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Whirlpool Duet WFW9200SQ02

05 May 2015 - 10:37 PM

Diagnosed a duet today where I believe the CCU is at fault.   F28 code with it dead after initial door lock & burst of water into tub.  Door unlocks for a few moments then locks again & that is it.


1st test after manually evacuating water from tub tried to out into diagnostic mode.   Went into & promptly displayed F28.   After cycling thru several other combinations of numbers & letters the unit finally settled on C:00 & that was it.  No more progress.


Next I checked the door latch mechanosm.  Door unlock DLS2.1 TO DLS2.2  0 volts.  Locked 122 Vac.   At the door switch I have some continuity at the various combinations pins DL3.3,2,&1  but no voltages at any combinations door locked/unlocked.


No voltage to drain pump at all.  Pump will run if jumped with 120Vac.


No DC voltage at MCU MI3.1,2,3. (Blue)  I get voltage 120vac at  (pink) MCU  MS2.1 & 2 but only for a brief moment when door locks.  Then a click in the CCU & the voltage dumps back to zero at MS2.  Door latch remains locked.  Machine is dead other than user interface lights.


I suspect that CCU is foobar.    


My question is after listening on Voxer others have new problem codes with the replacement CCU from Whirlpool and also reading of problems from replacement boards here at home appliantology has any body experienced trouble with this particular unit WFW9200SQ02 & it's replacement board W10169230.


A second question is has any one sent this board to Fix your board for CCU repair.  I do not particularly like the price tag of $250 plus Core charge from WP's parts suppliers.


  Long winded & thank you for your feedback   Patricio  

Pardon me if I overlooked anything long tiring day.  Tomorrow comes early



LG Bottom Freezer LFC25776ST/00

20 April 2015 - 10:56 PM

Searched APP, Sears, & LG Tech assist for parts numbers & availability.   Was able to find the LG manual for this model Which has  pictorial diagrams of the refrigerator but no sensible reference or description as to what the parts are exactly.    Any insight what I am missing as to finding parts for this unit.

Whirlpool Frontload washer WFW97HEXL0

29 March 2015 - 10:06 PM

Washer I played with this evening had LED that worked & door latch that would lock.     That was it, not another whimper of life.  After putting it into diagnostics the display gave me an error code of F6E1.    Communication error between CCU & MCU.    Put into component activation & all bells & whistles worked on UI.


set to Error diagnostic, toggled quick diagnostic test..C00..door locked & that was it.  Wait while Checked for errors was display & that is what I did.  Door did not unlock pump did not run.  After several minutes of waiting screen displayed something basic to Houston, We have a problem.


Do to the difficulty of getting to the MCU & motor I did all tests at CCU.    Had Had line voltage at pins 1&2 of IF2 connector to CCU.   At UI7 (user interface connector) Proper DC voltage was observed across corresponding pins.  Next in sequence was Motor Circuit to check.  Basket turned freely.  I did not check motor windings but I did check For voltage with harness connect at CCU-MCU connector MI3 I think I should have 5 to 12 VDC from outside pins 1-3.  I had 5.    


Next I tested for 120VAC  at MS2.  At first I had ghost V then I heard relay? click & had 120 VAC for a few seconds then relay? clicked again, back to ghost.   Did this a couple of times to double check.


Finally I did tests on door latch, except for the coils, I could hear them snap open & close plus door locked.  Took forever for door to unlock but unlock it did.


Did not do a harness continuity or a motor winding check because of difficulty of accessing rear of cabinet, no room to work.  Also I want to Have a MCU/motor on hand to install if need be.


I am leaning to bad CCU because of default definition of not being able to run diagnostics (although I don't know if that counts I did get it into diagnostics & lock door).  Also that board was doing what I perceive as a lot of talking clicking & like noises.


Will be a few weeks before I return because client is short funds to pay for repair.   All comments, insights, suggestions, etc. are welcomed.   Thank you  Patricio


By the way I found a WP service pointer about this machine throwing an Unbalance code & the remedy was a new board.

Kenmore FL washer 110.42926203

02 March 2015 - 11:25 PM

This machine dies in middle of any cycle.  Sometimes does not energize.  Very intermittent.  Either is dead or runs.   At first was able to run diagnostic cycle thru compleation.  Now it will run just a few before dieing.  Able to skip thru steps & all will operate at some time or other.   I believe it is the user interface failing. there is no set diagnostic for it.   Could it possibly be CCU?    Connections and wiring inspected & no corrosion or cuts found.

Frigidaire gas Range LFGF3014LBC

07 January 2015 - 09:37 PM

Left front & right rear burner have no spark.   Right front & left rear spark & light.  Because one set of burners are sparking the switch harness-ignitor is ruled good.


Suspect defective parts are spark module & ignition harness.   Cleaned ignitor tip & burner top (flame spreader)  Took a wire brush to burner bottom.  


Took screwdriver to ground ignitor with burner top  on rear burner & front burner immediately lit.   Tried shorting front burner same way & neither burner will lite.  What gives - spark module getting weak or harness ignitor  shorting?


I read the old post on how spark ignition system works ie. spark module high voltage to surface ignitor  tip sparking to burner top ground then circuit voltage goes from ground on 2nd burner to corresponding ignitor tip creating 2nd spark in circuit & completes circuit back to spark module.


What am I seeing here.   Bad ground, bad wiring, or spark module.   This is a sealed burner system, I don't want to fight disassembly until I have parts needed.  I am leaning more to bad grounding 1st, harness issues 2nd. and spark module lastas the problem of burners not sparking/lighting.   Patricio

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