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Member Since 22 Oct 2011
Offline Last Active Apr 07 2015 12:26 PM

Topics I've Started

Whirlpool wmh1162xvb-2 High voltage microwave diode

06 September 2012 - 03:11 PM

First off, I haven't worked on microwaves before. This is mine so I figure what the hell, right? I know some about the opperation and such. Anyway, the wife says "the microwave is acting wierd" so I have her demonstrate the "wierd" and the sucker starts arcing and throwing sparks through the front vent. I said "woa, turn that damn thing off" and took appart the covers. I found that the high voltage diode has a lightning bolt shape etched in the side of it and this is what was lighting up when it was ran.

My question is this: obviously the diode itself is bad. I can easily order/ install another. But it this a sub problem cause by something else? Or has it going bad possibly caused other issues? How would the testing go? I wasn't wanting to learn about microwaves too much today as I am home sick and feel like crap. Apparently I can't get a sick day where I don't feel the need to fix some damn thing or another. Anyhoo, do I get a new diode or two and see what happens or is there a "leading cause of diode failure" to test? Thanks

Need to blow off some steam

27 April 2012 - 09:47 PM

Sorry in advance. This is mostly between me and those people I want to say "go to hell" to and can't, because even though they screw me I still have to smile and take it. As everyone knows: negative word of mouth can spread far and fast. Some of you will probably understand.

:Rant on:

People don't expect to be able to bring clearance special food to their local resturaunt, get it cooked by a pro with the resturaunts seasonings, equipment, and such (for cheap of course) all the while expecting to get a discount premium meal. I don't see much difference between that and people expecting a company to install their flea market furnace, internet parts, or Chinese junk they bought who knows where . The plumber side of me gets pissed every time someone comes into my shop, wastes my time picking out faucets from our showroom (because we provide design and details and advice) then take that information and go to lowes or online somewhere. There they hand over all my specs, get lower quality faucets with crap plastic parts and expect me to smile and install them all for the exact same labor price as I quoted before, with me making no money on markup. And of course provide full warranty and deal with explaining to some jackass over the phone that he didn't sell the customer the right handles or the correct required accesories. I am sick of that crap. Businesses mark up material so they stay in business. I love the Internet for many things but I hate the "lowest price no matter what" crap it has brought with it. Service is the only thing this country has left since manufacturing is pretty much gone, and service is going to go too because although we say we want great service, we won't pay for it.

I love my job. I like doing anything mechanical. I love solving problems, making things work, fixing, installing, etc. I take pride in what I do and I think others have every right to do the same, but it is getting harder every year. No pride needed in a disposable society I suppose. The thought of being obsolete is rather sad.

Much respect and further prosperity for those finding ways to survive this crap.

:Rant off:

iPad viewing

22 April 2012 - 02:54 PM

Recently when I get into the site from my iPad, the view is condensed, ie it's a "mobile version". I have to go to the bottom of the screen and pick full view to get back to normal. This is not really a suggestion but a question. How do I get the full version to come up by default? I like it much better.

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