sheet, but it was GONE... (Who would Do a thing like that???) :confused: Tried to find Tech sheet online and Srvc Mnl..... No go. and didnt have a replacement or test relay. (Today I will tho). Will someone give me some Insight on this Please??? The MFG date is 2009. I hear stories that they had bad compressors that year and that this problem with that unit is normal. Is that True??? Please help. THX.

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