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Topics I've Started

Jenn-Air Oven JJW9630AAB Bad new clock?

10 September 2014 - 06:57 AM

I was working on a Jenn-Air Mod# JJW9630AAB oven with no display on the clock, so I replaced the clock. When I first flipped the breaker back on the display was better but not great. Then it got dimmer and dimmer until it was as bad as the old clock.


My readings at the J1 connector are:

pin 1 to pin 2 = 12VDC (I think this powers the display)

pin 3 to pin 4 = 21.3 VAC (not sure what this powers)


Any advice?

Is it normal for an H.O.A. to request that our company lists them as an, "additiona...

26 November 2012 - 09:42 PM


Is it normal for an HOA (Home Owner's Associatin) to request that our appliance repair business list them as "additionally insured" on our business liability policy? We have listed a couple of home warranty companies that we are contracting for, but we've never heard of an HOA requesting it. However, we're kind of new to owning our own appliance repair business. Is this common for HOA's??? My experience with HOA's has been that sometimes someone gets, "in power" and makes a bunch of outrageous demands on everyone, just to feel important. I've become a little Leary of them. Please tell me if I'm being paranoid for no reason or if it truly is unusual for an HOA to be additionally insured on a contractor's business liability insurance.


Maytag Neptune MAH4000 Replaced motor. Now it stops midcycle. Water in tub, top of cl...

20 November 2012 - 08:24 AM


The washer stops with water in the tub.

The original complaint was that the washer was making a funny noise and not finishing the cycle. I observed the motor trying to start but then erratically changing directions, just for a split second, as it sped up. Also, the belt had fallen off. I found one of the windings on the motor had gone bad. I replaced the motor and the motor control board (it came with the motor). The belt looked OK so I reused it.

Now the lady says it stops midcycle with water in the tub but the top of the pile of clothes are dry, as if it hadn't tumbled them. She says it stops somewhere just after the Regular Light Tumble area of the dial - indicated by yellow in the attached diagram. When I got there, I found it had stopped in the red area with water sitting in the tub. It had been several hours, so all the clothes were damp to the top of the pile - no way to tell if they had been tumbled.

The motor tumbles and spins every time I test it.

Also tested:
Belt tension
Drain pump
Door switches and wax motor
Level switch, hose and bell
Wire routing and loose connections
Fill valves for seeping and adequate volume
Resister R11 on the machine control board in the console is not burnt.
Suds (motor has to turn to detect them).
Timer motor moves the dial every time it's on.

I'm out of ideas. Any help?

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