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Member Since 14 Dec 2010
Offline Last Active Aug 07 2012 02:54 PM

Topics I've Started

Ge Ref homemade test kit

01 June 2011 - 04:06 PM

I saw a post on how to make a diagnostic test kit from a temp control board (GE) that you hooked up directly to the main control board in the rear of the ref.
I thought it was on this site. Does anybody know anything about this


Where is the finger evaporator heater on FPHB2899LF3

24 May 2011 - 11:46 AM

I am working on a FPHB2899LF3 Frigidaire french door, bottom freezer with the icemaker in the fresh food section. This ice-maker has a separate evaporator in the Fresh food section for the ice-maker.
It has fingers that form the ice after the ice mold moves from the fill position to the finger position. There is a mold heater and a finger evap heater, and a defrost heater.
I can see and identify the ice bin heater and the defrost heater but I can not see the evaporator finger heater.

Does anybody have any experience with these units.


Posted Image

Those Canadian motor pulleys

20 May 2011 - 02:04 PM

I was operations manager for a large coin op company and we had a dryer that had repearted call for not drying.
After the second call I had it changed and brought to the shop. I put in a full load of clothes and turned it on. At the end some clothes
were dry some not, even part of the same item was dry and wet. It has a glass door so I watched closer and the close were sticking to the drum when rotating and not tumbling.
I had a bunch of techs in the next morning and asked them to look at it and give me their observations. A brand new kid I just hired from the tech school Appliance Servicing program said
It looks like it is going to fast, to which a seasoned veteran said "you are full of crap" "you young punks are all book taught and no common sense" To which I replied, "it has a 50 Hz pulley on a dryer that is in a 60 Hz
environment. I never heard of that but have seen it a dozen times since then. The pulleys are marked with lines as to where there are supposed to be. The 50 in place of 60 caused the drum to turn to fast. Maytag shipped a bunch
of machines that were supposed to go to Canada where it was 50 Hz back then.

Dryer only works when radio is on

20 May 2011 - 01:44 PM

When I first started doing calls in the home for my Dad's business I got a call on an old Kenmore electric dryer that would not heat.
Many older homes in the area had two fuses on the 220 line and one would blow so I checked that and it was OK. The dryer was hard wired to I proceeded to check
the voltage in the dryer when a kid walks up and says if you turn the radio on over there the dryer will work. The radio was plugged into a 110v outlet.
Being a newbie I called my Dad and he said don't even charge them and leave.
To this day I have wondered about that call. Many older homes had one side of the dryer circuit (usually the heater side) also powering something else like a furnace or outlet.
Somehow when switched on the radio completed the circuit.

I would welcome the call today as the weirdness would be exciting.

Ref data loggers

19 May 2011 - 03:06 PM

We used to have the big time wheel type to measure temperature and now I would like to get the kind that I can leave inside the Fresh Food or Freezer.
Some you bring back to download on a PC and some work with smart phones.

I would like to know which type are working well for you guys &n gals

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