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Offline Last Active Jun 04 2012 09:57 PM

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In Topic: Frigidaire Water Dispenser Leak

04 June 2012 - 09:57 PM

So I got the ice working, I think. There's water in the tray anyway...so I'm waiting for it to dump! I think I just crimped it bad day 1.

Follow up on the burn/breaker throw: I tested for continuity from the single wire side of the diode to the burnt molex, it's still conducting. And I tested for continuity from the +/- of terminal on the outlet valve for the dispenser that looked like it got burnt too - it's still conducting as well. I haven't plugged the molex it back in yet though. I'm hesitant to do so.

Is there anything else that I can test to try and figure out why it burnt up like that?

Thanks again!

In Topic: Frigidaire Water Dispenser Leak

04 June 2012 - 08:52 AM

So, I got the part. And now there is more to the story - probably because I screwed something up. :(

I disconnected the molex at the intake and both molex connectors at the ice and dispenser output valves - so that I had room to work outside of the cabinet.

I cut the wires and reconnected/crimped everything. Plugged it all back in and yay - the water dispenser worked. I flipped the ice maker switch ON. And went to bed.

I woke up and checked to see the ice maker's progress - nothing, no ice.

I shut the ice maker off and back on, I heard what sounded like a pump, I think. But no water flowed in.

So I opened the back up again, thinking maybe my crimps were bad. I traced the ice water tube to the outlet valve and assumed that the molex closest to it was the correctly associated one (in this case the yellow wire I had replaced).

I cut the connector out and re-connected the three wires back together.

Plugged in the fridge, turned on the ice - no water, no noise. I checked the water dispenser and BOOM the fridge shuts off. I go to the back, unplug fridge, unplug molex at outlets and see the water dispenser molex is all burnt up (see pic)...I didn't touch these wires (the brown ones) today at all!

So I unplugged all the molex connectors, and reset the breaker in the basement and at least the fridge is running! No ice, no water.

What did I screw up? And now what? Boo me.

Thanks again!


In Topic: Frigidaire Water Dispenser Leak

31 May 2012 - 07:27 AM

Awesome! Thanks everyone. I'll order the Diode repair kit since it's in stock. My guess is this is located down by the water inlet valve?

In Topic: Frigidaire Water Dispenser Leak

30 May 2012 - 04:59 PM

I have news!

No leaks since I shut the ice maker off. So does this sound like the dual diode harness? If so, where is a link to that part?

Thanks again,

In Topic: Frigidaire Water Dispenser Leak

29 May 2012 - 12:15 PM

Thanks to both of you.

I've already tried clearing the air by running a few gallons through the system.

RegUS_PatOff, yes it only happens a few times a day, and when it happens it's as though it's being turned on. If what you said about the dual diode harness is the issue, would me turning off the ice maker and seeing what happens help determine the issue? If so, I'll try that and report back. Well, I'll try it anyway.

Thanks again,

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