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Topics I've Started

Bosch SHU3032UC Dishwasher Not Draining

04 January 2012 - 09:14 PM

Hi folks,

I have a Bosch SHU3032UC Dishwasher that isn't draining.

I pulled the drain pump and it is clean and spinning freely and reading 16.5 ohms across the contacts just like the doc says. It spins when the drain cycle comes on. It doesn't sound any different than usual.

The circulation pump impeller is new (my last posts here a year ago) and working fine (it's definitely drain pump related, not circ pump).

All drain lines are clean and clear. This is a long-time install, so it's not a matter of drain hose loops or anything. I checked for clogs and crimps.

All pumps sound like they are working the way they always have (no funny noises).

I have a video of water levels in the side drain mechanism during the drain cycle. The pump starts moving water, but only barely (not enough to get over the trap elbow).

Is this a bad motor? I'm willing to replace it, but I don't really want to buy one just to see if that's the problem unless I'm pretty sure.


Tips for re-installing the circulation pump in a Bosch SHU3032UC/12 dishwasher

05 February 2011 - 01:13 PM

Hi folks,

On recommendation of the great people here, I bought a circulation pump repair kit. The old impeller was jammed with crud and the spring just crumbled to pieces, so it was a great idea to replace it. Everything came apart just like the pictures in the manual said, and the new parts went on the circ pump just fine. I'm excited!

However, when I try to get the circ pump motor back on to the pump housing (which is still attached to the dishwasher) I just can't get it on. To go on, the gasket needs to be compressed enough to get the tabs to go into the slots and then the motor is rotated to capture them. The problem is that I just can't get the gasket compressed far enough. The tabs go in the slots, but not far enough to allow the motor to rotate. I've tried the old gasket too, just to see if the new one is larger or less squishy, but no dice. The housing is on a flexible mounting, so I can't press very hard, and even with 4 hands in there trying to squeeze the two together, it's just not far enough.

Does anyone have any practical tips for getting the circ pump motor back on to the pump housing?

Thanks for any words in advance.

Bosch SHU3032UC Rinses, won't wash

21 January 2011 - 01:49 PM

Hi folks.

I have a 10+-year-old Bosch SHU3032UC. We first noticed that the soap wasn't getting washed out of the open dispenser, then it stopped washing properly.

In diagnosing I have found that all filters are clean, drain loop is fine, incoming water pressure is fine, wash arms are clean.

If I quickly open the door during various cycles, I see that:

1) During the wash cycle, there is barely any water coming from the lower wash arm (spouts maybe an inch high) and it doesn't rotate. Nothing at all coming from the upper arms.

2) During the rinse cycle, there is plenty of pressure, both wash arms are spouting lots of water, the arms are rotating fine.

The SHU30302UC is a beautiful old simple model with nice solid switches for controls (not electronic) and no indicator lights so I can't run those diagnostics from the FAQ.

What seems to be happening is that the only "wash" the dishes are getting is a hose-down during the rinse cycle. I suspect some sort of control problem. Thoughts?

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