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Member Since 03 Jun 2006
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#86051 Subzero Mod 550, defrost drain iced up

Posted by AccApp on 06 January 2008 - 03:38 PM

The real problem is that the insulation is becoming saturated with water and unable to keep the surrounding area from freezing. You can install this kit as a permannet fix.

#78785 SubZero 700TCI Cabinet not cooling

Posted by AccApp on 16 September 2007 - 08:56 AM

[user=25797]eightball[/user] wrote:

Basically now they are saying the defrost cycle isn't long enough and that they need to replace the control board.  But at that point they kicked me over to another company.

You are dealing with idiots, the ref comp does not have a defrost cycle. The ref evap coil defrosts when the control board is satisfied and the compressor shuts off (off-cycle defrost, does not work for freezers).

You need a real Sub-Zero service agent. You shouldn't have to wait for the blind squirrels who sub-contract for this warranty outfit to find their nuts.

#78001 SubZero 700TCI Cabinet not cooling

Posted by AccApp on 30 August 2007 - 12:59 PM

You need someone from planet Sub-Zero, only we know how to grok our appliances properly. We will demand much of your Earth cash, but it will be blarking like new when we are done.

#66340 How to become an authorized servicer, etc.

Posted by AccApp on 11 February 2007 - 07:12 PM

[user=19408]grizzly[/user] wrote:

How does a servicer go about becoming an "authorized" servicer for a manufacturer? Is there some kind of training or certification that you need to go through? Does this allow you to get paid for doing warranty work by the manufacturer?

Do you get a discount from repairclinic (or your local parts dealer) if you are in business? Like a bulk discount for frequent customers? If you are buying a part for a customer's machine, do you have to pay sales tax on parts since they will be then resold to a final customer (I know this one may vary from state to state)?

Anyone have a list of the most common parts, and quantities thereof, that they keep on their service van? Or is this perhaps to general, and might it depend on your area and the type of work you do?

Anyone think there is a market for a servicer that works only evenings and weekends? When I finish my self study training many months from now, I'd like to dip my toe in the water, but sure don't want to quit my day job yet, so I'd like to try appliance repair part time in the evenings and weekends only.

1, Depends upon the mfgr and Regional Service Manager. For Frigidaire three years ago  I had to call a toll-free number (888-842-3660) and push option 2. They sent me a 20 question test which I had to return along with copy of my EPA certificate (I took my test on-line for $75, you'll only need it if you do sealed system refrigeration), and proof of liability and auto insurance. 5 weeks later they set me up with a ServiceBench ID and I started running calls for them. Not only will this authorize you to perform work on new units within the 1 year warranty period but it also authorizes you to service the products under Extended Service Agreements which can be very lucrative depending on how much you can chisel down your parts supplier. Example: I run a call on a gas range not baking, go check it out of course it is the ignitor. I get $66 for labor and the list price for the ignitor is 54.41. I paid $13.50 (50 at a time) so I net 106.91 for a call I paid nothing in advertising to acquire. Not bad for 20 minutes work, not including setting up the appointment and the driving.

2. Yes, I always call the same guy at my parts place and he tells me the retail price, regular dealer price and then my cost. He also asks if the part is for COD or warranty in which case I pay regular dealer price but get a credit directly to the supplier. It is a lot of paper work involved in tracking the stuff. In NJ I don't pay sales tax on appliance parts I will resell but I do pay it for HVAC equipment which is then not subject to sales tax if installed as part of a home imporvemnt (simple, right?).

3. Truck stock will definitely vary depending on what you find yourself doing. I do a lot of Sub-Zero warranty and COD work so I carry just about anything that I find fails regularly and fits in my Sub-Zero box reasonably. Condenser and evap fan motors, light and fan switches, thermistors, control boards, compressors and evaporators just to mention a few. You can start with a very small inventory of around $300. Call a local parts supplier and ask for a list of their top fast movers and winnow out the cosmetic parts and get the functional stuff until your budget is gone. When you use a part for COD work, replace it with two from the profit you make until you reach a reasonable level. You will get a handle on what you need very soon. Scour the free catalogs the suppliers will send you.

4. Hell, yeah! When I actually get a hold of someone they almost always request a Saturday appointment which I can rarely fulfill as I have a life (yeah,Right?). When I suggest a weekday evening appointment they will often jump at the chance. I am amazed at the number of people who are home all the time during the week but still have enough free cash around to buy top-end appliances. It's the cheap stuff folks have to work to afford but they still have someone who can meet me there given enough notice. A friend of mine did evenings and Saturdays for 6 months doing HVAC work strictly for two home warranty companies while he worked his day job. When he realized he made more on Saturday then the rest of the week he went full time and never looked back. Don't let customers know you are a part-timer, for some reason they will respect you less.

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