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In Topic: Bosch washer WFMC6400UC won't start

01 August 2012 - 11:54 AM

An update. My 5 year 'fix' of the start button lasted 9 months. Start was Dead Again (Isn't that the title of a movie?) on Sunday, July 28th.

This time I just took out the main board, didn't check anything else. I probed for continuity across the switch by touching plated-thru holes on the board with my meter tips, and could see that it wasn't closing when depressed, whereas other buttons were okay.

I took apart the 'Reduced Ironing' button and swapped the metal cover plate, green plastic button and round bronze disc with the Start button. The 'Reduced Ironing' bronze disc seemed like it had both more curvature, and more uniform curvature, than my old start button disc had. This is only qualitative, based on light reflection, I could be wrong. It seemed to have a ridge in it, like a hard taco shell has, but only slight, not nearly that much. I put it in, cup side down like it should be, with the ridge perpendicular to the imaginary line connecting the outside contacts and the center contact. You have to see this to understand, my camera couldn't do it justice so I didn't take a picture.

Since we never use Reduced Ironing, I should now have a new switch.

Worked 5 times at first push. The reliability clock has re-started and is ticking away...we will see.


In Topic: Bosch WFVC6450UC drain pump access secret, code E:13

12 July 2012 - 04:59 PM

Several thank you's from me.

I stand corrected, got a service manual from the Fermented Grand Master. Wow, thanks!

Second, I said the drain pump water goes all over the floor, but the manual shows a drain hose which I didn't see. I'll check for it next week when I'm at my daughter's.

Last, Kurtiusinterupptus's comment gives me some needed perspective, which I agree with, guess my comment about goosing the repair biz was not correct. When I needed one, I always felt like the techs who showed up were underpaid considering how careful they were. Note I didn't blame engineers, since I used to be one. We are more likely to be ignored by management than to be appreciated, for sure. Thanks, man!

In Topic: Bosch washer WFMC6400UC won't start

07 November 2011 - 10:37 AM

I fixed my Bosch washer using the same fix that Yuri, his handle is iapanovitch, posted on 22 December 2009 about a WFMC3200 that wouldn't start.

In my case, the start light would flash but there was no solenoid click when start was pushed, same as his. I had the repair manual before doing any work, so I checked the resistance on the connector from the control module, without disassembling the door lock/switch as he did. I still wondered if there could be a door lock problem, since the resistance I got (he got the same value) was 121 ohms for both resistors versus the value shown in the repair manual of 159-211 ohms, but I figured unless the resistor was open or much farther off, it should probably work. It's a lot of work to get to the door lock, but that part is way cheaper than a control module, so I was tempted to replace it anyway, sure glad I didn't.

The first thing that put me off when I read the service manual is that the troubleshooting solution to 'washer won't start' is pretty vague. Says only to check for 120V or to check voltages to water valves and drum motor, if no voltage, replace the control module which was $292. For a 5 year old machine that cost me around $1600 and is supposed to be top of the line, it sure doesn't hold up like a Maytag! If it hadn't been for Yuri's post, I wouldn't have had a clue.

I had the same suspicion Yuri had that the start/stop button was the problem, since I couldn't even run self tests without it working. The troubleshooting sure didn't help with that.

For me, taking the control module board out of it's plastic housing was for me pretty hard. I'm not mechanically inclined and the service manual leaves out some details of how to take the board out of it's plastic case. There are some plastic fittings on the side of the board with their own plastic clips that need to be removed to get to the control module pc board, and there is a ribbon cable connecting the display to the board which has to be disconnected, which is not mentioned. I found the cable wouldn't extend far enough to get my fingers on it until I noticed some slack in it that I could remove, once I did that I carefully pulled the end of it that attached to the board.

Otherwise, I did everything the same as Yuri did, so his advice was dead on perfect! I had to buy some magnifying headgear so I could see better and a new soldering iron with a very small tip to desolder the metal cover plate around the start switch button on the control module pc board. Luckily, I had a pair of very fine pointed tweezers I saved from my days doing electronics manufacturing to grab the edges of the cover plate with one hand while I used the other for the soldering iron. Under the cover is the round bronze (I guess) upside down saucer plate (his words, entirely accurate) I cleaned it with alcohol and rotated it 90 degrees, same as he did, resoldered the cover, reassembled everything and the machine is now good for another 5 years, I hope. I haven't run diagnostics yet or any wash cycles, but have pressed start twice and got an immediate cycle start, versus before the fix when 40 pushes didn't work.

I sure would like to find someone at Bosch to complain to about this problem. At the very least they should offer a recall/repair for it. I intend to call their customer service about this, now that I know.

Thanks to Yuri, the Grand Master and this forum, which really rocks!


In Topic: Bosch front-loader WFMC3200UC/01 won't start

07 November 2011 - 09:41 AM

I had the exact problem with the start button not working that Yuri had. Machine was 5 years old, just like his and waschmaschine's were, so I figure 3 users having the same problem should be a pretty good indicator of the minimum service life of the switches on the control module pc board. I sure wish I could find the guy at Bosch, if he still has a job, that designed this switch to fail so they could guarantee their repair part business revenue level to whomever they sold it to.

I will post my results on my own thread, since my model is the WFMC640SUC/01, but covered by the same service manual as the WFMC6400uc and WFMC3200uc.

Just wanted to say thanks to Yuri, to Sensei, and to Fermented Grand Master for making this all possible. All I spent was $63 for some eye magnification and soldering equipment I needed to buy anyway, instead of $292 for a new control module. What a racket!

In Topic: Fisher Paykel DD603 heater plate replacement - O ring lubrication?

08 October 2010 - 12:20 PM

Dishwashing liquid?  Wow!  Thanks!

I do have the old o-rings, sounds like I should try them first, though.

I called Fisher Paykel yesterday before installing the new o-rings with the new heater plate.  They said no lubricant was necessary.  So I put 'em in that way, reassembled the unit and it leaked at the big o-ring right at the locking ring clip.  Lucky for me I was under the unit with a flashlight running diags for just that reason, so I cut the fill and immediately killed power.   The wiring cover was in place so it would've filled up with water and probably toasted my top drawer.

Dried everything, took it apart, turned the tub upside down and loosened the locking ring, o-ring looked fine, rotated it 180 degrees, this time the leak was worse and in the same place.  Now I've learned my lesson and the wiring cover is off.   I was about to post again here and maybe even call a service man, but this sounds like just the info I need.

Thanks again!


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