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Bosch Dishwasher SHE55R55UC/64 Drain Problems

24 February 2015 - 08:59 PM

Sorry for the long description that follows, but I think it is best to give the full sequence of events.

I have a Bosch dishwasher Model SHE55R55UC/64, manufactured and installed Dec 2011.

About 1 year ago (Feb 2014) the dishwasher stopped working during a wash cycle. There was water left at the bottom, the dishes were not properly rinsed and it would hum if we tried to run it again. I called Bosch, the technician fiddled with the drain pump and got it working, but it was not as quiet as before. The technician said it would be somewhat noisy and at some time we might want to replace the drain pump.

Everything worked fine (reasonably quiet) until 1 week ago, when the same problem started again. I manually pumped out the remaining water, then removed the filter and screen at the bottom of the enclosure, removed the drain cover and examined the drain impeller. Everything looked OK. The impeller would turn by hand, although in steps (not totally smooth). I also removed and examined the backflow valve, everything looked OK.

I then removed the kick plate and removed various parts to get to the drain pump and removed it. I put a cheater cord (AC cord with spade connectors at the end) on the pump’s terminals, it worked fine (spun smoothly and was quiet).

I put the pump back in, poured water into the bottom of the dishwasher, and again operated the pump using the cheater cord. It pumped the water out, although it was noisy. Putting some pressure against the pump body made it quiet.

I reassembled everything back and did a wash cycle, everything was working fine, although the pump continued to be noisy (but muffled by the insulation). So, not sure what the original problem was and what solved it, or why the pump was very silent by itself but noisy when put back in.

Ran another load 2 days later. The cycle starts by draining any water, then it is supposed to fill, but I could hear sounds but no water coming in. After reading some internet suggestions I poured water into the bottom of the washer and ran it again. Now it did fill with water and the cycle ran, but when it came to drain it just made loud humming noises but no draining.

So, one more time checked the impeller, everything is OK. Ran an empty cycle, water drained out OK and the dishwasher filled and ran. Drain pump is still somewhat noisy. Also, it does not drain continuously. It runs and pumps some water out, then stops, then runs again in maybe 10-15 seconds, then stops, and so on 3-4 times. Does that indicate the controller is sensing a problem and re-trying the drain a few times?

So, at the end not sure what is the problem. Not confident it is fixed. Any suggestions on what is the problem and what I should do – the obvious answer is change the drain pump, but not sure if it is the culprit, it runs very quietly and smoothly if I pull it out and test by itself.

Also, a few questions:

    Is there a test program for this model? I’ve seen some for others which involve pushing a combination of 2 buttons and starting the machine, but none for my model. Tried pushing various buttons but none seemed to activate a test program.
    This model is fully automatic, it doesn’t even tell you where in the cycle it is (fill, wash, drain, rinse etc), nor is there a way to advance through the cycle, so it seems the only way to test anything is to start at the beginning and wait for a full 2 hour cycle to go through. Is there a way to advance through the cycle manually for test purposes?

Any help is much appreciated.

Loose wire on Whirlpool electric dryer LDE5750W2

22 August 2013 - 12:25 PM

I have a Whirlpool electric dryer Model LDE5750W2 from 1980 -- worked very well so far, I only had to replace the heating elemt once and now I have a broken belt. I opened it recently because the belt snapped, when I did that I noticed a loose blue wire at the motor -- of the 2 blue wires it is the blue wire closer to the front (see picture below).


The motor has 2 red wires, 2 black wires, 2 blue wires, 1 white and 1 yellow attached to it plus the green for ground, but the sticker on the switch only labels 3 of them as BK, BU, Y and then 1 and 2 in Red. The 3 letters seem to correspond to the wires toward the rear.


The front blue wire seems to have slipped off the post, the connector looks like it has expanded and got loose. Hard to imagine the spade connector just expanding, is that known to happen?


The dryer was working fine until the belt snapped, does that mean the blue wire was on (although loose) and came off when the belt broke? Or is it possible it was always off and the dryer still worked anyway? What does this blue wire do -- what does it connect to or what circuit is it? Does anyone have a circuit diagram or service manual?


Also, can I just crimp the loose connector and put it back on, or do I need to put a new connector on the wire?


Thanks for the help.













Looks like the picture I pasted in didn't get uploaded -- is there a way to upload the picture?

LG Dehumidifier LD450EAL

22 August 2011 - 09:04 AM

I have a LG dehumidifier, Model LD450EAL (similar/replacement for LHD45EL). This model has electronic controls (touch panel on/off and settings and digital humidity display) Recently it has started overflowing -- it does not shut off soon enough and the bucket gets too full. It does eventually shut off when the water is right at the top of the bucket. When I pull the bucket out I get a lot of water sloshing and falling on the floor (carpet).

There is a red switch behind the bucket that senses that the bucket is in and turns the unit on. It seems to be working and turning the unit on/off. There is also a float mechanism in the bucket which I assume activates the red switch when the bucket is full. However, there seems to be no way to adjust anything to ensure it turns off at the right water level.

Also, I've heard some of these units have an electronic water level sensor, but I can't see anything readily.

Does anyone know if this unit has a sensor or is it just a float activated switch? And how does one adjust it to shut off sooner?


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