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Member Since 10 Aug 2011
Offline Last Active Feb 13 2015 07:25 PM

Topics I've Started

Kitchenaid KHTU705SSS0 MR16 lamp sockets & bulb clip holders worn out

23 December 2014 - 11:49 AM

2 questions:  is there a Whirlpool generic replacement for these 2 pin MR16 bulb holders & sockets ?  Hopefully a kit ?


Can they be changed safely without removing the hood ?


Thank you,


w5jv @ hotmail.com

Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDI01ILBS6 won't start

22 August 2013 - 11:17 AM

This dishwasher does not get used everyday.  I think it averages being used perhaps twice a week, three times at the most.  It is about five years old.  We always use "normal" and "energy saver dry" and then push start.   When it was new, it would start right away.


Now, when we press start, it does not start and the two green lights go out after about 30 seconds.  The force drain cycle (pushing cancel) does work and two days ago after that cycle, we repressed normal and energy saver dry and the start and it started.  This morning ... nothing... no start.  


Doing a Google on this model number yields countless hits of other owners having the same problem verifying what I already know:  KITCHENAID is JUNK.  


I am hesitant to spend over a $100 for a new control panel before asking repair people on this list for some input.  The float on the front right corner seems to be free.  The water jet wheel turns easily.  The pump drain cycle works.  The lights above "normal" and "energy saver dry" come on as soon as those buttons are touched, but start does not start the machine.  


I welcome any seasoned input.


Thank you.

Kitchenaid KSRL25SSFT Refrigerator - JUNK

23 August 2011 - 08:57 AM

The refrigerator is two years old. The icemaker has been repaired twice. Now the blasted unit quit working again.


The water in the tray is frozen but does not eject.

The fill level beam that shoots across the front of the unit is supposed to blink when the beam is broken but does
not even light most of the time when we open the door. If we depress the top entrance light switch once or twice
it will blink and function normally for awhile but ice still won't eject. The entrance switch controls the refrigerator
light bulb nicely so its hard to believe the switch may be faulty.

Can anyone recommend some reasonable, doable steps to resolve this without throwing money away???

Kitchenaid KSRL25SSFT SxS Refrigerator - repeated ice maker module failure

10 August 2011 - 08:31 PM


This is a side by side Kitchenaid installed in late 2008/early 2009. Two months ago the icemaker
assembly was changed because a thin copper/berellium contact strip had burned open. That cost
a wopping $350. We are already regretting the day we bought this unit.

Yesterday the icemaker stopped producing the ice; the tray has frozen ice but it is not being
ejected or refilled.

I happened to find a discussion of the optics blinking and downloaded this manual:
Whirlpool 4322658A. I think it applies to me but I really am not sure. I did follow the optics
check (diagnostics) and from what I can tell, the optics are working properly. The ice tray
has frozen ice in it.

I read through the Whirlpool component diagnostics procedure but do not know if I under-
stand it well enough; and I am unsure, as I said, if I am following the right manual.

Can anyone advise what to do next? Or what checks to do next to further resolve what is

Thank you,


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