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Whirlpool WRF989SDAB Not Making Ice, Keeps Running

13 June 2015 - 11:31 PM

Hello.  I have a Whirlpool WRF989SDAB French door fridge with freezer on the bottom.  I purchased it brand new in March 2013 when I bought my new house.  I had a repair guy out a month or two after I bought it because there was a TON of condensation on the top inside (top was sweating BAD and it was dripping down and collecting on the top shelves), plus the measured fill wasn't working correctly.  He said the condensation inside was a known issue, and he replaced some parts to fix that (I don't remember what the issue was or what parts he had to replace).  He then had to order a new control panel for the front, and after he replaced that the measured fill started working correctly.  Since then it's been working great.


This morning I opened the fridge, and water came running off the door.  I started looking around and noticed a good amount of water in the door bin that's just below the ice bin.  I cleaned up all the water, and then I emptied the ice out of the bin.  Sometimes we don't use a lot of ice, and then the ice ends up getting all stuck together and whatnot - so I empty the ice every once in a while and let it make fresh ice.


I also noticed over the last few days that it seemed to be louder than usual when it was running.  I took off the panel below the freezer drawer, and it was pretty nasty under there.  I got the vacuum and cleaned all the dust off the condenser from the front, which couldn't even be seen until I sucked up all the caked on dust.  Then I pulled out the fridge and removed the panel across the bottom (basically just a cardboard panel), and sucked up a couple dust bunnies back there with the vacuum (although it really wasn't bad back there).


The loudness seemed to quiet down after I did the cleanup.  BUT...


It's now well over 12 hours later and no ice.  The water line is not kinked up or anything and water comes out the door with no problems, just like normal.  Now that I've been paying more attention to what the fridge is doing, it also seems like it's running all the time and never shutting off.  Normally when it's running it will shut off when one or both of the fridge doors is opened, and then start back up when it's closed.  It's not even stopping when the door is opened.  I don't have a thermometer in the fridge or freezer, but both seem to be as cold as usual from what I can tell.  Everything in the freezer is still frozen, and doesn't seem to be thawing out or warming up.


The only problems I'm noticing at the moment are no ice, and doesn't seem to be shutting off.  Does anyone here have any ideas what might be going on?



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