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28 November 2010 - 04:47 PM

I recently saw the flashlight string and had some new info I thought might be worthwhile. I started this string simply as a way to get the info out more quickly than if it was just posted at the end of the existing string – hope that’s ok


Before going any further, if you’re just skimming the top here, let me mention a really nice flashlight holder I saw on one of the sites I mention below – it’s called the FlashlightPal and their web site is here:


They have a Youtube video that’s pretty good. Their site links (on their top bar) to a site where they sell it online for $18.50. Possibly a bit on the high side for a flashlight holder, but I’ll use something like this every day and if the quality will stand up to the daily use I’ll put it through, then it’s worth it.


I stumbled onto the “flashlight community” by accident a few months ago.

Flashlights and the new technologies driving higher, brighter outputs are just exploding right now. The crappy old single bulb flashlight will be completely gone from store shelves in 5 years, if not a lot sooner. The biggest blog for people crazy about flashlights and all things flashlight is CandlePowerForums.com. There is more stuff going on here than you can imagine and more info than the normal person can ever handle. There are some excellent discussions and some awesome knowledge available from the people there. By way of mentioning, there are also some excellent videos on YouTube that showcase this new technology, you can search on YouTube using the word “flashlight” or just about any of the new major brands and see some amazing stuff from people truly obsessed with all things flashlight.
My personal awakening to the idea that some people were WAY, WAY, WAY more serious that I ever thought possible was when I dialed up the video showing a guy running a flashlight attached to a Fluke Ammeter. The amp draw?

11 . 6 amps.

No, the decimal didn’t get misplaced.

Eleven point six amps – in a flashlight!

I’m an electrician by trade and a flashlight that does 11.6 amps? Well, I don’t know, it’s kinda like shake your head a couple of times, SAY WHAT???
So long story short, my curiosity as an electrician got me looking, which lead to Candlepowerforums, of CPF as they say. These guys are way beyond me, but at the same time, it’s a great door to a world / technology I never thought existed and to see what’s going on is awesome. The power of these flashlights is unbelievable. I scope out the forums on this site once in a while for info and products – if you want to know what’s going on, this is a great place.


While looking around, I happened to find 2 sites I really love –

The first was the NUTNFANCY PROJECT, which is an operator / Special Forces guy who write and videos about guns, knives and flashlights. He reviews everything having to do with those subjects in videos that he posts on YouTube. They’re typically 30 + minutes long and of excellent quality. I mention him here because if you like guns, knives, shooting survival and flashlights, than this is well worth a look. My description really can’t do him justice (trust me on this) - you need to take a look. Here’s a piece of his web site bio:
Welcome to The Nutnfancy Project or TNP. I am an INDEPENDENT reviewer of "dangerous things" like knives, guns, tac gear, and other stuff I dig. I also review a variety of outdoor equipment. My focus is on high quality stuff that I like, that lasts, and delivers exceptional service for the price paid. I believe all gear should be systems based, integrating into a "Philosophy of Use" (POU) that has been planned by the user. I have provided several foundational videos that discuss these POUs with the gear. My primary charter at TNP is a consumer advocate for my valued subscribers and I steer them towards the good deals and good dealers.

The second site I found, as a result of the TNP site, was 4Sevens Flashlights


After seeing a Nutnfancy video from the Las Vegas Shotshow that featured the 4Sevens booth and all their products, I purchased a Quark AA Tactical that uses 2 AA batteries and puts out 210 lumens! It’s also about the size of a hotdog. This is one very, very bright flashlight! It has 8 different modes, so burning the light at 210 all the time is not necessary. What’s really nice is the any two of the modes can be selected as the primary and secondary modes, which you can switch back and forth from by simply turning the head of the light ( the bezel they call it) 90 degrees. There a 5 primary lighting modes: moonlight ( .2 lumen – yes, point 2), low, medium, high, and max. There are also 3 flashing modes: SOS, beacon and strobe. This flashlight has received excellent reviews and I have owned one for about 8 months now and use it daily in an oil refinery environment, which is a pretty tough test of a working light in my opinion. I sure don’t baby it and it’s worked flawless, absolutely flawless. I plan on buying the FlashlightPal ASAP, as this will solve the last problem we have with all flashlights, namely how to get our hands free with the light on, but have the light actually point to what we’re working on! The Quark AA Tactical sells for $53 and uses 2 AA cells and I think is a great work light with both excellent size and versatility that will serve a service guy well.

This weekend my wife gave me a 4Sevesn Maelstrom G5 that puts out 350 lumens. This thing is again the size of a hotdog, but with a head slightly bigger than the Quark AA and I cannot believe how far this throws the beam!! Absolutely amazing!! This light is designed to “throw” light out there, as opposed to the Quark AA which has distance but also “floods” a broader beam around the main beam of light And, of course, being a 4Sevens, there are multiple modes very similar to the Quark AA.

This light with battery and charger, is about 125 and probably the best small flashlight out there. Just amazing to see how much this small little thing in your hand can light it up, and I mean REACH OUT and light it up!!

K, so that’s my info and thoughts on flashlights – Hope it helps you, gives you more info!
And if nothing else, remember, Xmas is coming .….



11 November 2010 - 10:00 AM

Hi guys- I Recently joined as a lifetime member because I love this site! Now my furnace has crapped and I NEED THIS SITE! Funny how life works. I am a journeyman electrician by trade and work in an oil refinery doing process control / electrical / instrumentation. I also ran the HVACR crew and contractors there for 6 years, but it was primarily package (rooftops) and chillers and Liebert IT - computer room units, not furnaces.

I have an old, old Delco furnace that has a Rebertshaw "700" series gas regulator in it (24 volt) that appears to have gone bad. I went to Grainger and got another, their P/N 4E123.  Once home and comparing them, I realized that each unit had a black plastic screw / spade terminal section on top BUT the old unit actually did had three combo spade screw metal terminals on top while the new unit has only two and leaves the middle terminal empty.

If I hold the old unit in my hand looking at the terminals I'll  just randomly call them #1, 2 and 3 from left to right.

Comparing the old and new units using the ohm meter, both coils are at 68-70 ohms across the #1 and 3 terminals. The #2 terminal on the old unit is dead to either #1 or #3 and stands off ground too. It would appear that the #2 terminal provided in the old units was just a convenient landing point for the t-stat wire as you series'd the loop from transformer to t-stat to regulator to bimetalic and finally back to the other side of the transformer. Was the #2 terminal eliminated for cost savings or possibly changes to the code?

I am always respectful of areas new or limited in familiarity to me and this is one, so I'd really appreciate any thoughts or feedback.

Thanks to all!

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