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#276401 Vote this post up Vote this post down

Posted by Patricio on 04 December 2013 - 10:42 PM

I like the like button myself.

#276294 Vote this post up Vote this post down

Posted by Patricio on 04 December 2013 - 08:28 AM

Color blind? :whistling:

#276104 Whirlpool dryer LEN2000KQ1

Posted by Patricio on 02 December 2013 - 03:05 PM

Bingo  went back thermal fuse shorted again.   Customer said dryer got real hot.   Start switch is sticking, ordered one to replace.   Meanwhile I checked temps again, although they were cycling yesterday, today temp was climbing in All heat settings, would not cycle down.   I changed operating thermostat, unit cycling all temps again.  

#275290 Samsung Refrigerator RF267ABRS/XAA

Posted by Patricio on 24 November 2013 - 08:16 PM

A bulldog in a china shop what ya saying?

#274430 Whirlpool Microwave GMH5205XVS-0

Posted by Patricio on 16 November 2013 - 06:06 AM

Don't want to pull stove out, ie, mark up floor, wiring unplug hassel, dirt, grease.   Not able to reach above to unscrew bolts.   Don't have to maneuver weight off shoulder.  Can see what I am doing, etc,


Bottom line: to each there own.

#273587 Kenmore gas dryer 110.70022011

Posted by Patricio on 07 November 2013 - 10:59 PM

Went back on this one & tested for 120v across ignitor, I had 0v.  I tested at the connector with it connected, Lt Blue to chassis ground 120v   black to chassis 120v.


Now the kicker is while talking to customer I mentioned timer problems I had on other machines.  He told me that his unit would not run in air fluff sometimes.  I immediately went to fluff cycle unit would not run.  Manhandling the timer I got it to run, intermittently.   Next I switched to timed dry & manhandled timer got coil to click & ignitor to glow & pull over 4 amps before it shut off.   Did it again & got the valve to open but the ignitor vent out, valve stayed open until I pulled the connection off the 2 wire coil.


Next manhandleling timer I got the unit to light up & go out.  Again holding timer as unit fired up burner stayed lit as long as I put pressure on timer knob.  When I let go out it went.


Diagnose:   Need a new timer I would say.    Still trying to understand electrical flow.

#272814 Zombie Walk

Posted by Patricio on 31 October 2013 - 10:28 PM

I did see A falling star tonight while door to door with all the other ghouls.

PS.  PDuff sounds like you got too much spare time.  :wink:

#272734 Zombie Walk

Posted by Patricio on 31 October 2013 - 07:58 AM

My wife & daughter love that zombie show that is on TV,    I am a fuddy dud not my beer of choice.  Give me a pole & yak & let me watch the redfish dance on the other end of my tight line.  That is my kool.  :thumbsup:

#269981 Whirlpool Refrigerator ED5VHEXVB04

Posted by Patricio on 02 October 2013 - 10:16 PM




and for future use....

build a Compressor Test Core

Thank you Reg, as usual you are phenomenal.


I have an appliance parts store in my backyard that did not have a relay in stock,  So I do not feel bad about not having one in stock on my truck. I will have a couple tomorrow. 


Refrigerators are not big on  my service work, they do not break down around here as much in a big city,   I may not have the experience as those formally trained,  that is one of many reasons I frequent  this site.  I absorb everything, not ashamed or embarrassed to ask even stupid questions here.   I know everyone has been ate up with a case of the dumbass more than once & everybody had to learn what they know somewhere.


What I have read is 3 in 1 kits are not kosher, manufacturers recommend against using them.


Mr. Cactus Bob, I thank you for your input.  How I do my business is my business, by the way I have a 5 star rating,   This is my community that I am a part of, My reputation is growing leaps & bounds.  There are very few techs around this area, What I hear from my customers they don't care for the more experienced, they like my style.  I am not a prickly pear.


I have other sources of income that does provide my families health insurance, but I derive more income and satisfaction from appliance service.  O yea, I also do mechanic work, home repair, small engine repair,  I kinda stay busy all the time & still find time to kayak & fish.   Handyman, yea I do that also. 


Also farmed organically for 30 some years,  Been to almost every state in the union, to the far East, Mexico, Bermuda,  Raised 3 young men, a beautiful daughter,  & have at last count 5 grandchildren.  I have also lawyered for my self, traffic tickets & such & even a class A misdemeanor charge.  Shall I go on, I've been told many times to write a book.


 Did I mention I earned a BS degree in Agriculture while raising my children & farming & working at other jobs & ...


