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Member Since 06 Sep 2011
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In Topic: Medium Speed "sputtering" in Whirlpool GSX9885JQ0

17 September 2011 - 07:44 PM

Okay - I "rounded-up" a real Ohm Meter. and the digital readings are attached. There seemed to be no reading at all between P9-2 and other wires. I decided to pull the case and check out the connections at the motor, where I found a broken wire at a (two-wire clip Connection). See Attached pictures.

In Topic: Medium Speed "sputtering" in Whirlpool GSX9885JQ0

07 September 2011 - 09:33 PM

So with out the meter I can not seem to help the situation. my scale read just past the 1 ohm mark. I thought it telling that the Resistance test between P9-2 and P7-2 was zero. I expected a value.

In Topic: Medium Speed "sputtering" in Whirlpool GSX9885JQ0

07 September 2011 - 06:54 PM

If anyone is still with me here is the Data:


Low Med High

P9-2 to P9-1 0 0-30 (Pulse) 120

to P9-3 120 120 120

to P9-4 0 0 0

to P7-1 120 120 0

to P7-2 0 120-90 (Pulse) 0

to P7-3 120 120-90 (Pulse) 0

to P7-4 120 0 0


P9-2 to P9-1 1+ ohm

to P9-3 0

to P9-4 0

to P7-1 1+ ohm

to P7-2 0

to P7-3 0

to P7-4 1+ ohm

In Topic: Medium Speed "sputtering" in Whirlpool GSX9885JQ0

07 September 2011 - 05:10 PM

The above posted wiring diagram from Grand Master Funk has very small differences in the color of the BK wire from the Centrifugal motor switch to the "4 P AUX" which on my sheet is called the START 4P, and the wire is denoted as RD. The above Wire diagram states that it is for Control boards Part # 8526076 or 8271375. My diagram states that it is for Control boards Part # 8271375. My Boards PN is 8577278.

Am I messed up?

In Topic: Medium Speed "sputtering" in Whirlpool GSX9885JQ0

07 September 2011 - 04:58 PM

The Tech Sheet was with the Washer behind the Control Board.
It states ate the bottom.Part No. 3954582

I need to share the saga of this machines history. Delivered new on 3/21/02. On Dec. 6,2006 under extended warranty, the Transducer. not a month later washer was "acting up" again but differently. Out of Extended, I found the problem was one of our little-ones sock in the pump. Easy fix. During this I did notice that the Basket seemed to be rubbing on the drum and the Whirlpool Washer Filter Plugs I purchased would in no way stay in. It should have been my first clue that something was wrong with the Basket so low, but at this time I had only looked into the "guts" of a washer a few times. Between the Feb 2007 and June 2007 I must have pulled socks out of the Pump 3 or 4 times. Finally notice the large gap in the top between the case rubber flange and the basket. "This can not be a good design" I thought. "This basket is sitting too low. End that story by saying I purchased a Spanner Wrench and replaced the Drive Block and it ran great. Then in Nov 2007 Error codes kept appearing I replaced the Control board on Dec 1, 2007. It did not fix it so the local part company said it may be that the replacement board is bad, so on Jan 4, 2008 I got a "new" replacement board, which still did not seem to completely fix the error code gremlin, but the part was not returnable. With many on and off problems it was finally narrowed down to a short in one of the wires to the Motor, ( I think it was a white wire.) You could see in the harness that it was a loss connection and shorting. After a couple attempts I have had no problems with the Shorting wire. (I think). Last few months running the Catalyst in the cycle produced an error code so we stopped using the Catalyst feature.

All this to say that the Control is not the Factory board if that matters. I do know that in the Diagnostic Test for the Neutral Drain/Spin test that the corresponding responses to the test are not the illumination of the "Soil Level" lights but of the "Load Size" lights. So I really do not know it that matters. the Wire Harnesses are all the original so I would think that the Board should correspond to the original.

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