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Topics I've Started

GE Refrigerator PGSS5RKZH SS

28 August 2015 - 07:33 AM

Complaint is ice maker is leaking & dripping water down to freezer.     Have not seen this newer GE french door refrigerator with indoor ice maker assembly.    Is it a Samsung made model.  Originally thought problem would be water inlet valve but now after getting service manual I am not so sure.


Any one with experiance with this model PGSS%R... able to give me insight to this unit.  tips for accessing IM in door, etc.   Customer says this is a used unit he purchased & hooked up the water supply & it started leaking.   They shut supply off & called me.  Residence is at outskirts of my service area.    All help is greatly appreciated.


Making call early tomorrow morning.

Jenn Air slide in Range SVE47500W

02 August 2015 - 11:37 AM

This down draft fan low speed fan quit working early in the year the high speed quit working early July.  I had DC voltage coming into the board From the J4 connector cable coming from PCB.   12vdc  drops down to 7vdc when low speed is activate & basically zeros out when off.  No voltage to either relay coming out.  I have a 118vac going into the relay spade coming directly from theterminal block.


I replaced the downdraft board & fan speeds worked fine then.   Client said that she used the oven fans maybe 3 times in the following several weeks (I believe that)   I am back to square one now which same thing DC voltage in No relay voltage out.


I jumped the high speed side of motor out & it runs.   I did not jump the low speed out for fear of damaging wiring from standstill.   Is it possible that my fan motor is drawing to much currant as to be taking the relays out or am I grasping at air.  I did not think to take wattage of fan motor when jumping.  I had low ohms when I checked for resistance but nothing I can find to compare them to.


Should I be backing up to the PCB? 

Whirlpool Gold SxS Refrigerator GSF26C4EXY02

16 July 2015 - 10:36 PM

Any information pertaining to diagnosing & testing the electronic control boards for the optics emitter & receiver & how to bypass them to get power to the ice maker so I may put the IM into harvest mode.


As the unit is called "Gold"  the above mention parts are priced for gold.

Whirlpool Duet WFW9200SQ02

05 May 2015 - 10:37 PM

Diagnosed a duet today where I believe the CCU is at fault.   F28 code with it dead after initial door lock & burst of water into tub.  Door unlocks for a few moments then locks again & that is it.


1st test after manually evacuating water from tub tried to out into diagnostic mode.   Went into & promptly displayed F28.   After cycling thru several other combinations of numbers & letters the unit finally settled on C:00 & that was it.  No more progress.


Next I checked the door latch mechanosm.  Door unlock DLS2.1 TO DLS2.2  0 volts.  Locked 122 Vac.   At the door switch I have some continuity at the various combinations pins DL3.3,2,&1  but no voltages at any combinations door locked/unlocked.


No voltage to drain pump at all.  Pump will run if jumped with 120Vac.


No DC voltage at MCU MI3.1,2,3. (Blue)  I get voltage 120vac at  (pink) MCU  MS2.1 & 2 but only for a brief moment when door locks.  Then a click in the CCU & the voltage dumps back to zero at MS2.  Door latch remains locked.  Machine is dead other than user interface lights.


I suspect that CCU is foobar.    


My question is after listening on Voxer others have new problem codes with the replacement CCU from Whirlpool and also reading of problems from replacement boards here at home appliantology has any body experienced trouble with this particular unit WFW9200SQ02 & it's replacement board W10169230.


A second question is has any one sent this board to Fix your board for CCU repair.  I do not particularly like the price tag of $250 plus Core charge from WP's parts suppliers.


  Long winded & thank you for your feedback   Patricio  

Pardon me if I overlooked anything long tiring day.  Tomorrow comes early



LG Bottom Freezer LFC25776ST/00

20 April 2015 - 10:56 PM

Searched APP, Sears, & LG Tech assist for parts numbers & availability.   Was able to find the LG manual for this model Which has  pictorial diagrams of the refrigerator but no sensible reference or description as to what the parts are exactly.    Any insight what I am missing as to finding parts for this unit.

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