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Member Since 03 Apr 2005
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Topics I've Started

You give love a bad name

05 February 2008 - 05:00 PM

I was just called for service for a really nice lady
who said the "heater' on her GE Dryer was replaced a few months ago, but it didn't fix the problem, and the guy hasn't been returning her phone calls. She just needs it fixed.

After making sure she gave a fair chance for the original to return, I said I'd go there asap.
I arrived later that day to find a
a hateful GE Gas Dryer.
Apparently it had received a new heater recently,
and shrugged it off. A gas dryer.....
Can't say as I blame it.

What on earth could possibly have cost almost 500 dollars
within this last year,  for another company to repair?
 What repair,  pray tell could she have purchased
for eleven times the real value
of her crappy old new style GE dryer?

  Well...   last year,
a noise problem caused the rear bearing,
and the glides to be replaced for over $200.
But two or three of the glides look suspiciously worn and stretched to me, for less than a years use.
I digress, that's not the problem now.

Then,  maybe six months later,  the clothing started taking a few hours to dry, so it cost another roughly 250 for the same gentleman to change her valve coils.
When this did not work as a solution a temperature selector was also provided for the customer.

When this also failed to solve the problem,
the customer was informed that it heats now,
and he wasn't interested in coming back again.
If it still didn't work, she should 'Pray to God".

 Can you believe this?

If her preferred method of appliance repair
was to simply pray,
why did she need to spend over 400 plus tax first?
Couldn't that questionable method of mechanical repair,
 have been tried without the consultant fee?
He could have phoned in that wonderful bit of advice
for free.

Now I'm a Christian myself,
 but I pray for people not appliances.
That might be why God made appliance servicers.

If one of my customers had spent that much in a year,
I'd give them a free motor job if it was needed in the next.

Isn't that nice. the unit is fixed in the mind of the "technician"
because it  "went on"
and the extra hour of drying time now required of her busy washing schedule is the owners fault.
As we all know.
 Any slow drying dryer can fire up initially.....
We are supposed to figure out why it won't dry,
by figuring it out.

By the way it vents strongly to the outdoors.....

This  company is giving love  (for us)  a bad name!

It's not like we're getting too much.

Kenmore Whirlpool dishwasher 665.16364301 Doesn't Clean Dishes

18 January 2007 - 06:02 PM

I have a poor washing issue with one of these dishwasherswhere the motor looks new and unobstructed.
I cleaned a lot of black slime from inside sump right through the upper spray arm [which seems to be a joke] while it  moves very little water

It does not sound like a strong water distribution thing is happening.
What is a 'normal' expectation for this type.

Do they normally clean dishes with very little evidence of water flying all around? I've only seen two, and one ran all night in addition to not washing dishes.

Does the motor simply get stupid and weak after a few years
of minor usage?
while remaning beautiful.

I'd appreciate all your repair experiences with this style.

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