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Topics I've Started

Kenmore Fridge Error Code

12 June 2014 - 01:15 PM

Kenmore Elite 795.72063.113


Could someone provide me the diagnostic worksheet.  I need to know the magic buttons to push to get it to spill its error codes and what the codes signify.




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Whirlpool Oven RB270PXYQ - 4th of July came early

27 May 2014 - 12:25 PM

Whirlpool RB270PXYQ-2 oven.  The bake element decided to do its imitation of a whole box of sparklers going off at once.  Made quite a nice slag display along the bottom of the oven.  At any rate, after the fireworks, I removed the now 2 piece bake element and cleaned up best I could.  I swapped the bake element from the lower oven (this is a 2 oven wall unit) and did a test drive.  No heat from the bake element.  The broiler element works fine.  The bake element works in the lower oven.  Checked for voltage at the bake element terminals - nothing.  So, pulled the top control panel back and tested the continuity from the bake element harness terminals to the back of the control board - full continuity.  Checked for voltage at the rear of the control panel - nothing.  I'm assuming the short burned out the control panel.


My questions - the element wires are red and red/white stripe.  Since I didn't pull the oven all the way out of its hidey-hole, I made the assumption that wire colors would be the same all the way back to the control panel - is this valid?  Also, the wires behind the control panel all have a white powdery coating almost obscuring the wire color.  This substance wipes off.  Is this oxidation from heat or something more acute?  The control panel is NLA, but I found a company close to us that does board repairs with 2 year warranty.  Anyone dealt with fixyourboard.com ?  I've got the board out and ready to ship.  If anyone has any alternative advice, I'm all ears.


If anyone has the wiring diagram on this monster, I'd appreciate having a copy.


Thanks, as always.

Excessive dry times (?) WGD6200SW0

31 December 2013 - 11:49 AM

OK - here's the story.  My sister-in-law called last night to tell me her dryer isn't drying.  After some over the phone diagnostics, we "clarified" that the dryer is coming on.  I had her pull the peep-hole cover and watch the igniter glow and the gas ignite.  I asked her to call back in 15 minutes after re-checking for flame thinking it could be weak gas valve solenoids, but she said it was still going.  At this point, she says the problem is that it takes multiple cycles to get the clothes dry and that the dryer doesn't get as hot as her old Amana.  Of course, that dryer got clothes so hot, they were smoking at the end of the cycle...


I'm going to have to drive over there - 45 miles away - to check it out. I'd like some suggestions about things to look for.  I installed the dryer for her.  It has a metal telescoping vent (bought from RepairClinic) and it sits right up against an outside wall, so the total vent length is less than 18 inches.  I check the exterior vent every time I'm over there and have yet to find it plugged.  She's not the greatest about cleaning the lint filter, but I made her check it during the phone call and she said it was clean.


Airflow or temperature?  Would a biased high temperature thermostat keep the operating temperature too low?  Shouldn't this NASA engineered marvel be able to run until the clothes dry?  Are there other variables that could limit air flow other than filter / venting?  It is not in an enclosed space and with three kids, there's always a door open somewhere. 


I'm also entertaining the idea that the washer isn't getting them dry enough.  I changed out the bearing in it about three months ago.  (WTW6600SW2)  That went smoothly and it is as quiet as it was new during spins.  Do these models suffer from coins in the pump like the front loaders?  Back when she had the Amana, you could bet on collecting a couple of dollars in change from inside the dryer when you opened it up to clean out the dust bunnies.  The kids leave so much crap in their pockets that I'm surprised the feds haven't gotten involved for money laundering...


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks for all you guys do.

Samsung refrigerator error code?

24 October 2013 - 09:02 AM

Samsung RFG238AARS/XXA


My brother is having some construction work done at his house.  The contractor has flipped the breaker a few times as they wire in new circuits.  The fridge has a surge protector on it, but apparently didn't protect it from this.  Now the panel is completely unresponsive, is flashing a code, and will not dispense ice or water.  It still seems to be cooling.




Thanks in advance for your help



Dacor ECS130SCH oven not heating

12 October 2013 - 02:50 PM

My brother has a weird Dacor convection oven.  He called today to tell me it isn't heating.  He says he "reset it" (power off / power on) and it would heat to about 150° F. 


It 45 miles from my house, but I came by to help with some other wiring issues and got the model number. The door wasn't shutting completely - the latch hook was bent slightly up so it wasn't engaging.  Adjusted that and the door closes better, although no where near the closed feel of my KitchenAid oven.  Nonetheless, put my oven thermometer in, turned it 350° Bake and - nothing.  No heat.  No glowing coils.  Nada.


I didn't see the thermocouple anywhere - I assume its hidden behind the back panel which encloses the fan.  That would be my first guess, but I'd rather approach this with an intelligent diagnostic technique.  What should I check and what values should I see.  A service manual / wiring diagram would be great if anyone has access.  Thanks as always.



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