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Kenmore Refrigerator 596-63822200

02 August 2011 - 12:33 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm new to these forums but have done some searches online and haven't found a solution (or explanation) to my problem. Perhaps some of you can help!

I have a Kenmore refrigerator, it came with the condo that I purchased a few years ago and I believe (based on the model number and Sears customer service) that it was purchased sometime in 2002-2003. Since taking ownership of it in 2008, I hadn't had any problems until May of this year.

In early May, I noticed the fridge was humming/buzzing and clicking. After doing some research, I learned the relay was probably burned (and it was), I had it replaced by a repairman. It worked great after that.

As of last week, I started hearing the buzzing/clicking from time to time. It would only happen a few times a day at random intervals so I wasn't really able to sit and try to listen for some kind of pattern. It typically did it once or twice and stopped for a while. One night last week, however, it started repeatedly buzzing and clicking again, as if the relay was shot, and I noticed it wasn't blowing cold air anymore. I put all my food together with some ice packs, but by the time I finished reorganizing it, the buzzing and clicking stopped and it started working again. I called the same repairman (since my relay and labour were still under warranty) and he came the next morning.

After looking/testing, he said the relay was fine, it was in fact a heat/ventilation problem. The compressor was hot, and he said the fridge wasn't getting enough air and the compressor was overheating. My fridge is in a little nook in my kitchen, I keep it at least 10" off the wall but there's only about 3-4" clearance above the top of the fridge for air to escape (the back half of the fridge is covered by cabinets, the front half is exposed). I found this strange, as I hadn't moved the fridge in 3 years and never had any problems of the sort. But I pulled it out completely so as to let it ventilate and would wait to see if problems continued. They did.

Now, what I've learned happens is the following: I hear a CLICK, and the compressor buzzes as it tries to start. The fan starts as well, but after about 10 seconds the buzz stops, I hear another CLICK, and only the fan runs. A couple of minutes later, the compressor attempts to start again, I hear a CLICK and a buzz that typically hums a bit lower, and gradually fades to a very subtle humm, with no second click. The compressor has started. This has happened whether the fridge was up against the wall or pulled out completely. The temperature in my apartment is about 25 degrees Celsius (77 F).

Any ideas what the issue is? Is my compressor simply dying and I should be prepared to replace it or buy a new fridge? Your advice is appreciated!!

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