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Member Since 11 Dec 2010
Offline Last Active Aug 20 2015 03:10 PM

Topics I've Started

Whirlpool Range - IEP87801 - Shutting down.

08 June 2015 - 09:56 AM

OK guys.  Here is one that is killing me:


On bake, this unit will heat for a period of time (not always the same amount of time,) then the clock seems to fade out, the lock relay slams across, and the clock resets with PF.  I've already put in a new (rebuilt) clock = no change.  


Lock relay switches, all 4 of 'em test good.


Happens when bake and broil relays are disconnected. 


Sometimes will heat for 30 mins before doing it.


I'm thinking either a bad bake relay ... a bad thermister (although I don't see how this can reset the board) ... or a grounding/power supply issue.  


Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated.  


Wiring diagram and picture of back attached.





Kenmore Dryer C110-8030091 - Need element. Part number 337365 NLA.

08 June 2015 - 09:23 AM

I need a 337365 (Gemline DE-188) element for this Whirlpool built Kenmore dryer.  Part is showing NLA everywhere.  Any ideas ... replacements .... restring?  Hate to condemn this unit as everything is working, just a broken high heat element.



Frigidaire Washer GLTF2940ES3 E47 Error

29 March 2015 - 09:33 PM

This washer is WAY out of my service area ... like almost an hour each way.  I've not had a lot of experience with these units ... but E47 to me looks like a door latch assembly.  Anybody have any input on this based on experience?


This is the techsheet for it: http://appliantology...her-tech-sheet/



Leaking Kitchen Aid Soap Dispenser DU940QWDQ6

26 May 2014 - 08:15 AM

I've got this old style DW that has rinse agent dripping down the inner door liner when not in use.  There is a blue line of rinse agent from the cap right down to the tank.  I replaced the cap which does not come with a new gasket which I found strange (according to WP, it is no longer needed) but it is still leaking.  Further, I can't remove the inner door liner - seems to be hooked onto something ... or stuck to the outer door?  This one simple problem is sucking up WAAAYYY too much time!  lol.  Any ideas?



Universal Defrost Timer 719-501

25 April 2014 - 09:12 AM

Anybody have a scan or a pic of the instruction sheet for this thing?  I've got an ancient Kelvenator Refrigerator that needs a timer and I'm pretty sure this will be the replacement for it ... just need to see an instruction sheet to confirm.

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