Have I got a lot to learn, you bet.  You all can either help me learn or not, I take criticism in stride,  constructive works better than pessimistic.  Peace  :thumbsup:

#269153 Kenmore FL Washer 110.46757801

Posted by Patricio on 23 September 2013 - 08:19 PM

Almost 3 months later washer is working "great, no problems" quote from customer.  Another kick butt on an ornery washer.

#266695 PSS26SGPA Diagnostic Mode?

Posted by Patricio on 01 September 2013 - 10:18 PM

Which astronaut was that who stated as he was going aboard one of the Apollo space mission that he was thinking he was going to be launched into space by the rocket built by the lowest bidder?  :blinky:

#264768 Electrolux E23BC78IPS0 in Fresh Food section Ice Maker

Posted by Patricio on 14 August 2013 - 09:58 PM

New one for me, looks like it is made for Space Shuttle, complicated machine.   The manuals I have found are even more complicated, have to take extra time to study.   Any insights on this icestrocity.     Don't have a clue where to begin, makes me look stupid. 


Customer has it turned off, says the thingy magigy stays hot. ( it is hanging on right side of compartment)  Go back Friday morning to look stupid again.   The lady thinks I can just replace it like a whirlpool.   Lady it aint   whirlpool.   4 letter word for sex.  :turned:    Will work for help, help.

#263014 Great day

Posted by Patricio on 30 July 2013 - 11:36 PM

I go a few days without a call, then I get a few, & sometimes I get a weeks worth in a day.   I have never had a day like today.   Have not had a job other than telephone repairs for last few days.  Going into big city for personal business early this morning when I get a call about a warm refer in an RV.     Make an appointment for 1 pm.    Have a mother of  my wife's friend wanting me to hang a new light over her sink a block away so I scheduled it for afterwards.


Get to the RV & have to condemn 10 cu ft whirlpool that was installed a year ago in the RV.       Not there 15 minutes, tell customer that it is not worth doing seale system work as a unit that small can be purchased for about $350.   He asks me to buy one for him.   I tell him I will stop by Lowes & shop one for him But he has to come purchase it after he gets off of work.  I would come back in the evening & help pull the old one out & install new one.   I show him How to do it.


He gives me $30 on the spot for my time.   I go & do the light hang, charge $65 for 15 minutes work, get paid $90.    Go to Lowes do my business, needed some supplies anyway.


Get a call for an icemaker that is leaking, make that call turns out a frozen defrost drain, simple top freezer whirlpool with nothing in the freezer & unit on a tile floor.   Piece of cake job not much ice & unit just came out of a defrost cycle.   $150 clear money & very satisfied customer, vacuumed condenser while I was there.


I am 5 minutes from RV job, call and say I'm coming.    Arrive & find the dude already has the condemned one on ground outside & new unit installed.   He is so appreciative for my service (Did Not really do anything)   He gives me a $100 bill.


$370 clear for less than 20 miles windshield time & 3 hours Max.    I like days like this,  Not a record revenue day, nice nonetheless.  Kinda makes up for the 2nd trip days.

#262686 Different perspectives

Posted by Patricio on 27 July 2013 - 10:10 AM

Folks have different personalities,  folks have different perspectives, therefore people are funny.


ie: I repaired an old beat up Maytag Neptune that had 2 previous control board replacements.  I replaced the MCU & motor kit at 10% less than BB price.   Customer sais it was better than buying new machine.   This unit has been to hell & back, in use on a oil drilling platform.      The beat up machine is showing no sign of bearing failure.


Saw a newer Maytag Neptune that looked like it would still be under warranty, so clean.  It has a MCU that had a heck of a surge that a relay was blown to pieces & other parts burnt.    Customer received this machine from ailing grandfather who is in a nursing home.    This unit sits in a house that is used as a fishing camp recreation.


Same repair same 10% off quote.   They declined repair, rather go out & buy new.   Go figure.

#261613 Kenmore FL Washer 110.46757801

Posted by Patricio on 19 July 2013 - 11:45 PM

problem with the main ccu, boards are terrible been there before, should be good to go after replacing ccu

Very nice & understanding customer.   Received back ordered CCU Friday.  Was able to install this morning. No instruction for possible calibration like other boards have.   Installed board & began diagnostic dance, after complete started washer on a quick cycle.   Unit ran thru cycle without a hitch.  Examined old board, could not find anything out of ordinary other that dull silver solder.   Left as customer started a load on normal cycle.   No call back as of late night, so I take that as repair complete,   a month after initial service call.   As long as customer is happy.    Still would like to know a way to diagnose/test boards in future.   Maybe putting it under a oscillating scope.

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