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Member Since 05 Apr 2011
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In Topic: LG WM3988HWA Washer/Dryer Combo No Longer Drying

04 July 2011 - 07:50 PM

Well, my apologies for a couple of reasons.....

First, I didn't know that I should have started a new topic. :blush:

Sensei, for my edification, why would a new topic make a difference?

Second .... my apology about the formatting of my previous post..... not very easy to read. Have compiled in a word processor and pasted here..... and...in the process.... all the formatting went kaput !!! :wallbash:

Have made a contribution to the dolphin's protection fund. Enjoy your sandwich. :thumbsup:

Now for your technical stuff...... Thanks for the service bulletin. That is adding a new dimention...... I was under the impression that the volume of water delivered was only a function of the duty cycle for V1, the "Dry" valve. In this case, I measured 30 seconds ON, 10 second OFF. Apparently there is a flow limiter, like an irrigation limiter or a shower limiter. I removed the hose from V1 to a T conection and could not find any indication of such a limiter.

Besides, there still is another valve, the PreWash valve which also strangely opens during the Dry cycle which the service bulletin doesn't cover.

Looking foward to more suggestions.

Thanks in advance, Abel :thanks:

In Topic: LG WM3988HWA Washer/Dryer Combo No Longer Drying

03 July 2011 - 03:44 PM

[size="2"]Unsui, is your machine operating now? How did you fix it?[/size] I have purchased an used 3988 washer which is now showing a problem very similar to yours. Here is my situation and a question for the experts at the end..... Normal washing/spinning operation. Drying is not completed, clothes are dripping wet at the end of cycle or... sometimes Drying stops with a DHE error. :confused: Have found an enormous amount of water used during the "Drying Cycle". Specifically, more than a gallon per minute was draining from unit. Not detectable/visible if the drain hose is going directly into the sewer system. It was noticed that the water was supplied by two particular valves, one should not be operating at all, that is the Pre-Wash solenoid. Physically... from the 5 valves operating with the COLD water supply, it is the valve to the left and closer to the back of the unit. If one follows the hose... from the valve ..... it goes to the dispenser input labeled "Pre-Wash". After removing the connector to the "Pre-Wash" solenoid, there was still too much water delivered into to unit during the Dry cycle. The other source is "semi-legit" because it is supposed to be cold water injected in the condenser. Some water is expected to be coming in for that purpose, I understand the appropriate amount is a couple of gallons for the whole cycle. During the Drain cycle, the "condenser valve " is on a continuous cycle with 30 seconds open, 10 seconds close. That causes the amount of water going in ....to still be too much. The drain pump is not operating long enough to empty the unit. (NOTE. Even if the drain pump was operating full time, there is no need for bigger water usage during Drying than during Washing. So the drain pump is not a suspect.) This excessive amount of water would indeed produce the dripping clothes described in your problem. The accumulated water would prevent the door from being opened, also included in your problem description. I also observed the same symptoms in my machine. Now what? It appears that the EPROM is improperly operating the valves. I have looked at the main board (located near the water valves) and can not identify anything that looked like an EPROM, in fact the main board appears to be just an Input/Output device, collecting data from sensors and ... driving motors and heating elements, but no "intelligence". Perhaps the EPROM is in the switch/display panel.... So, here is my question to your Excellency, the Sometimes-Lucid Samurai.... is that a software problem which could be resolved by updating the EPROM? How this humble subject would accomplish such a task?

Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance, Abel :thanks:

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