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Member Since 12 Jan 2011
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Topics I've Started

WGI925C0BS00 -- induction cooktop blowing fuses

15 April 2015 - 06:02 AM

Very new unit, on site less than 6 months.  Warranty call.


Customer complaint was "F-47 error code", which is a communication error. 


Whoever designed the labyrinth has NOTHING on the guys who designed this unit's assembly and reassembly but over the course of time I established that the continuity was was good through all the cables and that none of the loads were going short.


I finally found the fuses referred to in the tech sheet and one of them was blown.  Pulling it, I found it was a 25 amp fuse, which is pretty beefy.


So my question becomes: with no loads going short, and all wiring intact, what would make an induction cooktop pull 25 amps long enough to pop a fuse? 


My instinct, because this is a warranty gig, was to pop in the induction module (Part number: W10688561

Part number: W10688561

) but my supplier has it on back order. So get the customer going I'm going to go need to put in a fuse and then wait for the callback.  


When I go back out with the fuses, is there anything else I could/should check to find out why these fuses went out?  

WET3300XQ1 -- pressure switch adjustment?

14 April 2015 - 08:17 AM

Complaint was that large load would not fill.


I was skeptical because I know on newer machines what customers think of as "not enough water" is what's actually designed. 


But: set machine to small, machine filled correctly and began agitating. Turned off, set to "medium", machine filled for about 1-2 seconds, then started agitating.  Turned off, set to large, machine filled for about a second, and then started agitating.  The functional difference between the water in "small" and "large" was minimal.


I noticed some phillips screwheads on the pressure switch and figuring "lefty loosey," turned each switch a quarter turn ccw.  On reinstallation and retesting, the medium setting was a distinctly longer fill, but the large setting was now exactly the same as medium -- agitation started as soon as the machine was on. 


Has anyone field-adjusted these pressure switches?  What's the trick I'm missing? 


ZISS420DMBS -- GE Monogram built-in -- rattling condenser fan

18 March 2015 - 07:42 PM

Complaint was "rattling noise from up there."  Muillion strip on door was hot, compressor blazing hot. Lots of dust on the condenser coil.  I could look at the fan and see it was rotating in kind of an oblong fashion; the blade had worked almost all the way down the spindle.


Called a GE tech I  know who told me "Those motors never go bad."  Really?  Because I'm looking at one.  


He also told me that service on these is performed by undoing bolts and sliding the tray with the compressor and condenser forward.  Looking at the unit itself, I think it might be a better plan to uninstall the unit and just take the top off so I can clean the coils without fighting the copper.


Looks like uninstalling is pretty straightforward, BUT. I haven't done this before.


1) How much time should I look at budgeting for taking one of these out from the wall and putting it back in?


2)  What sort of flooring protection should I put down?  Is my 1/4" masonite enough or should I go up to some plywood?


3)  Any tricks to uninstalling or taking the top off I should know about?



WDF750SAYM2 -- Whirlpool d/w not draining

09 March 2015 - 04:57 PM

Okay, this one's weird.  Coming up on my third call on this unit. Complaint is no drain or incomplete drain. 


First time I went out, the knock-out on the disposal was only half-out and the drain loop wasn't rigged right.  I corrected those issues, filled it and drained it, left. 

Next call back, I found the unit full of water.  No objects in the sump.  I hit cancel/drain, unit drained completely.  I then put the unit into self-test, at the end of self test, it had drained completely.  I then put the unit into "rapid advance" in a regular cycle, and found the unit did not drain.  I verified 120 VAC to the pump.  I then replaced the pump, tried again, the unit drained completely in rapid advance. 


Now I have another ticket for a callback on this and I'm a bit confused.  Bad pump?  Control board? What could be going on here? I notice the pump has subbed out to another number -- have there been problems here? 



MHW8100AW0 -- frontload Maytag washer w/ phantom leaks

09 March 2015 - 04:05 PM

Problem customer keeps calling us out on "leaks".  I have been out to this machine at least three times, and I haven't ever seen it leak.  The customer no longer wants me out because the last time I was there I cleaned hair off the glass and theorized that hair was getting caught between the boot and the glass and sudsy water was wicking out this way. 


All the problems she's identifying sound like excess detergent to me, but the customer is saying that because the machine uses a self-dispensing dispenser -- customer is supposed to load a cartridge and the cartridge dispenses detergent -- that this isn't a possibility.


I know nothing about these cartridges -- haven't seen one before and there are no service pointers I can find on this issue. 


Anybody run into phantom leaks on these units?  

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