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In Topic: GE Side by side frig - Freezer too warm -GSS25SGRB

03 June 2013 - 02:57 PM

Hi everybody,


Just an update. 


I plugged the frig back in so I could look at the defrost patterns, as Samurai Appliance Repair Man suggested. 


The freezer steadily got warmer and warmer, as did the frig.  Finally it was no longer keeping any sort of cooling. 


It appears that there is a sealed system problem.  This was confirmed by the repair person, who estimated $600+ to fix.  He recommended replacement. 


This frig is not all that old and it still looks great.  Seems like a pity to junk it.  By comparison, before I always had really old refrigerators and never had any problems with them.  *shrug*  Fortunately I have a beer frig to use while waiting on a new frig delivery.  The beer frig is harvest gold, which should give you some hint about how old it is. 


Thank you all so much for your assistance.  Although I wasn't able to fix my frig, I enjoyed learning more about the diagnostic process and the components involved. 

In Topic: GE Side by side frig - Freezer too warm -GSS25SGRB

21 May 2013 - 09:09 PM

Hi everybody, thanks for all your input.  With regard to the frost pattern, I didn't look at it because I didn't realize it was diagnostic.  (I did read much of the frig stuff here but missed that part.)  An exploratory finger stuck behind the freezer panel didn't feel any big block of ice.  Not much water dripped out when it was unplugged for 24 hours, either.  There was what appeared to be a scorch mark on the back of the panel (the side facing the coils).  It is towards the bottom, near what I suspect might be the defroster for the thing.  (Never opened up an auto-defrost frig before--very interesting.)  I plugged the frig back in yesterday and will look at it in a day or so. 


With regard to the multiple topics, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that.  I edited the post and it double-posted but I couldn't find a delete box.  Also the "Reply to this topic" didn't show up before.  (?)


With regard to the diagnostics, the service manual I have uses an illustration of the same key panel that is in my frig.  But there is no other button, no hold, no turbo cool, nothing.  What's funny is that the frig will display the blinking "O's".  Pressing all the buttons at once is quite a trick, however.  I had to press really hard.  With another tech thing that required a simultaneous button press too long for my hand, I made a little thing out of wood.  That would probably help with the button pushing, Budget Appliance Repair.  ;0)


I tried calling GE but the person who answered tech support knew less about frigs than I do, if that is even possible.  The rep claimed the diagnostics could be run on a four-button panel but didn't know how and the thermistor is located under the toe kick, among other things. 


Right now I guess the problem might be with the defroster, the thermistors or maybe the control board.  I did look at the control board to see if it has any obvious loose connections or burnt spots, but didn't see anything.  This repair might be above my level of ability.


Your input is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much.  I love learning about how to fix stuff. 

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