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Exploding Fist

Member Since 03 Dec 2010
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#243855 GE PDS18SBMRBS not cooling

Posted by Exploding Fist on 09 December 2012 - 07:56 PM

I use some sort of extreme foil tape found in the hvac section at home depot. I guess the most important thing is for it to be waterproof and freeze resistant.


and following up on the damper issue, make sure air can blow across the evap and  into the fridge and any air return ports must also be free of ice/obstruction. Put all temp controls on recommended setting


That's exactly what I was talking about. I have lots of that, so that's what I've used. Seems to stick well and make a good seal.



when reading your post it looks like you turned off the fridge and defrosted it ?


if this is true , it's a bad idea . now your back to zero , with no way to know anything


was the coil frozen up ? you have no way to know , you defrosted it

was the fan jammed ? you have no way to know , you defrosted it

was the drain blocked with ice ? you have no way to know you defrosted it

do you have a good frost pattern ? again you don' know

does the defrost heater work properly ? without a frozen coil even if you put it in defrost , it's not going to come on , so who knows !


never , never unplug a fridge that is not working properly , you loose the clues that tell you whats wrong


the best you can do is place the cover back on , plug it in , wait 24-48 hours then do the following


place the defrost timer in defrost , remove cover and be sure defrost heater is working

leave in defrost , within 30 mins it will come out of defrost , if not you got a bad timer

if it does , most likely you got a good timer

when your done , run a little water down the drain just to make sure it's working


Point taken. This is my first fridge repair so I focused on what made sense to be the problem based on my linked post. 


I've given everything a really good cleaning, and put everything back together, then plugged her back in. I can feel cool air coming out of the vent at the top of the fridge, so it looks like it might be working. With everything together, would their be another obvious way to determine if the defrost cycle is working without opening her up again, or is that my only option to be sure it's functioning (and wont spoil food over christmas)?


Newbie question. Where does the water go when it is spilled down the drain?


For now I've put in an ice cube tray into the freezer and a beer into the fridge as a first test. If all goes well, I'll drink the beer emot-v.gif

#243842 GE PDS18SBMRBS not cooling

Posted by Exploding Fist on 09 December 2012 - 03:14 PM

I'm posting to track my repair. The symptoms appear to be common with this model, where the freezer appears to be functioning fine, but the fridge compartment isn't cooling at all. Searching around I found this post for my model http://appliantology...bs-not-cooling/ which suggests that the evaporator fan might be clogged with ice. This would make sense since I recall not long ago the sound of what my best guess would be a fan banging against an object at high speed (loud grinding). My guess is that eventually the fan seized. I unplugged the fridged and cleaned the inside. There was a strong smell of rotten milk coming from the fridge when it was off, so I made sure to do a thorough job. 


Removing the front panel (part 36) was a bit of a pain as I had to wedge the side of the fridge open with a screw driver to allow it to come out. Once out I noticed what appears to be sludge or mold underneith. Here is a picture.





I carefully removed the foam covering the evaporator coils after removing some clear tape holding it down, trying to be careful not to break the foam. I powered on the fridge and observed the fan spinning without issues. I'm fairly certain I couldn't hear it spinning when the fridge was warm, so it's likely that the problem resolved itself with just melting everything in the unit.




My next steps are to clean everything to get rid of the sludge and put everything back together. Hopefully the defrost timer isn't broken, and this is a simple repair. The question I have is:


1. Is there anything else I should do while I'm in here?

2. Do you spot anything else wrong that I need to take a look at, or is there anything else I should test?

3. What is the name of the tape that is holding down the foam, and is it important I use that tape to seal it?




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