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Member Since 02 Oct 2011
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Topics I've Started

Fisher & Paykel Nautilus Dishwasher, age? and fault.

31 May 2013 - 11:34 PM

Model: FP920    87605

Serial:  BAM442514



Year manufactured??

Firstly, how old is this unit?  I found a website suggesting that the B indicated it was a year ending in 4, but was it  94 or 04.




Apparently the unit started smoking, while in use.

When I pulled the covers off it and ran it, it seemed to be running through the cycle fine, but the water wasnt being heated.


The element measures about 35ohm, which seems ballpark for a 1.5kw element.


The Thermal overload measures aprox 0.4ohms.


I haven't pulled the door apart yet, as I gather there must be a relay on the control board in there.  Is this the case, and is it the likely culprit?  Has anyone changed one of these out before?



Fisher&Paykel E522B - Ice maker not working.

12 December 2011 - 07:20 PM

Hi All,
I've had a browse through the Ice Maker FAQ's but am not entirely sure where to start. I had a quick look last night and made sure there was water supply/pressure coming out of the pre fridge filter.

I had a look at the ice tray, and made sure it was inserted correctly, then I tried to force a manual cycle as suggested by the fridge manual.(pressing the < and > right buttons. Although there was a reference to the button lock symbol, so I tried ti with the buttons locked and unlocked, no difference.

It has apparently not been as cold as "usual", and I got the impression that It wouldn't freeze ice the old school way in a tray. However I adjusted the freezer temp down as it seemed a tad high also.

I felt up inside the ice maker "tray" and there didn't appear to be any water in it.

Any suggestions where to start?

I presume I should check for pressure/flow at the solenoid by removing the tube there.

Where does the freezing in the tubes usually occur? before or after the solenoid?


Oven door not holding closed. Emilia EL865E1

18 October 2011 - 02:36 AM

Hi, I have a customer that has an Emilia stove that wont stay closed. The door sits slighty ajar, and doenst appear to have enough closing tension to stay closed.

Manufacturer: Emilia
Model: EL865E1
Type: E48619V 137 AA

Does anyone have access to a manual, or any experience with these units. I'd like to go there with an idea whether it is likely to be an adjustment, or require new parts?


LG Dishwasher - LD-12AW2 Door leak

02 October 2011 - 09:59 PM

Hi, I'm currently trying to track down a leak with an lg dishwasher. I pulled it apart and found a dislodged seal on inside lip of the wash "cubicle" which is in front of the door when closed, and doesn't seem to be a compression seal when it is closed, possibly a dam seal? Or is this only here to seal when the door is open as it does seem to snug up against it then?

However when this was replaced it didn't rectify the problem. Should the water level get high enough to lip over this? as it appears the only other "seal" on the front is a close fit metal on metal where the door meets the housing.

The leak appears to be from the lower RHS facing the front, and only seems to occur when the water level gets to a certain point after the void between the front of the housing and the door fills up.

I also found a knife wedged under the LHS of the door.

Any ideas? Should this area even be getting this full?


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