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Member Since 27 Sep 2010
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Topics I've Started

Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5640XW0 washer lock light flashing at rinse/spin

09 March 2013 - 12:59 PM

I have a 2 year old Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5640XW0 washer.  This past week it stopped spinning and rinsing during a wash cycle.  The machine kept running (timer) but the lock light would flash and then go off and the lid would unlock.  My wife was able to get it to perform the cycle with a reset of sorts (turning off power and then picking rinse/spin or drain/spin)  I checked the error codes and got the following...F0/E5, F5/E3, F0/E2, F7/E1.  I cleared the codes and ran an automatic test mode operation.  It came back with no errors.  I ran the test again and still got no errors.  I then had her put in a small load of items and run a normal wash.  It got all the way to the rinse cycle and once the tub was filled with water, the lock light started flashing and after a couple of minutes the lock light went out. However the cycle timer kept going counting down like everything was fine.  The machine never did drain or spin.  I then turned it off and then put it on drain and spin and it would drain and spin.  I tried to run it again and it would stop at the same place with the lock light flashing.  I checked the error codes at this point and got an F7/E1.  I cleared those codes and ran the automatic test mode again and got no error codes.  Everything ran.  Wash/agitate, rinse/spin etc.  The lock light performed correctly and the machine drained and spun.  


I'm at a loss.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  My wife wants to wash clothes.  So please help.  




Kenmore Elite Calypso Dryer Problem

16 October 2010 - 07:06 PM

Have a Kenmore Elite Calypso Dryer.  A few days ago, it started shutting off with clothes still wet.  It will run for about 5 minutes then shut off like it is done, but the clothes will not get dry.  The "Lint" light is now illuminated.  I have checked the lint screen and it is clear.  I removed the front access panel and opened the vent duct.  I removed the front cover of the duct and it had a fair amount of lint in the front, but nothing bad.  I cleaned it all out and put it back together, but the "Lint" light is still illuminated.   The vent hose seems clear.  I did not remove the squirrel cage blower but from what I could see around it, there did not appear to be any blockage. 

What could be my problem? 

This is amazing.  The week before, my Calypso Washer crapped out.   Now this.



Sears Calypso 110.2206*2408 Spin Cycle problem

27 September 2010 - 07:57 AM

Greetings.  I'm new to the forum and I need help.  We have a Sears Calypso top loading washer.  Model number listed on the manual is 110.2206*2408.  We got it about 6 years ago.  It has run fine for that entire time up until the past week or so. 

One day last week, my wife was running a load and it stopped during the spin cycle.   It just shut itself off.  It showed the "ob" error code.  I then restarted the washer and it began the cycle again, and it was very very loud.  It was banging loud, and then it shut off again with the "ob" message.  We rearranged the load, and after a few tries, it finally finished the cycle.  But it was very loud.  On one try, while it was spinning and banging loud, I just opened the lid and the tub was just slinging all over the place. 

It did finish another load or two but now it won't finish a cycle at all.  It shut down doing sheets this weekend.  I tried and tried to rearrange the load, but it just wouldn't finish.  It kept throwing the "ob" error and shutting down.  So, I removed all the items from the washer and tried to finish the wash empty.  And still when it got to high speed spin, it would bang around and then throw the "ob" error and shut down. 

When I move the tub around by hand, I hear water sloshing around in the outer tub.  I turned the unit over, and there was water in the outer tub sump.  I removed the pump to see if it was clogged and it wasn't but water ran out of the bottom sump area.  The sump was full, and it appeared there was water above the sump also.  A fair amount ran out when I removed the hoses. 

I am just not sure that it is the pump.  Is there supposed to be any water in the outer tub or sump during the spin cycle? 

Also, the flat pancake pump wheel is hard to turn by hand.  I'm talking about the black plastic one and not the motor itself.  But I'm not sure how easy it is to turn.   Also, the shocks seem a bit weak.  Not sure how firm they should be.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. 

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