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Member Since 11 Jun 2011
Offline Last Active Apr 20 2013 12:03 PM

Topics I've Started

Bryant 394GAD036075 Furnace - Blower Won't turn OFF!

31 January 2012 - 10:26 PM

I have an older Bryant 75000 BTU Natural Gas furnace built in 1986 with a HH84AA 011 board. The thing started acting up where after the furnace would cycle the blower would come on briefly for a couple of seconds then turn off about 3 times within about 10 seconds. This had gone on for about a month.

Now the blower will not turn off at all. We have to turn the power off to the furnace to get it to shut down. When it gets cold in the house we flip the switch and after the flame goes out and HX cools we flip the switch again.

I’ve searched the forum and found a few instances where the blower stays on for this type of system. Here is what I’ve learned and done so far…

I was looking for a bad Transformer which is working and putting out 24V.

Checked for power between SEC 1 and SEC2 and get 24v.

Checked the voltage between R and C and I get 24 volts as well so the board seems good.

I cleaned the contacts on the relay and getting a spark when switched on.

Checked the upper limit and it seems to be working fine along with the fuse on it is OK too.

I disconnected the T-stat wires and tested everything again and everything seems fine.

BUT the blower still will not turn off!

I started tracing looking for any bare, worn or broken wires or loose connections and everything seems fine as well.

I thought I'd have this fixed by now with the info I found on this site (you guys give great info) But this thing is driving me nuts!

ANY HELP would be appreciated!

Jim J

Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine WF206BNW/XAA

11 June 2011 - 03:38 PM

FYI I'm new here, not a total moron, but close.
I have a Samsung Front Loading Washing machine WF206BNW I bought in 2007 that quit during a washing cycle. The door remained locked and all it would do was hum or a what you may call a faint buzz (not from beer!).
I called Samsung and got the standard run around and "stock" answers. Unplug, check drain line etc. Nope! Didn't work.
Finally got the door open and wet clothes out after opening it up and playing with the lock from the inside.
The motor/drum seem to spin freely with no grinding or other weird noises. The control panel seems to be working properly (well it seems to be as the display shows the time for each cycle selected and shows no error codes) however there is a slight hum or buzz coming from the control board (again not from beer). It isn't making the usual "ding" sound when switching load selection (not sure if it got turned off or it is broken or this is an indication the board is bad).
At first I thought it was the motor but after playing with it a little I'm thinking part of the board went bad. Is that possible?
The "authorized Samsung" appliance repair guy is 40 miles away (I'm out in the boonies) and wants to charge me $130 just to come out. Another "authorized" guy 45 miles away says it will be 10 days before he can come out. But says I can bring it in and will take a few days.
I'm figureing if I can pin down the problem and order the part (from this site if you have it) I'll be way ahead as I'm going to get charged for the part anyway, labor and the service call or time and gas to bring it in.
I figure I have nothing to lose to try to fix it myself, which is why I signed up on this site!
Thanks for the help in advance.
Jim J

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