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Member Since 16 Feb 2011
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Topics I've Started

GE TFH22PRSM WW Side by Side - Ice Maker not making ice

06 July 2011 - 07:39 AM

Greetings Samuari...

GE TFH22PRSMWW side by side with ice maker. The ice maker stopped making ice at my in-laws house. The ice maker appears to not be introducing water into the ice maker. It recently made one tray of cubes and then quit completely.

My brother in law replaced the solenoid water valve a couple years ago and he said that fixed this issue. I took the back off of the fridge at the bottom and checked out the solenoid valve by connecting the wires from the door water solenoid to the ice make solenoid, pushed the water dispenser bar and it caused the icemaker solenoid to activate and introduce water to the freezer. This makes me think the solenoid is okay on both features, door water and ice maker. This also makes me thing that there is a signal issue to the solenoid valve, but this is speculation.

The ice maker appears to sit idle and if I take the cover off the front of the ice making device and nudge the large white gear it will start the cycle, but there is no ice in the maker to eject. The white arm raises, the gears turn the minimal cubes pop out and the arm lowers, but no water is introduced.

I looked at the schematic on the inside of the icemaker cover, but I am not sure where all of these items are located. Are they located inside the icemaker itself I assume.

Any thoughts on what to look at or how to troubleshoot this one? I only have simple tools like a volt meter and the normal hand tools with me at the in-laws house. Any help appreciated.


Maytag Neptune Drying Center MCE8000AYW

16 February 2011 - 11:03 PM

I noticed the upper drying cabinet on a Maytag Neptune Electric drying center (MCE8000AYW) was warm inside, but the dryer had not been operated/used in several days and was not turned on. When I say warm I mean noticeably above the ambient 68 degree temperature of the room as if the dryer had been running sometime earlier that day. What drew my attention was that I heard a crackling or ticking noise that sounded like a heating element either cooling or heating up. (similar to the ticking sound of a catalytic converter on a car after the car is shut off) I believe the upper drying cabinet heating elements were partially energized creating heat and causing the crackling noise. I checked the lower tumble dryer and all surfaces were cool to the touch. I verified that the controls were all off on the upper and lower units.

I shut off the breaker that feeds the drying center in case the heating elements are energized with the upper and lower in the off state.

Are there any diagnostics that I should perform or conditions I should look for?

Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance, all help appreciated.

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