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Generic Whirlpool SxS condenser cleaning question

02 April 2012 - 08:48 AM

I have a fairly late-model Whirlpool SxS fridge. I went to clean the condenser coils the other day, and I cannot figure out how to access the majority of their surface.

With previous fridges, they've been nice and flat, and I just had to jam my condesner brush in there and give 'er a good scrubbing, and then repeat the process for all the nasty-looking parts at the back.

With this model, instead of the coils looking like this: Front ---> --------, the coils are laid out like this: Front ---> /\/\/\ . Now, I can see the advantages of this arrangement (more coil surface area), but how do I clean out those "valleys" in the middle that cannot be accessed with a condenser brush, much less my vaccuum cleaner? Is an air compressor (which I don't currently own) the only option?

Bosch SHU43C02UC/17 Cleans like @*&%!!!

03 December 2010 - 10:08 AM

I, appliance-using-peasant, humbly beseech my appliantological masters for aid!

Our Bosch over-priced junk dish"washer" (came with the house, not my choice) was doing okay-ish for a few years. Now it cleans horribly, and this change was rather sudden. There is a nasty white film on all the glasses, the plates feel nasty, and even the tub of the thing isn't clean. I have an obvious rectangle of crunchy white gookus where the big plastic plate is near the door. The inside of the thing is so filmy, I have a hard time refilling the rinse aid, as the little window isn't clear enough anymore to see well. I have a hard time getting the detergent door shut because the latch seems stiff with gookus. Once, I saw some trace of suds (but no water) in the bottom of the tub at the end of the cycle.

I have the rinse aid cranked up, and I'm still using a stash of pre-zero-phosphate Cascade Complete Gel (which I've used for years with no ill effects.) (Yeah I know the Samurai doesn't like gel/liquid; the folks that made our dishes said to use liquid/gel, and I can't convince the wife otherwise.)

Water seems to fill up and pump out just fine, the sink line it drains into does not back up, and there are no error codes.

I have started the process to finally have the recall work done, but I have no idea if this will help the problem.


An SxS that doesn't suck?

15 March 2010 - 12:55 PM

Coming up on an 4/22 'gub-mint program to give me 15% off a new fridge...

The current one, a GE SxS of unknown vintage (mid-late '90s is my best guess), is your typical GE steaming pile of garbage.  It melts stuff in the freezer compartment during every defrost cycle, and can't make up it's freakin' mind if it wants to roast or freeze the stuff in the beer compartment.  Endless fiddling with the old-school mechanical controls is to no avail.

It's only redeeming feature is that the ice maker is the kind that actually works.

Spoiled by the in-door ice/water dispenser, I'm thinking of getting a new SxS.  Any hints from grizzled appliantologists as to which brands might be the least-bad?

I'm not at all impressed with the "French Door" units... too expensive, and I don't want my entire freezer to be a couple of tiny drawers.


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