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In Topic: MT DW, M# MDB8600AWS

07 November 2011 - 04:38 PM

Can I please request the same? I have an MDB8600AWS not working and I need to trouble shoot it to know the ailment. So far, the thing turns on and I hear 2 minutes of what may be the drain pump and then it stops. No error codes that I"m aware of. It starts with a number "2" displayed and then goes to a number "1" and after the pump sound stops it ends.

In Topic: Tankless Water Heaters II

12 April 2011 - 12:22 PM

No problems with my Noritz whether installed indoor or outdoor. All units have worked fine with no errors. I do notice that the water output is not as advertised (my unit was advertised at 9, but that is expected because the numbers the present is based on best environment for marketing purpose.

One question that is still outstanding for me (haven't been able to prove, or confirm with Noritz or Electrolux) is whether the tankless affects the Electrolux front load washer. The reason is Electrolux defines it's water requirements is 30 PSI minimum; whereas the Noritz unit defines it's water output in GPM terms. And, Electrolux tech gurus have not given any GPM requirement.

In Topic: Tankless Water Heaters II

30 March 2011 - 12:02 PM

Tankless water heater is a Noritz NR98 or N-0751M. They use both models numbers interchangeably.
The washer you already sent me links for the manuals - Electrolux EIFLW55H

In Topic: Tankless Water Heaters II

29 March 2011 - 02:44 PM

I have installed 4 tankless water heaters (3 Noritz and 1 Takagi). All of them are natural gas (NG) models...they seem to have higher gpm ratings than the electric.

The value proposition for tankless is very good; however, I have found one issue I've not been able to find a solution for use with High Efficiency (He) clothes washers. I've heard of similar issues with dishwashers, but I've not directly had any issues myself with Tankless and dishwashers.

The problem:
1) Most of not all tankless manufacturer presents their flowrate information on the tankless as how many gallons per minute (GPM) their units can produce based on temperature rise (how much the unit has to heat the water up by).
2) The High Efficiency washer I'm looking at cares about water PSI, rather than flow-rate. My tankless unit outputs 3-3.5 gpm at the tank (~90 degrees rise) but by the time it gets to the laundry outlet, it drops to 2.5 gpm. This is acceptable flowrate for baths and kitchen use, but the washer errors out.

The tankless is installed (i.e. sunk cost) so it's not worth going back to tank heater.

Any options for the washer?

I spoke with Noritz yesterday. They said one option is to install two tankless in parallel (not in series as it would increase wear and tear on the device). The down side is you can only install tankless in series if you have horizontal wall space or enough clearance for the venting; which I do not have. Also, the cost to install two tankless would negate the very reason I went with a tankless - cost savings!

One thought I had was to turn down the temperature setting (less temperature rise = higher gpm output). However, my control settings only allowed me to bring the temperature down to 100 degrees F. That didn't work.

I"m trying one more option before I go with a traditional, dedicated tank just for the washer. I"m going to change out the 1/2 inch copper lines to the laundry faucet to 3/4 inch to give it more volume delivery. I"m hoping that will do the trick. I doubt it will because the NOritz can only output 3 gpm so even if I increase the piping between the heater output to the laundry faucet, it may not help much. I fear I will need to run a separate, dedicated tank heater for the laundry.



In Topic: Electrolux - Washing Machine EIFLW55HIW

26 March 2011 - 01:27 PM

Thanks for all your help. Turns out, nothing is wrong with the washer. I get error code E11 (Fill time too long).

Tankless water heater output is only 3GPM at the tank and at the washer outlet, it's only 2.5gpm.

Tankless is a Noritz NR98 (N-0751M) Series Residential Water Heater. The specs for the water heater suggests it should output 9.8 GPM; but it's giving me only 3 GPM at the output.

I guess my next step is to figure out why I"m not getting the advertised output on the Noritz.

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