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Member Since 25 Mar 2011
Offline Last Active Nov 02 2014 10:25 AM

Topics I've Started

GE Monogram Compressor Inverter issues ZISS420

28 October 2014 - 11:54 AM

Hi all, about 4 months ago I changed out a bad inverter board for a customer on a warm fridge complaint.  Customer called yesterday stated fridge was warm again. Went out to find compressor not running again and assumed inverter board may be out.  During troubleshooting had the following measurements

Main board J15 connector sending 5.5 volts
Connection at inverter reads 5.5 volts.
120V Connection at other inverter connection reading 120V.
OHM Measurements between compressor pins = 7ohm, 7ohm, and 7.4ohm Service manual states readings should be 9 to 11 ohms between all pins.
Ran diagnostics at temp control panel and all passed but could not force the 100% run.
Changed out inverter board and this did not start the compressor.  
All tests at main board passed but I had one in stock so I replaced just to see if that would solve the problem and the compressor still would not start.
This left me with the diagnosis that the compressor must be bad so I re-installed the customers old main board and inverter board.  When I powered the unit back on magically the compressor started up.
Does anyone have any thoughts of why this might be?  Are the compressor ohm readings out of variance?  I'm stumped?  I don't want my customer to pay $1000 plus dollars for a new compressor if he doesn't need it.
Model # ZISS420DRISS
Thanks for your help.
Nick Gravina
Blue Frog Appliance Repair
Castle Rock, CO


GE Range/Double Oven Model # PB970SM1SS

08 May 2014 - 12:48 PM

Hi all, I'm running into an issue with a GE Cooktop range that also has double ovens. The upper is a small oven, lower is large oven.  The upper oven preheats and then seems to shut down.  
This unit has an upper oven control board located in the back. On first diagnoses I suggested we replace the upper oven relay board because according to the schematic it is really the only control for the upper oven.  We replaced that and it worked for about 3 weeks, customer called back and stated it was shutting off again.  Does anyone have any expertise with these or insight for me.  I am considering replacing the main control board but it is a pricey control.  I can't find any issues other than the control boards.  

Model # is PB970SM1SS


Schematic Attached


Nick Gravina
Blue Frog Appliance Repair


Electrolux dryer loud buzzing from motor Model EIMED60JiW0

24 April 2014 - 02:43 PM

Hi all, I'm looking for some help with an Electrolux dryer. This is one of the newer models. The customer has only had it for a little more than a year, just outside of warranty.

Customer called me to check out a noisy dryer with no heat. I got there and diagnosed the heating element shorted to the hosing and an extremely loud buzzing from the motor. They stated the loud buzzing started about three months after they purchased it. I quoted them for a new motor and heating element. They continued to use the dryer even though it was noisy and only producing partial heat. About a month later they called me back stating the dryer quit working altogether and we proceeded with the expensive repair.

We installed the new motor and heating element. Heat problem fixed but extreme buzzing noise is still coming from the new motor. I ran the motor without the drum and belt inside to locate the buzz and it is directly from the new motor?

I told the customer I would need to do some research to find out what might be going on because if we continue to run the dryer with that buzzing it will surely burn out the motor again.

Has anyone else run into this problem or have any suggestions.

Model number: EIMED60JiW0

Thanks for the help.

Blue Frog Appliance Repair

Icemaker for French Door Maytag problem model #MFI2568AES

17 April 2014 - 07:41 PM

Hi all, I have a Maytag French Door refrigerator with the Icemaker in the upper left of the fresh food compartment. The original complaint was the ice maker wasn't working. I arrived to find no ice in the bin and ice accumulation frozen to the top where the water enters the Icemaker. We defrosted and replaced water valve and Icemaker.

Customer called back and said the unit made ice again but is frozen to the top again. It seems to me that the water valve is not turning off all the way, but I replaced the water valve already? Is there a setting on the new Icemaker that I need to adjust for water flow? Is there something else I might be missing?

Model # mfi2568aes

Thanks for your help.

Blue Frog Appliance Repair

GE sxs Freezer Sporadic Frost in Freezer

08 April 2013 - 11:10 AM

Hi all, looking for some help with a GE sxs freezer with unusual frost build up on the upper half of the freezer section.  The right wall of the freezer gets some frost build up, along with the back of the door around the ice cube chute.  A couple of the top racks below the ice maker have frozen ice/water accumulation.   The customer is not currently using the icemaker and has it off.  I thought it may be a defrost issue at first so I started with a new board.


Things I have checked/done so far....


All fans are working.

Checked door seal for leaks. (Seems to seal well)

Checked the ice cub chute for air leaks. (Also seems ok)

FF side is around 42 degrees.

Freezer side is around 16 degrees.

Turned down temps to see if we could get it colder (will check today to see is that helped).

Resistance for thermistor FF comp. is 6.6 at 42 degrees

Resistance for thermistor FZ air is 9.6 at 16 degrees.

Resistance for Thermistor Defrost is 10.6 at 16 degrees.

Replaced the main board.


I am thinking about replacing the thermistors in the freezer side, but this is just a guess and hope for a fix.


Any thoughts out there if I am missing something?


Model number is GSH25JSXB GE side by side.


Thanks for your help.


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